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Issue 29, April 2007

Nation Revisited

An occasional email to friends. April 2007. # 29

Life After Blair

A Sunday Times poll has shown that support for Gordon Brown has collapsed following the revelation that he robbed the pension funds of five billion pounds in his first budget. His fortune is linked to his partner in crime Tony Blair who is now seen as a liar and a warmonger. It has taken the public ten years and three general elections to see through the Labour double act.

Now tough guy John Reid is reported to have entered the leadership contest. He has the remarkable distinction of narrowly beating Tony Blair for the title of most mistrusted politician in a recent poll. Reid is married to the accomplished Brazilian film director Carine Adler.

Tony Blair’s personal favourite is said to be David Miliband. He grew up in leafy Finchley and enjoyed a comfortable and uneventful life but his grandfather Samuel Miliband fought for the invading Red Army that was routed by the Poles under Marshal Jozef Pilsudski at the Battle of Warsaw in 1920.

The fourth contender is Charles “Buggerlugs” Clarke who as Home Secretary presided over the disappearance of 1,023 foreign criminals who should have been deported. Clarke thinks that we need more immigrants not less and that criticism of his record is motivated by racism.

This uninspiring list of candidates will provide a Labour leader to fight Dave Cameron in the 2009 general election. Bookmakers are quoting the Tories at 8/11, Labour are 5/4 and the Liberal democrats 100/1. The TV pundits have got the last couple of elections spot on but the bookmakers have got an even better record as forecasters.

And these odds are before the coming May elections that will see Labour get a hiding from the Scottish Nationalists north of the border and from the Liberal Democrats, the Tories and the BNP in England and Wales. It has taken a painfully long time for people to react to the years of pathological lying and political incompetence. But they have woken up at last and are about to show this rotten, sleaze-ridden, mendacious government what they think of them.

We can therefore be assured that none of the charismatically challenged contenders for the Labour leadership will become top honcho. After a string of working class Tory leaders who thought that they were aristocrats; Heath, Thatcher and Major, we will now get an old Etonian sprung straight from the loins of the nobility who acts as though he was born on a sink estate.

Parties and Personalities

Eddie Morrison writing in Nationalist Week has stated that the BPP will never attack another patriotic group. Quoting Chairman Mao Zedong he says, “let a hundred flowers bloom.” Well-said Eddy. The BPP decision not to split the nationalist vote by standing in the May elections is to be applauded. Let’s hope that this spirit of cooperation will prosper.

The history of the so-called far right has been marked by splits, breakaways and arguments over policies and personalities.  Parties with limited horizons issue detailed manifestos, denounce former members and proscribe rival parties with tedious regularity. As Third World immigrants arrive with every plane that lands the leaders of the various factions are too busy slandering each other to make an effective protest.

In an ideal world there would only be one party fighting against multiracism and global capitalism. But we are not in an ideal world; the reality is that some people favour the“ respectable” approach and seriously imagine that the Establishment will give them a chance so long as they pretend to be democrats. Others prefer the direct approach and refuse to compromise on anything.

Those fighting to stop non-European immigration include English nationalists, British nationalists and European nationalists. They include free traders and protectionists, believers and agnostics, modernists and traditionalists. But despite their different opinions and approaches they share a common determination to stop the ethnic cleansing of native Britons and their exploitation by unrestrained capitalism.

The Labour, Tory and Liberal Democratic parties all manage to accommodate their various factions. They do not split every time that they have a difference of opinion within their ranks. Sometimes these are profound differences that lead to resignations, but the Old Gang parties do not go in for mass expulsions, instead they manage to contain their factions and present a united front.

The present situation will not last forever. Politics is changing in response to mass non-European immigration and people no longer have any confidence in the established parties. There has never been a greater need for unity but we face the prospect of three patriotic parties contesting seats in the Birmingham area in the coming council elections.

It may be that personal animosities between individuals will forever prevent them from sharing the same party. We will just have to accept that, but they could at least agree to an electoral pact to prevent the divisive nonsense of like-minded parties standing in the same area. It’s is a scandalous waste of time, money and resources that plays into the hands of the enemies of our race and nation.

Burying Democracy

Throughout the West governments are abandoning the facade of democracy. We used to pretend that the common people decided how they were governed. The voters would have their say every four years and elect a leader to act on their behalf. But the power of money has subverted democracy to the point where the leaders of nations are appointed by big business rather than elected.

Countries like Switzerland ask the people their opinion on important matters with a national referendum. But these are just another sort of election that is subject to the same excesses of spin and propaganda. And governments can always ignore the result by saying that they are acting in the national interest.

According to The World Bank Development Report, the top 100 economies in the world consist of 51 corporations and 49 nation states. As natural resources run out the corporations will get richer and more powerful and the countries will get poorer and easier to control. Representative government is being swept aside and is being replaced by plutocracy.

Those who believe in national independence are living in a dream world. There are no genuinely independent countries. North Korea tried for years to achieve self-sufficiency but was forced to beg food from South Korea in order to survive. All nations are interdependent; even the United States has to import oil and is prepared to go to war to secure future supplies.

