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Issue 65, March 2010

Nation Revisited
# 65, March 2010 


The British National Party has changed its membership rules in order to comply with the law. Now blacks and Asians who support Israeli aggression, hate the European Union and have plenty of money can come to the aid of the party.
The BNP’s nostalgic economic policy depends on Britain selling manufactured goods to the Commonwealth. But we no longer make cars, trucks and motorcycles in any volume and the Commonwealth has found new markets.
Their foreign policy is supposed to be armed neutrality but they supported the ill-fated Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 2006 and the annihilation of Gaza in 2009. There was no British interest involved in these wars but they opted to take the side of the Zionists. 
They are out-of-date, xenophobic and deluded but their electoral performance might influence government policy. They took advantage of proportional representation to win two seats in the Euro election and they have frightened the old gang into talking about the formerly taboo subject of immigration. For that at least they are to be congratulated.
BNP leader Nick Griffin once edited an Odinist magazine called The Rune but he is now a Christian. He used to deny the Holocaust but he now accepts it and champions Israel. He has gone from being a hardliner who solicited help from Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi of Libya to a reformist who calls Islam a wicked religion.  It’s surely only a matter of time before he changes his mind about Europe.

Reforming Parliament
The Labour Party has pledged to introduce electoral reform in an attempt to revive interest in politics. Turn out at elections is so low that some polls are decided by less than 20% of the electorate. A fairer system would help but the real trouble is that there is little or no difference between the parties. We can hardly blame the public for not bothering to vote for candidates that agree with each other across the board.
Now that Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have their own parliaments it’s unnecessary for them to send representatives to Westminster. The House of Commons should be turned into a trimmed-down English Parliament and the House of Lords should be turned into an elected Senate to handle federal matters and to keep a tight rein on the national purse strings.
The Senate should be a non party assembly comprised of men and women who have proved themselves in industry, commerce and the armed forces. No professional politicians should be eligible. We must get away from the culture of spin, greed and corruption that dominate modern politics.
In a recent TV debate MPs suggested that their pay be should be the same as general medical practitioners. This is an outrageous idea. Doctors are dedicated people who study for years and work hard to save lives and relieve suffering. But MPs require no qualifications, they are not expected to work hard and many of them are incapable of doing a proper job.
Members of a reformed parliament t should clock on in the morning and clock off in the evening. They should get an hour for lunch but any member smelling of alcohol should be suspended without pay. And instead of linking their salaries to the medical profession we should pay them the same as an ordinary policeman.
Few of our current MPs would seek election if parliament was run on industrial lines.  Nobody thinks it unreasonable for industrial workers to be forbidden to drink on the job but we have come to expect MPs to be ‘tired and emotional’ during debates. We are used to them screaming abuse at each other like badly-behaved children. Let’s have meaningful reforms that will encourage sensible debate and fair representation.

From the Stop the War Newsletter
Nato's current offensive in the town of Marjah is being portrayed as a low casualty mission in the "good war" to get rid of the Taliban.
If you were to believe the news broadcasts, it's already a success. Since the assault was always intended to be as much a publicity stunt as serving any military objective, Barack Obama and Gordon Brown will certainly be pleased at how the media has snapped into line and acted as stenographers for Nato press releases.

The truth is, most of the few hundred Taliban fighters in Marjah vanished well before the much touted offensive began,  not being stupid enough to face up to 15,000 of the most  heavily armed troops on the planet.
Much of what we've seen on the TV screens looks like random firing into empty space to give the cameras footage for the evening news bulletins.

But with very few enemy to engage it wasn't long -- two days in fact-- before tragedy struck when a missile attack looking for Taliban to kill managed to slaughter 12 civilians, five of them children -- the very people this war was supposedly tailored to keep out of harm's way.

The attack on Marjah is no different from the numerous other Nato "clear, hold and build" missions -- except in the amount of media ballyhoo.

