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Issue 72, October 2010

Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers.
Nation Revisited
# 72, October 2010.
Reducing the prison population
Tory Justice Minister Ken Clarke is right to be worried about the UK’s booming prison population. It has nearly doubled from the 1980s to 85,000. We now have the highest prison population in Europe but there is little evidence that criminals are being rehabilitated or that society is being protected. It costs £20 billion a year to convict and lock up criminals but we are adding to our problems by importing murderers, rapists, pimps, bag snatchers and drug dealers from all over the world.

Home Office statistics show that Third World immigrants are disproportionately represented in our prison system. More than a third of convicted young offenders in the UK are from ethnic minorities; the imprisonment rate for black men is almost 10 times as high as white men, and nonwhites who constitute less than 10% of the UK population make up nearly 30% of our prison inmates. 

Deporting Third World criminals would reduce our prison population by a third and save about £7 billion per annum.  The state-sponsored race relations industry would object but most taxpayers would be glad to relieve prison overcrowding and reduce public spending. Overcrowded prisons are unacceptable in a modern European country and we have got more than enough lowlifes and parasites of our own without importing them.

It’s undoubtedly true that some members of ethnic minorities suffer from racial discrimination. This is inevitable when different races and cultures are forced to live together. But the majority of immigrants do not break the law so the criminal element can’t blame racism for their troubles. Instead of locking them up we should send them home to be dealt with by their own people.  

Economic necessity has forced the coalition government to tackle problems that were ignored under the Labour regime. The government is borrowing one pound for every five spent.  Dave Cameron must reduce public spending by all means possible. He should start by deporting alien criminals who will never make a positive contribution to British society. This would not only save money and relieve overcrowding; it would also send a message around the world that we are no longer a safe haven for criminals. 

The unemployable underclass
Britain’s social security costs reached £164 billion last year which is almost as much as our £167 billion public sector borrowing requirement. On top of that we gave away £23 billion in tax credits. These figures dwarf education, health, defence and all the other things that the government spends our money on.

Of course nobody can help being made redundant, or growing old, or getting sick. But there are hundreds of thousands of able-bodied scroungers out there who prefer to lie in bed until midday instead of going to work. 

People come from all over the world to work in the UK but we have allowed a home-grown underclass to prosper without working. They will not take jobs because the wages are not much better than they can get from the state. Look at any ‘sink estate’ at night and you will see lights blazing. The scroungers stay up half the night because they have no intention of getting up and going to work. They do not stir until noon when they take the pit bull terrier for a walk and have the first spliff of the day.

Some of them are second or third generation wasters who have grown up and raised children without ever having a job. If something isn’t done about it their children will carry on the family tradition by producing another idle generation. They have given up the idea of work. Their local shops are run by Bangladeshis, the bus that takes them to the betting shop is driven by a Pole, the postman who brings their social security cheque is a Lithuanian and the clerk that signs it is a Pakistani.   If they fall ill they are treated by Nigerian nurses and Indian doctors. They eat in Chinese and Turkish restaurants, they drink in Irish pubs and when they get drunk they are arrested by a Jamaican cop and are brought before a Greek magistrate. But they say that they can’t get a job because there’s no work about.

We must discriminate between genuine cases of hardship and those who refuse to work. The Labour Party wouldn’t tackle the problem because the welfare scroungers overwhelmingly voted for them. But the Cameron-Clegg coalition government is being forced to make massive cuts in every department; now is their chance to abolish the culture of state dependence that is undermining Britain. It may be too late to rescue some of the older ones who are psychologically incapable of work but at least we could save their children from a life of uselessness.

If we want to stop immigration we must persuade our own people to drive taxis and buses, work on construction sites, harvest agricultural produce, clean hospitals and do all the jobs currently done by imported labour. Some immigrants come here to join in the scrounging but the majority come here to work.

It’s the duty of a civilised state to provide training, education and practical assistance to the genuine unemployed. The idea that the market will sort itself out is cruel deception.  People who have lost their livelihoods can’t wait for the economy to pick up. The ‘free trade and open borders’ enthusiasts claim that everything will come right in the end; but as John Maynard Keynes said: “in the long run we are all dead.” We have tried the uncaring policies of the Tories and the criminal wastefulness of the Labour Party. What we need is an ethical social policy that values people above profits, rewards hard work and enterprise, but deals harshly with criminals and parasites.

This is a problem that politicians have tried to ignore. Some of them have woken up to the madness of uncontrolled immigration, and others are campaigning on law and order, but they have been slow to recognise the persistent growth of an unemployable underclass.
The British economy can only be revived by getting people back to work. But every job that we export and every immigrant that we let it makes things worse.  It will not be easy to change the culture of dependence but until we do we will forced to plunder the diminishing pay packets of those still working.

John Tyndall on British Nationalism
Six Principles of British Nationalism was written in 1966 when Britain was a major industrial power with huge reserves of gas and oil. Despite being overtaken by world events it remains a template for nationalist movements. 