Giant corporations like Shell and BP are truly international and do not belong to any country. They operate all over the world and have the commercial power to overturn national governments. They are not necessarily evil but they are programmed to make a profit. This is not a conspiracy theory – it’s the way it is.

Nation states and their compliant politicians are pawns to big business. This is becoming increasingly obvious as regulations are abandoned in the name of the free market economy. Nothing short of revolutionary political action will contain the likes of Exxon Mobil or Occidental Petroleum. Global capitalism has got out of control and must be brought back into line.

This revolution has already started as white consciousness and political awareness spread throughout the world. Every white nation has been forced to take Third World immigrants and exports. Protests have been silenced by repressive legislation together with a sustained propaganda offensive.

But despite half a century of enforced multiracism the vast majority of whites still resist the takeover of their countries. The white race will survive but the liberal democracies that we developed over the centuries will be buried. Our task will be to construct a viable geopolitical structure for the future.

Views on The News

Teflon Tony has thrown his Defence Secretary Des Browne to the wolves following the fiasco of the sailors captured by the Iranians. Des apoligised for getting it wrong but then blamed the Navy for giving permission for the released sailors to sell their stories. Blair can hardly expect us to believe that his minister was acting alone; he would have been under orders from the Cabinet Office. Nobody believes that our sailors were tortured in Iran but they were clearly acting under duress after their debriefing by the MOD. The whole episode may have been a Jameson Raid; a deliberate provocation designed to spark a war. Blair may have been hoping for President Ahmadinajad to shoot them all and give us an excuse to attack. He doesn’t seem to worry about the lives of servicemen and it would not be the first time that a British government has pulled such a stunt.

The multiple killings of Afro-Caribbean teenagers in London, Manchester and Bristol have been widely reported. Politicians and social workers have blamed guns and knives and called for more money to be spent on the inner cities. Some, like Tony Blair have dared to mention ethnicity. But nobody has stated that the killings were all about drugs, despite the fact that all of the murder victims were described as blameless souls who always did the washing up.
The killers were commodity brokers protecting their markets. Those of us who have observed brokers at play in the wine bars of the City of London are not altogether surprised.

UKIP are standing 1,000 candidates in the coming May elections. They are trying to ditch their image as a one trick pony but they are still dominated by anti EU paranoia. David Campbell Bannerman expressed UKIP’s horror that the EU might threaten American domination.

I recently debated with the former French Socialist Prime Minister Laurent Fabius in Dublin. He is indicative of the EU’s thinking. Mr Fabius is on record calling for a “Real Europe” – a Europe that will be stronger and able to challenge the USA.

Will this stronger, more social, Real Europe, a political state not a free trade zone, merely act to challenge the USA for world supremacy – becoming a new Socialist European Union as the enemy of America?

Many young people who have grown up under a Labour government are expecting things to change under Dave Cameron. But older heads remember that the Tories presided over the destruction of the coal industry, the aircraft industry, the motor industry and most British manufacturing. We are not expecting a ban on mass immigration or slave labour imports from India and China. We are not expecting our troops to be recalled from fighting American wars and we do not expect the Tories to be any different from the Labour Party. The workingman might be a few pounds better off but that’s about the only difference between them.

The Transformation of Britain

Britain has been so completely transformed that little is left of the country that we all knew. The supermarkets have wiped out the high street shops that served us for generations. Ever town in Britain now has rows of charity shops taking advantage of low rents in once thriving locations.

The bank managers who used to know all the local shopkeepers and businessmen have disappeared with their branches. Now the banks operate from city center headquarters with computers that do not know or care about individual tradesmen or their businesses.

The Chamber of Commerce used to include the local solicitor, the accountant, the doctor, the dentist, the surveyor, the undertaker, the builder, the grocer, the butcher and the baker. These people were the backbone of the community and usually of the Conservative Party. Now people use the Yellow Pages or the Internet to find services.

If there are Irish or Polish people in the parish the Catholic Church might still be operating, but if the Anglican Church is still open it is probably for the benefit of a few elderly women. The younger generation has not been brought up with a religious education. They do not know the Bible stories and many of them have no idea what Christmas and Easter are all about.

The cinema was long ago turned into a bingo hall but that too has closed ahead of the smoking ban that has already killed popular entertainment in Scotland. And the pubs that used to serve the local tradesmen and their workers are now reduced to one giant gastro pub serving overpriced pizzas. Someone who has lived a lifetime in the area will feel like a stranger in his own town.

No familiar shops, no pub worth visiting, no cinema and a church locked against thieves and vandals. If you’re lucky you might still have a public library but money-hungry local councils have sold many of them off.

It’s hard to love a country that you no longer recognize. Only the little children are the same; not the aliens but the British children with pink cheeks and unlimited energy. They are the future in a country overrun by economic refugees and tormented by constant change. The spirit of our race and nation will yet survive the destruction of everything that we hold dear; it remains an indestructible force.

Centuries of hardship have equipped us for this journey unto the unknown. Our ancestors came through the Ice Age and struggled through plague, famine, war and revolution to reach the age of plenty. The genius of Europe is locked in our genes. Politicians peddling the poison of liberal democracy will not kill us off and those who think that they have won will think again.

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