And there's no reason why this should be different in the outcome, with the Taliban withdrawing tactically and biding  its time, before infiltrating back into the town, once the overblown Operation Moshtarak, and its accompanying media  circus, has moved on to some other flashpoint of resistance to  foreign occupation.

The only reason the invading armies continue fighting a war that cannot be won is in the hope that some escape route can be found, from Obama and Brown's "war of necessity", which will leave intact the credibility of the Western powers’ ability to invade other countries with impunity.
The deaths of the 12 civilians this weekend is a brutal reminder of the heavy price many Afghans will pay in the months and years to come to save the face of those responsible for prosecuting a futile and unjustifiable war.
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e-mail from Martin Webster

Dear Bill

Thanks for the latest 'Nation Revisited'.

Your assertion that Thatcher "was overruled by Conservative Central Office" is not correct.

She was confronted by her Home Secretary Willie Whitelaw, a notorious liberal/multi-racialist, almost immediately after The Tories' 1979 general election win. Whitelaw warned her that unless she dropped her anti-immigration line he "would consider his position" as her Home Secretary. She could not afford to have such a crisis so soon after gaining power. As she notoriously remarked at a Tory conference (in order to show that her relationship with Whitelaw was tickety-boo): "Every prime minister needs as Willie".

Her wet Willie had been 'wound-up' to pressure Thatcher to back down by one Neville Nagler who, at that time was the senior Home Office mandarin in charge of race relations matters. He was known to have top-level contact with the Jewish community and was a leading member of the Pinner Synagogue.

Nagler boasted that he had drafted ALL speeches having a bearing on race relations issues made by all home secretaries (Labour and Conservative) during his period as Home Office race relations supremo. He made this boast to the late Lady Birdwood, whose anti-immigration protest deputations he occasionally received in his office.

As footnotes, you may care to know:

(1) Upon his retirement from the civil service Nagler was immediately recruited to the Board of Deputies of British Jews to be its Executive Director. The Board drafted the first version of the Race Relations Act in the early 1950s under the title "The Group Libel Bill" and has been principally responsible for initiating and promoting all revisions to the Act ever since.

(2) It was almost certainly Nagler who finessed the approval of the Home Office for the Metropolitan Police and the Greater Manchester Police to provide training and intelligence liaison facilities with the Community Security Trust, UK Jewry's "security" organisation launched by the Board of Deputies in 1995/96 -- a wholly unique and extra-legal arrangement

(3) As a result of Whitelaw's confrontation with Thatcher that she agreed only a few weeks after coming to power to allow thousands of Vietnamese refugees to enter Britain. These people were for the most part members of South Vietnam's criminal fraternity and not -- as "sold" to the media by Tory Party spin doctors -- "entrepreneurs" fleeing Communist persecution.

Perhaps you might like to ventilate the above to your readership in the next 'Nation Revisited'.


How to boil a frog
At a packed central London meeting of the New Right speaker Steve Johnson told us how capitalism had taken over the world. He said that if you want to boil a frog it’s no good dropping him into boiling water because he will only hop out. You need to put him into tepid water and gently raise the heat until the poor creature is cooked. The super capitalists have treated us the same way, gently increasing the heat until we are cooked. He dismissed the idea that all capitalists are from one tribe, they are from every nation but united in greed. He went on to say that nations must strive for self-sufficiency in order to break the stranglehold of international finance.
The next speaker was Dr Tomislav Sunic the former Croatian diplomat, US professor of political science and author of Homo Americanus: Child of the Postmodern Age, published in 2007. He warned us that race and religion is not the same thing and pointed out that Europe’s Christian heritage is less than two thousand years old but our civilisation dates back much further. He criticised the Catholic Church for fawning on Third World immigrants to Europe and the far-Right for picking on Muslims when Jews, Christians and others are just as guilty of waging war. He reminded us of the terrible brutality of the English Civil War, the Thirty Years War in central Europe and the more recent wars in former Yugoslavia. When men fight over religion they forget their common humanity.
The last speaker was Jonathan Bowden of the BNP. He spoke with great eloquence about the Marxist influence on the Arts that has lowered standards to the point where painting, literature, theatre, cinema and music have all been diminished. He described how the extreme-Left had seized control of the universities and undermined scholarship. They have also tried to subvert science but the human genome project has thrown political correctness into confusion. The twisters of logic cannot disregard the evidence of DNA.
Each speaker was well received and the meeting was a great success. The New Right is an international movement inspired by Alain de Benoist. It originated in France in response to the student riots of 1968. In fact they are not right-wing but embrace a spectrum of opinions from traditionalist to revolutionary. They are opposed to globalism and defend European civilisation. Their website is:

