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Issue 35, August 2007

Nation Revisited

An occasional email to friends. # 35, August 2007
The last days of the neocons

The American Congress has bowed to the will of the people by rejecting George Bush’s amnesty for illegal immigrants and calling for an end to his unwinnable “War on Terror.” These were the principle aims of the neocons; to bring about regime change by military might and to move goods and labour around the world as they see fit. This is what they call “free trade.”

The extreme Right neocons sprang from the extreme Left neoliberals led by Irving Kristol and Norman Podhoretz. Their “New American Century” project calls for the replacement of all nationalistic governments around the world with puppet regimes that do exactly as they are told.

But the resistance of the Afghans and Iraqis genuinely surprised them. They actually believed their own propaganda about bringing freedom and democracy to grateful nations. They expected the Iraqis to rejoice at their own destruction and they staged Saddam’s lynching to give that impression.

But their conquest of the Middle East has met with desperate resistance and they face growing opposition at home. The massive power of the US can keep these wars going for years but everybody knows that eventually the military occupation will end and the population will dig themselves out of the rubble and start again.

It has been suggested that the huge new American Embassy being built in Baghdad is proof that they intend to stay for many years. But they left a similarly impressive complex in Saigon when General Van Tien Dung captured the city for the Viet Cong on April 30th 1975.

At home they planned to import abundant cheap labour from south of the border. But all sections of American society protested at their jobs and welfare payments being given to the invaders. NAFTA is not the same thing as the EU; Europeans are related white nations but Mexico’s 108 million population is overwhelmingly Mestizo and only 12% ethnic European. It’s also a conduit for illegal immigrants and drug runners from South and Central America.

The leading neocon warmongers, Libby, Rumsfeld, Bolton and Wolfowitz have been sacked and the rest of them are lying low. The world has rejected American hegemony and the American people have rediscovered their hostility to empire. George Bush, the incoherent mouthpiece of the military-industrial combine is dying of liver failure and the fate of the world has been entrusted to the equally befuddled Dick Cheney. As this disastrous duopoly draws to a close a new breed of isolationist politicians is waiting to assume power

The shape of things to come

Vladimir Bukowsky the Soviet dissident who spent many years in psychiatric hospitals has warned that the EU is a conspiracy on the part of the Rothschilds. This idea has been accepted by Euro-sceptics because it reinforces their belief that the EU is a Jewish-run Franco-German plot to destroy Britain.

The late Jimmy Goldsmith was passionately opposed to European Union and wasted a fortune on his unsuccessful Referendum Party - forerunner of the equally underachieving UKIP. Of course Jimmy was himself a Rothschild so he probably wouldn’t have agreed with Bukowsky’s conclusions

Britain was dependent on America from 1940 to 2006. We have now repaid our wartime loan but we are still very close to our old benefactor. The Suez Invasion of 1956 was the last time that Britain mounted a military operation without American permission. Only to be humiliatingly ordered to withdraw on pain of financial ruin, even though we had acted in concert with Israel and France.

Readers of the Tory press refuse to believe that Britain is part of the American sphere of influence. They like to talk about “independence” and “ sovereignty” but any freedom of action was exchanged for Lend Lease and Liberty Ships over sixty years ago.

Global capitalism controls most of the world. Nations retain the trappings of independence but it’s mostly illusionary. Egypt stages great military parades to mark Independence Day but she is totally dependent on foreign aid and access to American-controlled markets. The same goes for most of the allegedly sovereign states with bankrupt national airlines and seats at the United Nations.

Iraq was America’s friend for many years. They fought the Iranians who had dared to nationalize oil, and slaughtered the Kurds who threatened NATO’s southern flank in Turkey. They bought American arms and sold their oil for Dollars. But Saddam made the fatal mistake of thinking that he was really running the show. When he tried to annex Kuwait his country was attacked by an American-led coalition, blockaded and starved for a decade, flattened by air strikes and invaded by an army bent on maximum terror and destruction.

America controls much of the world’s commerce but we have still got The City of London, a mighty economic generator that dominates banking and insurance. When Brazil wants to trade with Japan, and when America sells insurance to South Korea, the deals are brokered and underwritten in London. New York, Frankfurt and Zurich are still no match for the Square Mile.

There’s no doubt that the European Union is dominated by global capitalism but it’s a positive step towards the coming together of the people of Europe.  And on a practical level it has been a remarkable commercial success that has improved living conditions throughout the continent. We now enjoy the highest standard of living in our history and the longest period of peace for centuries.

The conspiracists will believe what they like but ordinary people value their increased prosperity and they will not risk it by supporting old-fashioned nationalists who would plunge a thriving economy into dangerous uncertainty. Parties fighting the pan-European problem of external immigration are limiting their appeal by clinging to these increasingly outdated policies.

We do not know the shape of things to come. The influx of economic refugees will change America beyond recognition. The Atlantic Alliance will not mean much to a President reliant on Mexican votes; and the UK will depend on the oil and gas made available by a European alliance with Russia.

Together the people of Europe can survive and prosper but as separate states we will be overwhelmed by the teeming masses of the Third World. To design and build multi role aircraft like the Typhoon, or launch satellites into space like Ariane we need all of Europe’s scientific and industrial capacity. We can achieve anything but first we must learn to think and act as Europeans.

