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Issue 7, May 2006

Nation Revisited

May 2006, # 7

An occasional email to friends

Race and Religion

Church attendance is declining throughout Europe even in formerly devout countries like Ireland and Poland.  Modern Europeans are moving away from religion and only go to church for weddings, christenings and funerals. They have not necessarily rejected the teachings of Christianity but the traditional power of the Church has been greatly diminished. The authority of the Church enforced the Ten Commandments and brought law and enlightenment, but education steadily undermined the structure of the religious state until the starving subjects of Louis XVI stormed the Bastille and changed the world forever. Since then mankind has experimented with almost every type of political system. In the West we have settled for instantly available credit combined with mass production and cheap labour. This is working well at the moment but nobody knows how long it will last.

In contrast to the decline of Christianity in the West the Muslims from Asia and Africa still cling to their religion. Bengalis and Pakistanis pouring into Britain and Moroccans and Algerians in France feel protected by belonging to a worldwide religion. In fact Islam has not stopped conflict throughout the Sahara between Arabs and Africans, and in parts of Britain Pakistani and Somali drug gangs regularly fight over territory. The extreme Wahabi version of Islam practiced in Saudi Arabia is seldom found in the Muslim periphery of Europe. Turkey and Albania are less religious than Greece and Serbia, and the former Soviet republic of Azerbaijan is only nominally Muslim, just as the adjacent Caucasian states of Armenia and Georgia are nominally Christian.

There are fanatics in all religions but they tend to wither and die in an atmosphere of liberty and plenty. Religion fulfills a human need and is part of the culture and tradition of every nation. From time to time there will be outbreaks of evangelism but the inevitable trend is towards secularism. For good or bad, people are rejecting strict observance in favour of a more enlightened approach. The atrocities committed between Muslims and Christians have been matched by the terrible fratricide between rival sects of both religions .The cruel and unnatural practice of female genital mutilation is a primitive tribal ritual that is practiced amongst Muslims and Christians in Egypt and East Africa.  Other customs such as public executions and whippings have only died out in Europe and America in the last hundred years.

There is really not much to choose between the three great religions of the Book. All have produced beautiful art and literature, elevated mankind above the animals and searched for truth and a higher purpose. But they have also sanctioned slavery and encouraged war, subjugation and exploitation.

The British people are not particularly religious but they have generally been tolerant of other people’s faiths. There have been synagogues in Britain since Oliver Cromwell readmitted the Jews and mosques and Hindu temples since the days of the Indian Empire. Immigrants have long been free to practice their religions, but now for the first time, we are being forced to limit our own devotional freedoms and hide our religious and cultural symbols; not by the immigrants themselves but by the anti-Christian zealots of the state-sponsored race-relations industry. The problem is really one of race, culture and numbers rather than religion. Most of the Caribbean immigrants to Britain are English-speaking Christians, but they still create ghettos and figure disproportionately in inner-city crime statistics. This might be due to social deprivation and disadvantage but that doesn’t make much difference to the victims.

The politicians who organized the multi-ethnic colonization of Europe have tried various ways to integrate black and brown immigrants into our society. The French have tried to assimilate their immigrants by turning them all into Frenchmen. To this end they have banned Muslim schoolgirls from wearing the hijab, as required by their religion, and printed official information only in French. In Britain we adopted exactly the opposite approach by encouraging each ethnic group to retain its own language and culture and by spending millions of pounds translating everything into dozens of languages. We have also revised our history books to play down European achievements and promote a doctored version of history complimentary to Africans and Asians. In order to silence our objections to this invasion draconian laws have been enforced to limit freedom of speech and publication. Recent trials in Britain and throughout Europe show how determined the establishment is to enforce the multiracial agenda.

The results of these unwarranted social experiments have been disastrous on both sides of the Channel and have resulted in bloody riots from a second generation of disaffected immigrants. Whites, Blacks and Asians have engaged in voluntary ethnic cleansing by congregating in their own areas and creating states within states that show no sign of wanting to integrate. It is not just religion, language or culture that prevents non-Europeans from being successfully assimilated into British or French society. It may be unfashionable and legally questionable to recognize racial differences but they are a fact of life that cannot be wished away or legislated against.