There has to be a better way
The ‘experts’ from The Daily Mail and The Telegraph who are dancing with joy because Greece is in trouble are the same ones who failed to see the credit crunch coming. They are gleefully predicting the demise of the euro but they don’t seem to realise that Britain and America are also living on credit. All nations live by selling bonds. They live beyond their means by raising money with colossal Ponzi schemes that only keep going so long as the punters keep buying. If the gamblers think that the bonds will fail they will stop buying and the whole thing will collapse. Bernie Madoff is serving a life sentence for exactly the same scam.
Under our hallowed ‘democratic’ system governments are elected by the people. They vote for parties that promise them the highest possible standard of living for the smallest possible taxes. If politicians stood on a programme of higher taxes and a lower standard of living nobody would vote for them. So we elect governments that borrow billions to finance prosperity. Eventually the whole rotten edifice will collapse but until it does we will go on borrowing and hope for the best.
Small minded nationalists in Germany and their miserable allies in Britain protest at bailing out the Greek economy. They don’t say a word about the massive ‘reparations’ that Germany pays to Israel, or the colossal foreign aid budgets that they maintain. But they object to helping their fellow Europeans who have been shafted by democracy.
The smaller states of Europe have been hardest hit by the recession. Greece, Iceland, Ireland and Portugal lack industrial resources and the bargaining power that they bring. But bigger states like Britain, Spain and Italy are only just emerging from recession and France and Germany are not doing much better.
Despite the misgivings of the Euro-sceptics the nations of Europe still operate as separate economies that can be picked off by financial racketeers. The problem is not that Europe is a monolithic power but that it’s fragmented and vulnerable to speculators who get rich by making nations poor. The EU is trying to outlaw the exchange rate predators but the UK is defending them.
The so-called ’experts’ have been consistently wrong for years; they will still be predicting the death of the euro when it has overtaken the dollar as the world’s favourite reserve currency. These are the same pundits who said that the Germans would not be able to handle the economic unification of east and west.
The Greek economy is not big enough to bring down the euro. Greece will get her house in order and so will Britain because debt is a self-regulating instrument. Nations, like people, stop spending when they run out of money. But the underlying problem of deficit spending must be tackled. Governments need to make unpopular decisions but they are hamstrung by the need to be popular. There has to be a better way to run a modern state than constantly borrowing against future earnings.

