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Issue 23, February 2007

Nation Revisited

An occasional email to friends. # 23, February 2007

The European Idea

Even amongst pro-Europeans the EU is regarded with suspicion. The Commission is seen as dictatorial and the relentless nonsense so beloved of the press, like straight bananas and a ban on stepladders has influenced even dedicated supporters of the project.

The veteran Mosley supporter Roger Clare writing in “European Action” summed up the feelings of many: “We wish to replace the circus in Brussels, not because Europe as an entity is bad for Britain…but because OUR Europe, a Europe of the Peoples, is the only true guarantee that the will of the people shall prevail.”

The recently formed Identity, Tradition and Sovereignty bloc in the Euro Parliament is comprised of so-called nationalists or right-wingers from seven European nations. Both terms are misleading; most of these parties have social programmes that would put our Labour Party to shame, so they are hardly right wing. They may call themselves nationalists but at least they are prepared to go to Brussels and fight for reform.

One of the ITS deputies Ashley Mote is a former member of UKIP, a strange party that believes in balancing exported Britons with imported Africans. UKIP leader Nigel Farage has launched a spiteful attack on the new group and promised to vote with the rest of the old gang in Brussels to kill them off.

At last there is bridge between the traditionalists who see the EU as an international conspiracy and the supporters of Europe a Nation who realize that the only way of preserving our race and nation is by uniting with our fellow Europeans.

The Euro-sceptics still dominate the nationalist fringe but there is a subtle yet discernable shift towards the concept of a “Europe of the nations.” This is the idea of a confederation of nation states. Fair enough, confederation is the basis of the Swiss constitution that recognizes the independence of each Canton. But Switzerland is nevertheless one united country despite having four languages. In fact it can be taken as a model of representative government and European unity that has given its citizens one of the highest standards of living in the world and centuries free from war and revolution.

The mass migration of Africans and Asians to Europe has made the debate between the federalists and the unionists just a matter of semantics. Almost every European country has been invaded by the teeming masses of the Third World. No country can hope to solve this problem on their own but by acting together they would have the political muscle and the negotiating power to solve the problem.
Writing in the Evening Standard A.N. Wilson put the case: 

“There is only one policy which will work and that is the cruel, Spanish policy of repatriation. There is only one way that policy can be implemented and that is for this purpose, to regard Europe as a nation, with identical draconian measures, which overlook all the hard-luck stories, all the sad cases of African women having heart attacks in European hospitals, and simply stop an intrusion of humanity which our European hospitals, schools, housing, drains and transport systems simply cannot sustain.”

A.N. Wilson is not a member of a minority party; he is not a racist or a bigot but an award winning author and journalist who can see through the propaganda of the petty nationalists. Commenting on the success of the BNP in Barking he goes on: “ But these nationalists, like Le Pen in France, with their blind hatred of Europe will never solve the Europe-wide problem. Only when we have embraced Europe as a nation can we get to grips with the fundamental problem of our time.”

Now that Le Pen’s Front National has joined the ITS bloc it is hoped that they will accept that their problems are our problems. At the moment the British nationalists are still in splendid isolation but many of their members have family connections to the 761,000 Brits who live in Spain, the 291,000 who live in Ireland or the 200,000 in France (BBC). They have bought houses and businesses in France or Spain and get regular visits from their friends and relations in the UK. Many more Brits take their holidays in other European countries. The myth that we are as a nation anti-European is just not true.

Eurobarometer (the EU statistical survey) shows that the majority of educated British people support EU membership. In 2005 they responded to the following propositions: Being part of the EU increases opportunities for business - 78%. Being part of the EU means consumers in the UK benefit from the free market of goods resulting from the European Single Market – 63%. Being part of the EU means more opportunities to live, work and study in another country – 79%. In the same survey they listed their main concerns as - immigration, terrorism, crime and healthcare.