JT started with a damning assessment of Britain in the Sixties:
Most of all, the weakness of Britain today is the product of an intelligentsia which during living memory has been hypnotised by the madness of liberalism and internationalism, before which altars an unending succession of British interests have been sacrificed – to the impoverishment of British power and to the profit of Britain’s enemies, not all of whom lie East of the Iron Curtain.

Whilst acknowledging the post war shift of global power from Europe to America he puts most of the blame for our national decline on democratic politicians:

British sovereignty and freedom have been placed in jeopardy. Dependence has been preferred to independence. Idle dreams of an international Utopia have been made a substitute for national self reliance and national strength.

Britain’s last attempt at independence ended at Suez in 1956 when US Secretary of State John Foster Dulles issued an ultimatum forcing us to withdraw our forces from Egypt or face economic ruin. Ten years later JT wrote these words: 

We believe that the future of the British people rests, not on treaties, summit conferences and international goodwill, but on our own strength and resourcefulness as a nation, our own determination, our own effort and our own self confidence. Today we are continually being told that the world has grown smaller and that nations must be ‘interdependent’ with one another. In the case of some nations this is undoubtedly true. What is also true is that only those nations who have the means and the courage to remain self-dependent can qualify for the description of great and free. We believe it is right for Britain to be great and remain free.

Our politicians may have been cowards but they sent our servicemen to fight and die in Palestine, Malaya, Kenya, Egypt, Cyprus, Aden and Ireland before relinquishing the empire.  JT goes on:

The other great empires of the world have not in the meantime been afflicted with this masochistic urge to become weaker and smaller, but have single-mindedly expanded in size and strength. That the present balance of power weighs so heavily  in their favour and against Britain is not the verdict of almighty providence but only of different attitudes of national leadership and will: of the will to live as distinct from the will to die. We are where we are today because our leaders have been dominated by the will to die.

The USA and the Soviet Union were expanding empires but Britain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and Italy all lost their colonial possessions after the war. We lacked the resources to fight unwinnable colonial wars. JT put too much faith in determination but his vision of a united nation cannot be faulted:

Nationalism has one final and vital role: it must restore unity to the British people. Today we are torn apart by all manner of factional interests representing class, occupation religion and political ideology. Three major parties argue with one another over details of day to day government which are superfluous as long as they exist within the overall framework of a weak and lethargic national body. Sections of industry, goaded from the rear by political exploiters, fight over the spoils of the nation’s production. Social groupings, representing manual workers and brain workers, are encouraged to identify themselves with conflicting political causes and to believe that the interests on one must always be pursued to the detriment of the interests of the other and that the state of the country is the fault of the other.

When JT was born the British Empire straddled the globe and the Royal Navy ruled the waves. But long before he died the former Governor of Aden Sir Richard Turnbull told Denis Healey that when the British Empire sinks beneath the waves of history, it will leave behind it only two monuments: the game of Association Football and the expression “Fuck Off.”                                      

We actually left behind a banking system that worked until it was brought down by greed, and systems of law and government designed for an advanced European nation that were completely unsuited to Africa and Asia. But JT never really accepted that the Sun had set on the British Empire:

We must not only recognise the Commonwealth as the singular source of our future existence; we must urgently begin to remake the Commonwealth into a genuine instrument of national power.

A revived Commonwealth may have looked possible in 1966 but we lacked the money and the international clout to make it happen. Today it would be almost impossible to separate Canada from the USA or Australia from East Asia. And if we included South Africa we would gain 45 million blacks and only 5 million whites.      JT recognised that European Union was an alternative but he discounted it:                        

Today some unthinking people are suggesting European Union as an answer to this need. It is no answer. A great part of the European economy is based on the same predominance of manufacturing as is that of Britain. Europe, like Britain has a shortage of space and raw materials. It only recreates the problems of our island economy on a larger scale. Furthermore, and most important of all, its people are not united by kinship and cannot be kept together by other than mutual economic interest...

Most Australians and half of all Canadians were of British and Irish stock in 1966 but both countries have since absorbed immigrants from all over the world and developed their own identities and their own markets. JT could not have guessed that the Soviet Union would collapse and be replaced by a democratic Russian Federation; a vast country endowed with unlimited raw materials on Europe’s doorstep. Convinced by his own rhetoric he put his faith in nationalism:

The triumph of Nationalism in Britain will only come from the leadership of men who are identified heart and soul with the cause of Britain, who recognise no other cause or loyalty than to the people of Britain and who have faith in the capacity of the British nation to accomplish any task and meet any challenge with which life may confront it.
We desperately need a party that combines patriotism and nostalgia with realpolitik. Our choices are; to go it alone like starving North Korea, accept humiliating colonial status like Puerto Rico, or to take our place as an equal partner in United Europe.