From the Green Book of Colonel Gaddafi
If parliament is formed from one party as a result of its winning an election, it becomes a parliament of the winning party and not of the people. It represents the party and not the people, and the executive power of the parliament becomes that of the victorious party and not of the people. The same is true of the parliament of proportional representation in which each party holds a number of seats proportional to their success in the popular vote. The members of the parliament represent their respective parties and not the people, and the power established by such a coalition is the power of the combined parties and not that of the people. Under such systems, the people are the victims whose votes are vied for by exploitative competing factions who dupe the people into political circuses that are outwardly noisy and frantic, but inwardly powerless and irrelevant. Alternatively, the people are seduced into standing in long, apathetic, silent queues to cast their ballots in the same way that they throw waste paper into dustbins. This is the traditional democracy prevalent in the whole world, whether it is represented by a one party, two party, multiparty or non-party system. Thus it is clear that representation is a fraud.
Fears for the future
The UK has suffered so many changes that the British people have lost their signposts. Nothing is familiar to them; they no longer know where they are going or where they have been.
Those of us who grew up in the last days of Empire have seen our country transformed from a great imperial power into a multiracial American colony. We have enjoyed prosperity and wonderful scientific advances but we are in danger of losing our identity.
Few of us regret that politicians and leaders of society are now the subject of contempt and ridicule. The cap-doffing respect given to schoolteachers, priests and local dignitaries by our parents was sickening. But things have gone too far in the other direction; now the younger generation automatically disrespects everybody, even those who are worthy of respect.
The police claim that crime is falling but the public perception is that hooliganism is rife. The unruly behaviour of the Saturday night crowd is fuelled by drink and drugs and permitted by a society too craven to object. 
Immigration has certainly contributed to the disintegration of society but the majority of the young men and women urinating in doorways and throwing up in public are native born.
The right-wing tends to blame everything on foreigners, be they immigrants or political theorists. They accuse communism of undermining discipline but visitors to the old Soviet Union were always impressed by the well-behaved and patriotic Russian youngsters.
They accuse immigrants of selling drugs but they fail to notice that their customers are white as well as black.
We cannot abdicate responsibility for raising a generation of hooligans. Immigration and the politicisation of education have been contributory factors but the real problem is a decline in morals and manners. You don’t need to be a puritan to be shocked by modern society. Restraint has been abandoned in favour of self gratification. And far from being an exclusively Marxist promotion this obsession with selfishness owes much to Margaret Thatcher who famously said that there was no such thing as society.
Religion, tradition and patriotism have been responsible for countless wars and atrocities but we abandon them completely at our peril. People must be able to identify with a flag and a faith. These symbols are as important as food and water. The stateless, godless, leaderless ranks of the lost generation show what happens when we disregard them.

Commonsense on race
The Labour government’s prosecution of the BNP has revived the debate on race and nationality. Mosley recognised the reality of race. In May 1948 he stated:
“Race is the first reality of European Union. The rest is mostly words. This unique stock of men in Europe has produced the culture, the values and the achievement of the West. This race, in their family of Europe, has produced most things that matter on this globe. Therefore I affirm the fact that the first reality and rock foundation of European Union is race.” 
But he was no crude racist. In his 1961 book Mosley Right or Wrong he answered the question: “Would you describe yourselves (Union Movement) as a racialist party?” 
“No, because racialism is usually taken to mean that one race dominates others, and we believe that all races should be free to develop their own civilisations. We believe in the principle: Live and let live.” 
It’s perfectly possible to believe in ethnic conservation without being offensive. Legislation will not change people’s opinions or soften the hearts of bigots. Non-European immigration is a major concern throughout the West. Economic refugees from Africa and Asia are pouring into Europe and Mexicans are taking over vast tracts of the United States.
This is not a racist fantasy but a demonstrable fact. The people of Europe and America have every right to discuss immigration and government attempts to silence debate will not succeed.
Immigration can stimulate the economy and redress declining populations. But it also drives down wages and destroys businesses by unfair competition.  A country like Britain that cannot feed itself has to import food to feed immigrants and oil to heat their homes and power their cars. They may pay taxes but they also receive state benefits and pensions. 
The argument that we need immigrants is unconvincing but if we must import workers let them be Europeans who can be easily assimilated into British society. It is not racist to favour your own kind and to want to preserve your own culture. And it doesn’t help race relations to criminalise debate.
Faced with discontent at the coming election Labour and Tory politicians will not hesitate to promise immigration controls. They are not above a bit of racism when it suits them. Margaret Thatcher scuttled the National Front in 1979 by saying that she understood people’s fears of “being swamped.” Gordon Brown leads a government that imported millions of immigrants but that doesn’t stop him from talking about “British jobs for British workers.” Surely the public will not fall for it again?

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