Liberation of Europe

By Manuel de Dieguez – from Israel Shamir -

On June 4, 2007 Le Figaro published an interview of President Putin, full of common sense and measure. The demonization of Russia has now reached global proportions. But will Europe, herself made into a vassal, accept that the American anti-missile system to be installed in Poland and in the Czech Republic may function in automatic concert with the nuclear arsenal of the United States? Will Europe, even humiliated, accept that, for the first time, US nuclear power is installed on its soil?  Will Europe, even domesticated, accept that the world’s political balance will be turned around with the purpose of the definitive military subjugation of Copernicus’ Continent to a foreign empire, while we are not even being threatened by anybody? Will an enslaved Europe now require of Vladimir Putin to help it break its chains? Now that’s the only real question.

Because this actually is about a desperate attempt by the United States to recover the theo-political world-hegemony which their crusader spirit appeared to promise them before the international shipwreck of the democratic messianism they launched in Iraq.

The US is very effectively supported in its attempts at re-conquest of European opinion by the complicity of the French press, starting with Le Figaro, which took care not to publish the essential message of Mr Vladimir Putin to the Old World.

Question: Why do the Americans try to realize their plans with so much tenacity if they are so obviously without real object?

Mr Putin: Perhaps we are bringing Russia and Europe closer together, and the Americans try to stop it. If this were the case, it would be one more (US) mistake.

Question: Do you plan to install a similar system (an anti-missile shield) in Cuba and Venezuela?

Mr Putin: Not only is it not our intention, on the contrary, we even dismantled our bases in Cuba. The Americans, however, built some of theirs in Europe. After the fall of the Soviet Union, our policy assumed a very different character. We want neither confrontation, nor bases under our nose. The current Russian system relies mainly on political decisions (instead of military options).

The censure by Le Figaro is not innocent: it is linked obviously to the article of the new President of CRIF, Mr Richard Prasquier, in Le Monde, May 31, 2007:
Iran, the proliferating nuclear power, which tries to divide Europeans by emphasizing that the imaginary threat by Iran would relate to Europe.

Europe is thus under an absolute moral obligation to find again its sovereignty, which will require forming a sufficiently dissuasive Euro-Russian axis to stop the planetary expansion of a military empire, whose close cooperation with Israel constitutes for the moment the central thrust. Fortunately, it is more than 40 years since our country expelled the troops of the new occupants of Europe from our territory. (De Gaulle expelled the US troops and bases from France, a feat that was not repeated by any European state – Israel Shamir). If we don’t play – even if we are alone, the card of refusal of submission, we would betray not only our history but the spirit of Europe. It is a matter of resurrection, or death of a civilization.

Views on the news

The news that Home Secretary Jacqui Smith and nine other cabinet ministers smoked dope at university is in contrast to the dour Presbyterian image of Gordon Brown. Gordon would be horrified if most of his cabinet skinned up during a heavy debate on regional regeneration. But the no smoking regulations mean that ministerial smokers are forced to lurk in the doorways of Whitehall where they can be seen passing around spliffs and giggling with drug-induced merriment. Their dealers no doubt work for The Ministry of Supply, are licensed by the Department of Trade and Industry and are on secondment from the Ministry of Overseas Development. What would Brown senior have thought?

The collapse of the cash for honours investigation comes as no great surprise. The state prosecutor has decided that the state government has no case to answer after the state police had spent a million pounds on the case. Defenders of the democratic system will be delighted that Tony Blair and his close friend Lord Levy have been cleared. It turns out that people who donated massively to the Labour Party were awarded honours by coincidence and not as a result of their generosity. We can be thankful that justice has been done and that our unblemished legal system has triumphed once again. It seems that those who condemned Tony Blair and his associates were being uncharitable. But it would still be a good idea to scrap the discredited honours system in case suspicious-minded critics accuse those in power of blatant dishonesty.

George Galloway the Respect MP for Bethnal Green has been accused of bringing The House of Commons into disrepute. Parliament embraces druggies, drunkards, adulterers, bribe-takers and inverted racists. It encourages abortion and the destruction of our culture. It fanatically supports the mass importation of millions of non-Europeans and America’s senseless wars. It’s nothing but a collection of fools, liars, hypocrites and traitors.  But George has committed the unpardonable sin of defying the Zionists and therefore faces expulsion.

The BNP got 2,494 votes in the Sedgefield by-election, a respectable 8.9%. Not bad for a region of the country that’s almost totally indigenous. But UKIP did disastrously in Sedgefield with only 536 votes and even worse in Southall, where their Asian candidate only managed 285. UKIP’s only success has been in the Euro elections, where the swivel-eyed fraternity predominates. It is now clear that UKIP’s multiracial Euro-sceptic policies are a dead duck. They claim mass support and keep on demanding referendums but this doesn’t translate into electoral success. Despite the backing of almost every newspaper and the support of several high-profile businessmen they are clearly going nowhere.

The unprecedented floods in central England will cost at least 2 billion pounds. This is about the same sum of money that we have spent on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In March the MOD told an all-party group of MPs that we had spent 1 billion pounds in Iraq and 770 million in Afghanistan in the past year. If we can afford to support American foreign policy we should not begrudge the flood victims. The British government is always generous with our money whenever there is a natural disaster overseas; let them now show the same consideration to our own people.

With unfortunate timing Dave Cameron has chosen to go to Africa as his half drowned constituents bale out their flooded homes. Dave has called upon the EU to remove “immoral” restriction on African exports and pointed out that the African invasion of Europe is the result of poverty. He has got a point but instead of just opening our markets to African goods we should tie all foreign aid and trade agreements to a comprehensive repatriation scheme. We can do without their unskilled labour and it is absolutely wrong of us to employ doctors, nurses and other skilled workers who are desperately needed at home. African poverty is not about to go away and Europe cannot continue to take the dispossessed and hungry of the Third World. 

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