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Issue 11, July 2006

Nation Revisited

An occasional email to friends
# 11, July 2006.  
Race and Nation

The BNP believe that nationality depends on ethnicity, but Israel is made up of many nations and races that are united by the shared identity of religion. Blacks from Ethiopia, Asians from South Arabia and Europeans from Poland and Russia have come together to found a nation based on Judaism. But most nations are tribes that have expanded within their geographical confines. Britain borders the North Sea and the Atlantic. France borders the Pyrenees, the Mediterranean, the Rhine and the Alps. The Italians have united in the peninsular south of the Alps. Germany lies between the Rhine, the Danube and the Elbe. Spain is contained within the Tagus and the Pyrenees and Portugal by the Tagus and the Atlantic. 

Nationality can depend on culture, race, religion, language and geography. Dutch speaking Belgian Catholics demanded their own state so as not to be absorbed by the Protestant Netherlands, but now they are objecting to cohabiting with French speaking Catholics. The Yugoslavs came together because they speak closely related languages, but they have split into six different states divided by three religions and an alphabet. The Swiss have four languages and both major Christian denominations but they are happy to be Swiss – and almost embarrassingly wealthy.

There are people who were born German but are now Polish, and Poles who now find themselves in Russia or the Ukraine. Many Irishman were born British and Italians from Dalmatia are now Croatian. Of course none of these people have really changed their nationality; they are what they always were but they now have different passports. Throughout history small states have amalgamated into large empires. The drift towards union has been constant despite anomalies like Belgium and Bosnia. When the BNP say that nationality is defined by ethnicity, they probably mean greater European nationality rather than technical nationality that depends only on documentation.

Fifty years after the founding of the European Union the founding states are not one iota less French, German, Italian, Dutch or Belgian. Having a continental economy and a federal parliament has not destroyed their individuality. And the more recent member states are similarly intact as separate nations. The Irish are as Irish as ever and the British are still totally British. The idea that the European Union will destroy our intrinsic nationality is patently absurd. But uncontrolled non-European immigration is another matter; flags and passports are exchangeable but real nationality is innate. The BNP’s position is contradictory; the British are a European nation and as such belong to Europe, but they support American hegemony that is dedicated to the New World Order and enforced multiracialism.

The Officer on Horseback                                                                                        

Francis De Groot was born in Dublin in 1888 to a prominent Irish family of Huguenot descent. After working as a merchant seaman, a coal lumper and an antiques dealer he joined the 15th hussars and served with distinction on the Western Front.

Arriving in New South Wales during the Depression he joined the New Guard movement that was fighting to overthrow the corrupt state government of Jack Lang, also known as “The Big Fella.” The 50,000 mostly ex-servicemen of the New Guard were led by Lieutenant Colonel Eric Campbell and were involved in pitched battles with communists and supporters of Premier Lang. By 1932 the political situation has deteriorated into a state of anarchy. An aggressive ex-Glasgow policeman called Bill Mackay was fast-tracked to lead the NSW police; he told his men: “go after the fascists and belt their bloody heads off.” At this point Jack Lang decided that he would open the new Sydney Harbour Bridge.

This incensed the New Guard who believed that a member of the Royal family should be invited to perform the ceremony. Captain Francis De Groot vowed that Premier Lang would not fulfill his ambition. On March 19th, in front of a crowd estimated at one million, he galloped onto the bridge and slashed the ribbon with his cavalry sword. He declared the bridge open “in the name of the decent and respectable people of new South Wales.” He was arrested and fined five pounds for offensive behavior in a public place.

Less than two months later the profligate policies of the state government had reduced New South Wales to near bankruptcy and Governor Sir Philip Game was forced to dismiss Jack Lang from office. The Attorney General Henry Manning said: “if Lang had remained in power another 24 hours our state would have been involved in revolution.”

The Governor appointed Bertram Stevens as Premier of New South Wales and called an immediate election that saw the Australian Labour Party soundly beaten.

Captain Francis De Groot returned to his native Ireland in 1949, he died in 1969. He has gone down in history as the “officer on horseback” who opened the Sydney Harbour Bridge, but by helping to depose Jack Lang he saved the people of New South Wales from the dictatorial mismanagement that is the hallmark of Labour administrations. His famous sword has since been returned to Australia and is kept at the bridge museum.