UKIP did well in the Euro election, probably because the the Euro-sceptics were the only people interested in it, but they have failed to get an MP elected despite having plentiful funds and the almost universal support of the press. We will soon have the opportunity to send objective MEPs to join the ITS bloc in Brussels and fight for sensible reform instead of trying to wreck everything like the time-wasting reactionaries of UKIP. It is early days yet but by working together the ITS pioneers will develop team a spirit and comradeship that will carry them forward to unity. Setting aside the sad and unnecessary divisions between patriots will be a positive step in the right direction.

“European Action”
A newspaper in support of a National Party for Europe. Edited by Robert Edwards
PO Box 415, Ramsgate CT11 9WW, United Kingdom

Views on the News                                                                                                       

The ongoing police investigation into the fund-raising activities of the Labour Party has reopened the debate into the funding of political parties. There is a growing call for state funding to prevent big business from controlling the parties. Many countries have adopted this system but most of them have proportional representation and coalition governments. If this country brings in state funding it will be rigged in favour of the old gang and designed to kill off the minority parties. We have no tradition of fair play when it comes to politics; our first past the post system ensures the two party domination of parliament. The Liberal Democrats used to talk about election reform but Labour and the Tories will try to get state funding and keep the unfair electoral system. Labour can no longer rely on the trade unions to bankroll them. The unions are losing members faster than Labour and are being forced to merge to survive. The Tories still depend on big business but their move to the centre means that they can no longer guarantee tax breaks to their corporate friends
American casualties in Iraq may be very much higher than admitted. It has emerged that the Pentagon only count US nationals and not the young men from Central and South America who have enlisted in the US army in order to gain citizenship. Nor do they count wounded men who die away from the battlefield in hospital, or so-called “security guards” who are mercenaries fighting for the Coalition. Now Britain has joined the deception by claiming that 100 men have been killed in action when in fact the real toll is over 130. When helicopters are shot down the authorities claim that they have crashed and report the subsequent deaths as accidents rather than battlefield fatalities. Soldiers run over by tanks or trucks are also listed as accidents.

Steve Johnson writing in “Freedom” has described the advanced Eurofighter Typhoon as “militarily worthless.” The FAS Military Analysis Network has a rather higher opinion:  “Eurofighter’s air dominance supremacy and versatility as a multi-role combat aircraft is marked by its highly potent and comprehensive air-to-surface attack capability.” The Typhoon is in service with the air forces of Italy, Spain, Germany and the UK. Against fierce competition it has won a Saudi order worth $77 billion. Austria, Greece, Norway, Turkey and Japan are also interested. Steve Johnson wants to: “scrap the Eurofighter in favour of a new, up to date British designed and manufactured fighter.” According to FAS: “In the UK, over 6,000 jobs depend on the Eurofighter development phase and this is expected to rise to 14,000 at the peak of production.” The Japanese excel in high-tech engineering but they have opted to buy a ready made foreign aircraft rather than spending billions of dollars on a design and build project.

The United Kingdom Independence Party is to rebrand itself as the Independence Party and campaign on more than just the European issue. As Dave Cameron ditches core Tory principles UKIP hopes to capture the votes of the disgruntled. UKIP leader and ever-hopeful parliamentary candidate Nigel Farage says that the party stands for: “national independence, local independence and independence of the individual.” Sounds rather like Robinson Crusoe but even he had to share his desert island with Friday.

Political Reform                                                                                                          

Despite the fact that the main political parties in the UK have only half the members that they used to have they are spending more than ever. At the last general election all parties broke their previous spending records and constant appeals for funds dominate their literature and websites. As their votes go down their spending goes up and as more and more people ignore the polls the parties hire more researchers and advisors.

This obsession with money has led the Labour Party to court big business, traditionally the paymaster of the rival Tories. To make them acceptable to big business the Labour Party has dropped all of their socialist policies and even changed their name to New Labour, just to show that they have got nothing to do with the old working class movement.

The Tories have also tailored their image to appeal to the politically correct boardrooms of the City of London. They have dropped immigration control and law & order for free trade and open borders. They are no longer interested in the middle class with their tired old notions of patriotism and respectability. The modern Conservative Party of Dave Cameron stands for multi-ethnicity and youth culture.

