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Issue 5, March 2006

Nation Revisited

March 2006. # 5. 
An occasional email to friends

Cheap Labour & Cheap Oil

Our political system is supposed to represent the people but the old gang parties all believe in open door immigration and the big two, Labour and Tory, both support the wars on Iraq and Afghanistan.

Our elected representatives have changed Britain from being a homogeneous country into a polyglot patchwork. They have imported millions of Afro-Asian economic refugees and taken away our traditional right to free speech. They have banned us from displaying our national flags or Christian symbols in case we upset the immigrants and they have used our tax revenues to provide them with houses and benefits.
The politicians never asked our opinion about any of this but just went ahead and did it. 

When the American government decided to invade Iraq they simply demanded that Britain send troops and our supine government immediately obeyed.

Once again the matter was decided over the heads of the people. Our parliamentarians make all their decisions as directed by their paymasters.

The cosmetic differences between the parties do not matter to the unscrupulous capitalists who control all of them.

To get cheap labour and cheap oil they have organized mass immigration and the war on Iraq. The functionaries who implement these policies take their orders from big business not from the people.
Tony Blair and the warmongers have tried to convince us that the al Qaeda terrorist attacks throughout the world were motivated by Islamic hatred of the West and not a direct result of American foreign policy in the Middle East.

But Osama bin Laden was clear and precise when interviewed by ABC reporter John Miller in May 1998:

“ So we tell the Americans as people, and we tell the mothers of soldiers and American mothers in general that if they value their lives and the lives of their children, to find a nationalistic government that will look after their interests and not the interests of the Jews.”

After three years fighting the Iraqi insurgency is out of control and getting worse. The same goes for the Afghanistan war that has spread to Pakistan and is sucking-in thousands more British soldiers.

Washington has now launched a barrage of propaganda against Iran and the same mendacious nonsense about ‘weapons of mass destruction’ is being rerun.

Thousands of people have marched and demonstrated against this aggression all over the world. Bush and Blair are losing support as the casualties mount and the costs escalate.

We could be witnessing the beginning of the end of the New World Order that has brought us demographic chaos and unending war. The coming attack on Iran could be a war too far.
What The Papers Say                                                                                       

Adventures With Extremists – Michael Walker, Scorpion Issue 22
The Scorpion, BCM 5766, London WC1

And what of the substance of the theories themselves? Even when incorrect or radically misguided in their conclusions, they may contain a deal of truth. If we take Ian Paisley’s belief that the EU is a Catholic conspiracy, rejection of this conspiratorial origin of the EU should not overlook the fact that the EU for historical and political reasons is far more favourably received in the former Catholic nations of Europe than the formerly Protestant ones.

A Great Venture – Mark Curtis, Lobster Issue 30
Lobster, 214 Westbourne Avenue, Hull HU5 3JB

In August 1953 a coup overthrew Iran’s nationalist government of Mohammed Musaddiq and installed the Shah in power. The Shah subsequently used widespread repression and torture in a dictatorship that lasted until the 1979 Islamic revolution. The 1953 coup is conventionally regarded primarily as a CIA operation, yet the planning records reveal not only that Britain was the prime mover in the initial project to overthrow the government but also that British resources contributed significantly to the eventual success of the operation. Two first-hand accounts of the Anglo-American sponsorship of the coup – by MI6 and CIA officers primarily responsible for it – are useful in reconstructing events.

Late, Mr. Howard – Freedom Bulletin, Feb-April 2005
The Freedom Party, 27 Old Gloucester St, London WC1N 3XXT

The money we would save by halting immigration would be diverted to British social services, to education and to all the very things for which our taxpayers should be paying. Halting immigration would at once send out a signal to the whole world – a signal that  “Britain means business.” No longer a soft touch, run by bleeding heart liberals, a Freedom Party Britain would regain its identity, and sense of Britishness. Our country would become more united, and as we demolished multiculturalism and the race relations industry, the country would become less tense, less Balkanized and more united.