Mosley summed it up in his 1961 book “Mosley Right or Wrong.”

Question 126. Would you describe yourselves as a racialist party?

Answer. No, because racialism is usually taken to mean that one race dominates others, and we believe that all races should be free to develop their own civilizations. We believe in the principle “Live and let live.” We believe in preserving our own race by two methods: 
(a) by preventing immigration to this country, which creates overcrowding and other social problems. 

(b) By publishing the facts which science reveals: races have different characteristics, and that the mixture of extremes is detrimental to both races involved. If our people are given this knowledge no laws on the subject will be necessary.
Government of the People                                                                                              

In ancient times the chief of the tribe made the decisions helped by a council of Elders.
These were the most experienced members of the community who had been around the longest. They knew when to plant crops, when to prepare for winter, how best to defend against hostile tribes and so on. Eventually this tribal system evolved into King and Parliament. But along the way a few things altered. Instead on a hereditary ruler, descended from one of the leading families of the country, we got an elected leader who could be sprung from the lowest level of society. And the Parliament, instead of being drawn from the most experienced and wise of the King’s subjects was elected by the mob. This system we called democracy. The idea behind it is that the majority will come to the right decision by some kind of mathematical magic.

Somehow this has degenerated into the system that we have today. The Prime Minister is the chief of the biggest party. That is not to say that he is the man with the most support in the country but the leader of the party with the most members elected. That should be the same thing but it isn’t because of a complex system of constituencies spread over four countries. This PM is appointed for four years at a time and bestows titles, awards and government contracts to his financial backers.  Parliament is divided into parties, which used to represent the upper class, the middle class and the workers. Now such distinctions are long gone and the parties represent whoever is giving them the most money. So money controls the executive and the representative branches of government. The particular party in power makes no difference to the big business interests that own all of them.

Many of the people who participate in this charade have little idea which country they live in. They probably couldn’t find Britain on a map of the world and if they did they would not be able to tell you much about it. They would be ignorant of its economic and cultural achievements. Most of them would have no idea how many people live in the United Kingdom or anything about its history or ancestry, but they would be able to tell you what is happening in Coronation Street or which footballer is getting the most money. Those that can read get their opinions from ‘The Sun or ‘The Daily Mail.’ They therefore believe that Britain is part of the United States and hate France and Germany because of a dim and confused idea that we fought them in the war. They think that our black population were brought here as slaves and many of them have embraced black culture and music.

This ignorant, semi-literate rabble return incompetent MPs to a corrupt Parliament to govern the country as directed by unscrupulous businessmen. In return the grateful billionaires who own the country allow the peasants to pay mortgages for plasterboard houses and spend all of their money in supermarkets. This system has been so successful that we are determined to export it all over the world. To this end we will spend billions of the taxpayers’ money and kill hundreds of their sons in foreign wars. We are determined that Iraqis and Afghans should live in doll’s houses and shop at Wal-Mart.
The Falange and the Fight for Spain                                                                               

Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera was born in Madrid in 1903. He was the son of General Miguel Primo de Rivera the military dictator of Spain from 1923 to 1930. He studied law at Madrid and following his graduation and military service he founded the Falange in 1933. In 1934 the Falangists united with the like-minded National Syndicalists of Ramiro Ledesma, who was assassinated by the Reds in 1936. This coalition of the FE and the JONS became known as the National Movement. Jose Antonio was elected to the Cortes in June 1936, a month before the murder of the Catholic Party leader Calvo Sotelo; the event that sparked General Franco’s historic revolt that became the Spanish Civil War.

The Reds arrested Jose Antonio as part of their ‘general liquidation of the Right.’ On November 18th he wrote: “Condemned to death yesterday, I pray to God that if he does not spare me from coming to that last trial, he may preserve in me up to the end the seemly submission with which I contemplate it, and that in judging my soul he may apply to it not the measure of my merits but that of his infinite mercy.” On the morning of the 20th he was executed by firing squad in Alicante; one of 55,000 nationalist prisoners executed by the Reds.