The party leaders are not worried about looking ridiculous. They are keen to be seen amongst teenagers, preferably non-white, and they have exchanged their old school ties for tee shirts and their highly polished shoes for trainers. They pretend to understand jive talk and even attempt patois when talking to British-born black kids who only speak English. They ride their bikes from gig to gig and greet their constituents with “all right.”

The parties have abandoned their class origins and lost their way in a fog of pretence; there is no appreciable difference between them and their leaders are interchangeable.
They promise anything to get elected and once in parliament they forget about the punters. They vote as directed regardless of any legal or moral considerations. As H.L. Mencken said: “Every election is a sort of advance auction of stolen goods.”

Under a reformed system the government would be forced to respect the will of the people. All major decisions would be decided by referendum and all MPs subjected to a yearly general election. All voting would be electronic and instantaneous, and each vote cast would entitle the voter to a ticket in the state lottery and a chance to win a million pounds. This would encourage voting and force the parliamentary candidates to take an interest in public opinion.

Voting in parliament would be mandatory except on production of a medical certificate. MPs’ votes would be recorded and published so that the public would be able to see how they voted. Such a system would weed out the party careerists and keep them on their toes. It would also raise their stress levels and ensure a healthy turnover of candidates.
Those MPs who defied the will of the people would be sacked and those who did as they were told would keep their jobs so long as the people saw fit to hire them.

Jack Philby                                                                                                                   

Harry St John Bridger Philby also known as Jack Philby or Sheikh Abdullah was born at St Johns, Sri Lanka in 1885. He was educated at Cambridge where he studied languages and was a friend of Jawaharial Nehru later prime minister of India.

He worked for the Indian Civil Service in Lahore from 1908 and became proficient in Urdu, Punjabi, Baluchi, Persian and Arabic. He was married in 1910 with his cousin Bernard Law Montgomery, later commander-in-chief of allied armies as his best man.
He was an expert ornithologist who named several birds. He was also an explorer, an orientalist and a British agent. His son Kim Philby was a double agent who eventually defected to the USSR.

In 1915 he was attached to the British Army in Iraq and took part in the Arab revolt against the Ottoman Empire. After the Iraqi revolution of 1920 he became Minister of Security in the British occupation government. He worked with TE Lawrence but did not share Lawrence’s enthusiasm for the Hashemites. Philby’s plan was for the total union of the Arabian peninsular under Ibn Saud. In 1925 he organized Ibn Saud’s coronation and became a confidant of the King and a trusted friend of the Arabs.

He converted to Islam in 1930 and traveled extensively all over Arabia. He represented the Saudis in their dealings with the oil companies and was instrumental in setting up Aramco. He also established an oil export route to Germany through Spain prior to the war and apparently negotiated with Adolf Eichmann.

He struck a deal with Chaim Weizman and David Ben-Gurion to admit Jewish immigrants to Palestine in return for twenty million pounds compensation to be paid to the Palestinians. The Zionist leaders accepted the deal but no money was ever paid.

Jack Philby stood for John Beckett’s British People’s Party, an offshoot of the BUF, in the Hythe by-election of 1939. He stood for: “protection of the small man against big business” and declared: “no cause whatever is worth the spilling of human blood.” He lost his deposit and a few months later he was interned under Defence Regulation18B but released after seven months to resume his work as a British agent.

After the war at the age of sixty he returned to Saudi Arabia and married a second wife, a sixteen year-old girl allegedly from the slave market at Taif. Ibn Saud died in 1953 and Philby did not get on with his successor King Saud. He was exiled to Lebanon where he lived with his son Kim who was a British intelligence officer under orders to spy on his father. It is thought that Kim tipped off the Soviets about the Suez invasion of 1956.

He was reconciled with the Saudi royal family in 1955 and returned to Riyadh but on a visit to his son in 1960, whilst lying in bed, he said; “God I’m bored” and died. He wrote numerous books on the history, culture and religion of the Middle East. He is buried in the Muslim cemetery in Beirut.

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