But we would be fair, as is the British way. Those immigrants who have legally settled here, building up careers and businesses and bringing up families who look on Britain as their home, they would be regarded as full citizens. True, these people are not completely British, in that they have not descended from the ancient Britons; the Anglo-Celtic-Roman-Saxon-Norman peoples who laid the cultural foundation to these islands. They do not – quite obviously – share our ancestry, any more than we could share Zulu or Chinese ancestry. We are prepared to be sensible, democratic and fair-minded and accept that they have equal rights as citizens of Britain; we in turn ask them to respect our nation and its heritage and to show their absolute loyalty to it.
No Need For Quotas – Derek Adams, Voice of Freedom, Issue 68                       
VOF (BNP) PO Box 87, Ossett, Wakefield WF5 8WN

Senior police chiefs’ almost manic desperation to recruit members of the ethnic minorities to meet ‘quotas’ is misplaced, according to the most recent Government figures.

This puts the country’s ethnic minority population at 8%, and the numbers of ethnic police within the force at 9.8%, making the current obsession with positive discrimination unnecessary.

Commonwealth or Commonsense?
This abridged article first appeared in ‘Action’ in June 1976. In the past 30 years the European Union has embraced most of the continent. The Soviet Union has been replaced by a free Russian Federation and India has developed into an industrial power to rival China. There has been no move to unite Canada, Australia and New Zealand with the EU and South Africa and Rhodesia have been lost.

If the Commonwealth had been proclaimed at any time during the post-war era the idea would surely have met with derision.

This unloved conglomerate emerged as the Empire ceased to exist and is supported only by readers of The Guardian who uphold India and her Congress Party as models of socialism and brotherly love.
But Indira Ghandi, daughter of the ‘saintly’ Pandit Nerhu, is now acting like a dictator and the Indian Army is occupying Goa, Bhutan, Kashmir and Nepal. India is a sub-continent enslaved by fear and facing starvation.

The transformation from colonial paternalism to native totalitarianism may have made the former subject peoples happy, but they still depend on Britain for financial assistance and expect free entry into the UK.
This uncontrolled New Commonwealth immigration has aggravated the existing problems of poor housing and unemployment as well as causing friction between Britons and immigrants.

We must maintain our traditional ties with Canada, Australia and New Zealand but Britain with less than 60 million people cannot compete as a market with 100 million Japanese or 200 million Americans.
We must also remember that younger Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders do not necessarily look to Britain as the Motherland.

The Commonwealth has become an international joke at the expense of the British people. We are tied by blood and culture to the White Dominions but we are tied to the republics of Asia and Africa only by our fast-dwindling capacity to support them.

Our future must lie in scrapping the Commonwealth and entering into a union of Western Europe and the White Dominions. A union of Europe at home and abroad, including South Africa and Rhodesia, that would be economically and militarily independent of the capitalist West or the Red East.
Russia and America                                                                                             
The Cold War between Russia and America lasted from the end of the war until the collapse of communism. Over forty years of hostility that brought the world to the brink of nuclear disaster and initiated an arms race that bankrupted Russia and spread American bases around the world. The Soviet Union was seen as a threat to the West. The Red Army occupied half of Europe and supported revolution throughout Asia and Africa. But to the emerging nations Russia was as an ally in their fight against colonialism and American intervention in Indochina was seen as an imperialist war against people struggling for freedom.

The truth is that both Russia and America were acting out of self-interest to secure markets and natural resources. The Cold War was not just a conflict between opposing systems but also a competition between rival acquisitive empires.

Now communism is finished and the new Russian Federation is a parliamentary democracy with a free market economy. Russian forces have withdrawn from Europe and Asia, but the Americans remain distrustful and President Vladimir Putin is still tarnished with the sins of the Soviet Union.