By the time of General Franco’s victory in 1939 half a million had died, including; 200,000 Spanish Nationalists, 4,000 Italian Blackshirts, 300 Germans and over 1000 other anti-communist volunteers mostly from France and Ireland.  Volunteers who survived the war included Andrew Fountaine, the veteran nationalist campaigner and writer. Also John Amery the leader of the British Free Corps who was executed by the British Labour Government in 1945.

Against all the odds General Franco smashed the Soviet-backed Red Republic and Saved Spain from communism. But the advanced social policies of the National Movement were never implemented. Franco was forced to adopt pragmatic policies to rebuild a shattered economy. When Franco died in 1975 he left King Juan Carlos a rejuvenated country. Autonomy has since been granted to Catalonia and the Basque region and Spain is flourishing as never before. But this prosperity is acting like a magnet to the impoverished refugees from Morocco and Black Africa. They are arriving on the mainland and entering Spain through the North African enclaves and the Canaries.

Once again it is the Falange that is fighting to save the nation. The Social Democrats and the Christian Democrats are spouting the same fallacious multi-cultural nonsense that is state policy in America and throughout Europe. The same lies about the need for immigrant labour and the benefits of a multicultural society.  But the Falange is organizing and demonstrating against the relentless invasion that is driving crime and turning parts of Spanish cities into no-go areas. The fight against communism in the Thirties ended in a glorious victory and united European Nationalists. Let us hope that the new fight for European civilization in Spain will once again be victorious. After the heroic sacrifices of the Civil War we must not fail.

Views on The News                                                                                                 

Miss Rotha Linton-Orman founded the British Fascisti in 1923 but within a year Colonel H. Rippon-Seymour formed the breakaway National Fascisti. Since then we have had over 80 years of divorces, the occasional wedding and plenty of funerals.  More than 25 nationalist parties have come and gone in a bewildering display of manifestos, titles, papers and websites. Leaders hoped to gain respectability by keeping their ultras under control, but the establishment would never allow a White Nationalist party to be accepted. The splitters were just as misguided by thinking that they could gain power by sheer enthusiasm. As always art imitates life, and the daring revolutionaries of 20 years ago are the established leaders of today. The answer must be to balance enthusiasm with experience; we have had enough parties.

A BNP candidate for Bradford has been revealed to be of Armenian descent. This has revived the debate about who is and isn’t white. In South Africa under the Apartheid regime there was no problem with Lebanese, Syrian or Turkish immigrants. If they looked white and acted white, they were white. Nowadays the nationalist movement in the UK accepts all Europeans but in the Sixties the Latin nations were suspect and the Slav nations were not even considered. Nationalists in those days identified with North West Europeans only. Then as now various theories were expounded to prove that the British, like Hancock in the Blood Donor, were descended almost entirely from Anglo-Saxon stock with just a dash of Viking.

Dave Cameron has told the Tories that they must change to become an inclusive party that reaches out to minorities. But if they are determined to change, what exactly will they conserve? And what is the point of voting for a party that dumps everything that it has always believed in. Tony Blair has transformed the Labour Party from being traditionally socialist and anti-American into a free-market, pro-American party. Now Dave Cameron is trying to change the Tory party into a multi-cultural copy of the Labour model. Conservatives must realize that their BNP-hating, old Etonian leader is committed to more immigration and more unjust restrictions on free speech. The grandees of the Tory Party have chosen Cameron because he is young and presentable, but he cannot succeed without grass roots support.

Somalia has been without a government since President Siad Barre was overthrown in 1991. But according to the CIA factbook, the economy is thriving and the Somali Shilling is stable. The country exports bananas, maize, sugar and fish. They have 15 airlines with over 60 aircraft and the best telecommunications system in East Africa. With no proper banks, entrepreneurs handle $1 billion a year. The country is divided into clans and policed by local militias. Murder and kidnapping are rife but probably no worse than in neighbouring Kenya and Ethiopia. The Somalis have proven that mankind has an innate ability to survive and reorganize. The ever-increasing levels of government in the UK are in stark contrast to Somalia. We have local, regional, national and international gangs of politicians, all getting huge salaries and index-linked pensions. We could replace all of them with a few dozen lads with pick-up trucks, AK47s and lots of attitude.

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