I’m not a Muslim but...
Don Andrews from the Nationalist Party of Canada
Some people have asked on Google whether Don Andrews is an Islamist, which kind of shocked me a little bit, when I consider my more-or-less traditionalist liberal racist lifestyle while proposing the virtues of racial pride and racism for everyone, especially our white race (Yeah, there is a white race, you dumb, meddling internationalist self-hating anti-racists, you’re the goofs who brought us such catastrophe on our heritage and culture while stupidly trying to impose ill on the planet through bags of rice, bicycles, wells and bombs.) The Islamists have been the ones to successfully stand up to this white-pauperizing, extinction-bound globalism. You don’t get any whites out of race-mixing; anything that encourages that is the antithesis to white race survival, particularly when that’s the main mission of the internationalist frequent flyers and military mercenaries from the once white countries.

The Islamists generally mind their own business and only bother their immediate neighbours. Never mind the 9/11 conspiracy incident, this Middles Ages patriarchal society is the least demanding on the planet’s resources and the most eco-friendly compared to the destructive demands of consumerist matriarchies of the West and East. Only New World Order globalist warmongers and their busybody white tax-wasting schlep military and NGO’s would be out to plow fallow Earth for hedonistic profit reasons and white father-hatreds. The population of Earth has exploded in the last century thanks to these anti-Islamist meddling morons with their foreign aid railways, dams, health care and other mega-projects that promote proliferation of jealous non-whites in such large numbers to threaten our existence.

For years, I thought that Christians believed in God, and that belief was the most important basis of their lives, with secularists shaming, abusing and driving the Christian God off the public square. I still thought that they were just turning the other cheek while quietly praying at home. However, now we know that neither Christian leaders, nor most of their adherents, are God-believers at all. How else can you explain their blind “support our troops” invasion and killing of the same Old Testament God-believers in Muslim lands? The Islamists have a lot to teach us regarding courage, stamina and sacrifice in battling our rent-a-grunt enforcers for globalist causes, without an air force, navy, artillery, modern health care, insurance and pensions. Attrition in Afghanistan technically spells defeat for any invader – something that the mujahedeen (holy warriors) have achieved. Only fools don’t give credit where credit is due and I haven’t heard any of it from our military towards the so-called “scumbags” that they’re fighting against on behalf of our pluralistic, hedonistic non-culture. Every foreign mercenary involvement guarantees non-white foreign stooges entry into Canada. And yet feminists still promote endless involvement in Afghanistan for their women’s rights while they disappear here.

No, I don’t like genital mutilation, particularly the widespread circumcision that Muslims practice, or their narrow world-view of fun. But that’s the nature of serious religious believers. Fears of a world caliphate are totally unfounded, when the Muslims are already so bitterly split on race, which trumps everything in the final analysis. The Islamists are the only ones able to give a bloody nose to globalist aspirations, thus safeguarding us from one-world government better than and G20 demonstrators. What freedom-loving individual can be against that?
White nationalists are lucky that some racist leaders are savvy enough to reject the Jew’s media propaganda for the “War on Terror” prison-planet precepts by concentrating on our non-white immigration invasion, and not a Muslim woman’s veil. That’s not being an Islamist – that’s common sense. The first of three precepts (common sense, good will and fair play). Try it.

The nature of capitalism
A century ago the British working class lived in conditions of abject poverty. When the British Empire dominated world trade and the Royal Navy enforced the Pax Britannica children were working in dangerous mines and factories. And when the Germans first encountered British soldiers in the First World War they were shocked by their stunted and unhealthy condition compared to their own troops. The whole world was run by capitalism but it was seldom as brutal as it was in Britain.

By enslaving the working class Britain rose to the top of the industrial league and by enforcing trade deals at gunpoint we led global capitalism. This all changed with the First World War. The old order was not destroyed but it took a battering from which it has never recovered. The working class has made tremendous advances ever since and we will never go back to bowing and scraping to the so-called nobility.

But the bosses had another trick up their sleeve. When it became difficult to exploit British and Irish workers they imported millions of blacks and Asians. Karl Marx said that labour always follows capital; our government made sure of it by recruiting West Indians for London Transport and the National Health Service. These were quickly followed by Asians who flocked to the northern mill towns. Today Third World immigrants make up ten percent of our population and despite government denials they are still coming in.

People were alarmed by the influx of racial aliens but they were baffled by the bullshit of the Old Gang. Political parties opposed to immigration, like Union Movement in the Fifties and Sixties, the National Front in the Seventies and the BNP in recent years, never got a single MP elected. The BNP had scores of councillors a few years ago as well as a member of the GLA and two members of the European Parliament. But the party has lost momentum and appears to be falling apart.

Life has greatly improved for most people in the UK but we are at the mercy of a global capitalist system that we no longer control. The far-Right (for want of a better label) is too busy tilting at European windmills to make a difference. There is nothing sinister about ‘free trade and open borders’, it’s the stated objective of the American-controlled World Trade Organisation. America has taken over from the British Empire and is using her military might exactly as we did a hundred years ago. 

Instead of clinging to obsolete policies we should dedicate ourselves to promoting European consciousness and realise that international capitalism cannot be defeated by petty nationalism.

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