America now sees Russia as a powerful economic rival. The Russian Federation has a population of 144 millions, reserves of $181 billion, exports worth $245 billion and vast natural resources. She exports 157 billion cubic metres of gas and 24 billion kilowatt hours of electricity per year; and an incredible 5.15 million barrels of oil per day.

Russia’s close proximity to German industry will prove to be an irresistible attraction and it is inevitable that she will gravitate towards Europe.

Britain must now question her traditional alliances. We have nothing to fear from a partnership with Russia but over one hundred dead British soldiers show just how dangerous it is to be allied to an expansionist America. Russia has abandoned military aggression but America is fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan and waging a propaganda war against Iran, Syria and Sudan.

Apart from military adventurism we are threatened by America’s political agenda. The Neo-Conservatives see the world as a market and have no interest in the individual races, cultures and nations of mankind.
Genocidal ideas like ‘positive discrimination’ and ‘celebrating diversity’ are being promoted at both ends of the political spectrum.

Russian children are taught to be proud to belong to an historic nation that has defended the Motherland against the Mongols and contributed to all the arts and sciences with their European genius. But American children are brainwashed with endless guilt propaganda about African slavery and how the Europeans stole the country from the Native Americans.

The ties of blood, culture and history between Europe and America can never be broken.
Millions of Europeans have friends and relations across the Atlantic and look forward to the day when the American people throw out the criminals in Washington and rejoin Europe and Russia as guardians of civilization. The mass importation of cheap labour is subverting economies all over the world. As unemployment and discontent spreads the political reaction to this capitalist racket will bring down the regimes that promise only war and exploitation.

Views on The News                                                                                                 

The Tessa Jowell affair is just another in a long line of scandals involving Labour Cabinet Ministers. It is ironic to remember that the 1997 landslide that brought Tony Blair to power was partly due to Tory sleaze. Politicians have always been corrupt and we expect them to get involved in financial and sexual irregularities. But when they get caught with their pants down or their hands in the till they should resign. Back in 1963

Jack Profumo lost his career and spent the rest of his life atoning for his indiscretions. But modern politicians are totally lacking in honour and cling to power and privilege by their fingernails. When they are forced to resign they just creep back a few months later. Under a responsible government any member found lying to Parliament would be sacked and prevented from ever holding office again.

Government proposals to introduce a managed migration policy are about fifty years too late. The five or six million non-Europeans already here are reproducing at an alarming rate that will eventually threaten the survival of the traditional British stock. The British did not become British because of documentation; they are British because they are a unique blend of Celts and Anglo-Saxons that had been influenced by Latin and Germanic civilization over many centuries.

The government will not put things right by restricting entry to brain surgeons and concert pianists. The problem is worldwide and will need international agreement and billions of pounds, euros and dollars to be resolved. Africa is an empty continent compared to Europe. A multi-ethnic country like South Africa would be an ideal territory for the resettlement of economic refugees. The United States and Europe could fund this project from their foreign aid budgets and recover the money from massive savings on social security payments.

This may seem far-fetched but even government spokesmen, like Trevor Phillips, are now admitting that the multicultural experiment has not been a success. The riots in Paris and Birmingham involved youngsters born in Europe, some of them second or third generation immigrants but still alienated from French and British society. The growing success of the Front National and the BNP is proof that the people are sick of immigration and willing to vote against it.

Red Ken, the Mayor of London has been suspended for insulting an Evening Standard journalist by a tribunal that was appointed by John Prescott. Here we have three separate entities that would jointly make a well-deserved target for a firing squad. Volunteers should form an orderly queue at the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. No experience is required but good eyesight and a steady hand would be an advantage.

The Americans have launched a new offensive against Iraqi Insurgents involving 50 helicopters and up to 1500 troops, including Iraqis recruited and trained by the Americans. It is generally accepted that the Police Force is really the Shiite Militia wearing new uniforms. The new Iraqi Army will probably be just as unrepresentative as the police and just as ready to commit sectarian atrocities. American interference in Iraq has replaced a pro-Western authoritarian regime with a pro-Iranian one.

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