Today’s Australian nationalists are fighting against the government’s open-door immigration policy and facing the same dirty tricks that have been used to silence the opposition in Europe and America. In the 1998 General Election Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party received over one million votes and won 11 out of 89 seats in the Queensland Assembly. In 2003 she was sentenced to three years in prison on trumped-up charges of election fraud. The Queensland Appeal Court cleared her but the damage had been done. The Australia First Party is now the leading nationalist party. The ethnic riots in Sydney have helped local organizer Dr Jim Saleam to expand the movement. The spirit of Captain Francis De Groot and the New Guard lives on in the AFP who are fighting to save Australia from being overwhelmed by non-European immigrants.

Views on the News                                                                                                    

“Modern nationalists” remind us that the Mosley era is long gone. It’s true that Mosley has been dead for years but his ideas are as fresh, and relevant as ever. Third World immigrants are pouring into Europe to supply cheap labour for greedy employers who do not care about social consequences. Mosley’s idea of a geopolitical union would have solved this problem by strictly controlling access to Europe. We are now told that we can’t do that because the Americans would never allow it. It’s more likely that the American people would emulate Europe’s example by controlling their own borders. Immigration is a major issue in America and the American people would never allow their government to “bomb this country back to the Stone Age.”

The Tories just held their seat in the Bromley & Chislehurst by election but were nearly overtaken by the Liberal Democrats. Nigel Farage the well-scrubbed leader of UKIP who openly supports non-European immigration and world trade got 8%, despite having ample funds, sympathetic press coverage and the unexpected endorsement of the BNP. The National Front got 1.6%, which is a typical minority party result when votes are squeezed by a close contest between the main players. The pro-European Tories and Liberal Democrats shared 78%, which means that they outperformed UKIP by almost ten to one. This result shows that UKIP have joined Jimmy Goldsmith’s Referendum Party and Robert Kilroy-Silk’s Veritas in the proverbial dustbin of history.

Lawyers have reacted with horror to criticism from politicians over light sentences for violent criminals. They protest that the independence of the judiciary is being threatened and insist that only trained professionals can understand progressive sentencing. The Legal industry is dedicated to making money out of crime. They make the rules up as they go along and disregard evidence as they see fit. Leaving sentencing to judges is like leaving your order to the waiter. The punishment for every crime should be laid down in a written constitution. The state should decide on appropriate punishment and not allow an aloof and privileged clique of shysters to defy natural justice. It’s time for a complete modernization of the legal system. All magistrates should be properly trained and paid, and all judges should be monitored to weed out the senile and incompetent.

Our unfortunate police force has shot another terrorist suspect acting on “ information received.” This time the victim was only wounded but the police have made it clear that they will probably do it again. People of dark complexion are most at risk but the boys in blue are not racist and would just as happily shoot an innocent white man. Nobody doubts that we need an armed police force to counter immigrant-driven violent crime, but officers must be properly trained and selected. This latest outrage in Forest Gate follows closely on the assassination of the Brazilian man at Stockwell. It seems that the only lesson the police have learned is that they are immune from prosecution. Commissioner Blair has so far survived a catalogue of blunders and unnecessary shootings but his embarrassed colleagues in the police force should now demand his resignation. Public confidence can only be restored by a change of leadership. The next Commissioner should be appointed on proven ability instead of political acceptability.

One Day We Will Need Them  
Anthropologists tend to concentrate on head measurements and employ geographical terms to denote allegedly different racial types. They usually place the Alpines at the bottom of the league and characterize them as slow and uninventive. But the people who live in the Alpine regions, the Swiss, Bavarians and Milanese are famous for their innovative designs and high quality products. Perhaps the Alpine folk have improved since Houston Steward Chamberlain adjusted his calipers to the head of a lonely goatherd half way up the Grossglockner?

The arrival of multitudes of east Europeans has given us the chance to study them in the flesh rather than in the pages of books. The scientists make deductions by measurement and photography but it is easier and more profitable to meet people and talk to them. Those of us who have taken the trouble are surprised at how similar most Easterners are to the British. Amongst the Ukrainians and Poles there is a distinct Celtic look with the familiar pale, freckled skin and reddish hair. Their blue or grey eyes would not be out of place in Scotland or Ireland. The Lithuanians with their fair hair and tall stature could be from Yorkshire or Lincolnshire. The darker people from Southern Russia and the Caucasus look rather like Greeks or Italians, or the Tom Jones type of Welshman. None of them look particularly alien, and it is not until they open their mouths to speak that we know they are foreigners.

The impression that Easterners are aliens might well be based upon much earlier migrations during the 19th Century. These were the Jews fleeing the persecution of the Czar, who arrived in Britain wearing their traditional costumes, hats and ringlets. They were forced by circumstances into ghettos similar to the ones that they had been forced from in Russia. Because of their different dress, language and religion they seemed very strange to the host nation.

Because it suited their propaganda the Nazis created the image of the Slavs as a race of subhuman savages. In the same way that they extolled the virtues of their Japanese allies as the Aryans of the Orient. This idea of the Russians as uncivilized is disproved by that nation’s remarkable contribution to art, science and every sphere of human achievement.  Nevertheless the negative image was perpetuated during the cold war to justify America’s unimaginable military expenditure.

So we have scientists measuring heads and formulating theories, folk memories of distant events and barrages of political propaganda. But the Russian carpenter or the Polish plumber is not a black-hearted alien, a shuffling savage, or a fanatical communist bent upon nuclear war. He is likely to be a decent fellow European who only wants to improve his situation. The white race in Britain is in decline, with each generation producing fewer children than the last. If we go on like this we will cease to exist as a European nation. As the whites decline the black and brown immigrants are reproducing with their usual fecundity. We should welcome every European immigrant who is prepared to work and respect our way of life. One day we will need them.

The White Man’s Burden                                                                                          

American foreign policy is committed to “regime change” and American forces are fighting old-fashioned colonial wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and backing the warlords against the Islamic Courts Union of Sheik Sharif Ahmed in Somalia. But it is difficult to see how they can win any of these conflicts without the support of the local people. Their objectives are as unclear as their strategy, and their “shock and awe” bombing campaigns are not designed to win hearts and minds but to instill fear and terror. The blitz on wartime London united the population and made them more determined to resist invasion; the citizens of Baghdad and Kabul may be no less resilient.

By handing out millions of dollars in bribes they have captured Saddam Hussein and killed Abu Mussab al-Zarqari the leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq. But apart from installing a Quisling government protected by American Delta Force Commandos, they have not been able to pacify the country or make any impression on the mainstream resistance. Three years after President George Bush donned his flying jacket and prematurely boasted, “mission accomplished” they are still fighting and casualties are increasing.

The war was supported by an unholy alliance of conservatives, born-again Christians and militant Zionists. The ordinary American taxpayer went along with it because they believed the propaganda about the “war on terror,” but after 2500 fatalities they are beginning to ask questions. Britain jumped on the bandwagon because Tony Blair fancied himself as world statesman and a war leader like Sir Winston Churchill. It is doubtful if history will remember Tony Blair in this light but he will always be linked to an unnecessary, brutal and costly war.

In Afghanistan the Americans have managed to recruit the entire NATO Alliance. Troops of many nations are patrolling the desperate semi-desert in search of the illusive Taliban.
The locals have seen armies of Greeks, Persians, Mongols, Turks, British, Indians and Russians march through their valleys, but they have survived every invasion and occupation with the patience of centuries. They will surely survive this latest threat to their independence, and NATO will become just another power that failed to win in the unforgiving crucible of Afghanistan.

In Somalia the American-backed warlords have lost control of Mogadishu to organized Islamic forces that are armed and financed by Saudi Arabia. There are surely enough Somalis in Britain and America to fight for their country without involving our troops in yet another lost cause. The history of this region has been dominated by CIA plots to undermine Ethiopia and Sudan. The Americans armed the Somalis and encouraged them to attack Ethiopia during the communist dictatorship of Haile Mariam Mengistu. They also backed the Shabia guerillas to establish the breakaway state of Eritrea. They are now deeply involved in the Sudan and are backing the Darfur rebellion. America has taken up the white man’s burden, and like Britain and France they will discover that a colonial empire is a poisoned chalice. “By all ye cry or whimper, by all ye leave or do, the silent, sullen peoples shall weigh your gods and you.” Rudyard Kipling

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