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Nation Revisited # 133, November 2017

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We Are What We Are

Whatever happens in the next few years our future will be linked to Europe. Our language and culture are European and even our Royal Family is German. The Little Englanders have won the referendum but they cannot shift our geographical location or rewrite history.

People were seduced by The Sun and The Daily Mail. We were told that Poles and Romanians and living on benefits. In fact, most of them are working hard and half of our immigrants are non-Europeans from the Commonwealth. 

We are what we are. Until the British Nationality Act of 1948, we were a totally European nation by race but our politicians decided to import labour from the Commonwealth and now 12% of our population is of non-European origin. If we stopped immigration tomorrow we would still have millions of black and brown people who were born here or have lived here for a long time.

Many people are reluctant to accept the changes to our population. They cling to the fantasy of repatriation and they ignore our growing mixed-race population. But most people are more realistic. They can tell the difference between the mindless thugs who burned down Croydon town centre a few years ago from those who make a positive contribution to society.

We are all sick of being blown up and intimidated by so-called refugees and asylum seekers. Dole scroungers, terrorists, drug dealers, pimps and child abusers should be imprisoned or deported, but hard-working immigrants and their descendants who make an effort to assimilate should be respected. This is not a matter of 'selling out' but plain common sense.

Maxwell Knight, MI5's Greatest Spymaster

The British Fascists were founded in 1923 to defend Britain against a Communist Revolution. They attracted Patriots such as William Joyce, and Maxwell Knight who did not see the State as their enemy. Maxwell Knight joined MI5 in 1931 and began recruiting his fellow fascists. When Oswald Mosley founded his British Union of Fascists in 1932 many of the BFs joined him, including the spies. 

This situation lasted until 1940 when fascism became the enemy and members of the BUF and similar movements were accused of being Fifth Columnists. Maxwell Knight had already proven himself by breaking a Soviet spy ring in Woolwich Arsenal. Now he promoted himself and his department by exaggerating the threat posed by domestic fascism. Following the arrest of Tyler Kent and Anna Wolkoff, he convinced Churchill to detain over a thousand fascists without charge or trial under Defence Regulation 18B.

"Much of that intelligence had been patiently accumulated by MI5 and in particular by M section (Maxwell Knight). The end of British Fascism had been made possible by the diligent, selfless work of M's agents, including Eric Roberts, EG Mandeville-Rowe, Claud Sykes, John Hirst, Kathlene Tesch, Friedl Gaertner, Harold Kurtz, Vivian Hancock-Nunn, Jimmy Dickson, Helene de Munck and Marjorie Mackie. Without their intelligence, gathered during thousands of hours of painstaking and often boring undercover work, it would have been extremely hard, perhaps impossible, to execute the order in May 1940 to detain all senior British Fascists." 

Few of those detained managed to appeal but Ben Greene, a former Labour Party candidate and a member of the anti-war British People's Party, was released after eighteen months imprisonment when the evidence of Harold Kurtz, another Maxwell Knight agent, was shown to be false.

After the war, Maxwell Knight continued to run agents and penetrate Soviet Intelligence. He was a strange character who was married three times but had a horror of sex. He collected animals all his life and ended his days as a respected naturalist and TV presenter.

In his new book 'Maxwell Knight, MI5's Greatest Spymaster' Henry Hemming tells the story of a man who would not hesitate to put his friends in danger. Many of them were sent to prison and some of them were executed.

Hemming rehashes the rumour that William Joyce's razor scar was inflicted by an Irish woman. The attack on Joyce at Lambeth Baths was reported to the police at the time and there is no doubt that it was done by a communist thug. Incidentally, Lambeth Baths are in Lambeth not in Battersea, and Bromley is in South London not in the East End. 

'Maxwell Knight, MI5's Greatest Spymaster' is available from Amazon. 

The Press

The euro referendum was won by The Daily Mail and The Sun. The power of the mass media is being challenged by the rise of the Internet and satellite broadcasting but it's still mighty powerful. Newspapers should be used to educate and inform but all too often they pander to the basest instincts of their readers.

Some of the anti-Polish propaganda that was put out by the popular Press during the referendum campaign bordered on incitement to violence. If they had written the same hateful nonsense about Blacks or Asians they would certainly have been prosecuted.

They convinced their readers that immigration could only be controlled by leaving the EU, but we are now being told by senior members of the Government that we will continue to import foreign labour for years to come. 

The case of the baby Charlie Gard was another example of disgraceful journalism The poor little boy had no chance of survival but his distraught parents were encouraged to believe that he could be saved by unscrupulous newspapers.

They have spread unfounded allegations about prominent people and damaged the reputations of innocent men. When ordered by the courts to pay compensation they do so but the damage is already done. They rely on defamation to titillate the public and make little effort to arrive at the truth. 

In our media-driven society, emotion trumps logic and the masses are misled by false propaganda. The proprietors of the gutter press are responsible for lowering standards and promoting jingoism. They glorify war, distort the truth, and spread confusion. They are entirely reprehensible.

A reader accused me of ignoring Richard Branson. When I replied that I knew nothing about the man, he gave me a copy of the Daily Mail featuring a two-page critique of Branson by Quentin Letts. The article accused the entrepreneur of self-promotion and complained that Virgin Trains received a subsidy - just like every other railway company. It was a typical Daily Mail production - all opinion and no evidence. Quentin Letts has written for most of the newspapers but he has found his natural home in the Daily Mail; probably the worst newspaper in the world. 

The  Prime Atrocity - Frank Walsh

For ages, by  fairy or factual stories as the Trojan Horse, the betrayal of Jesus by Judas, the Fall of Rome etc. it has been the desire of humanity's socially aware forebears, often at the cost of being scorned, tortured, murdered, to try to warn their living kin and offspring { e.g. Utopia yearning youth. } against being lured by utopias and harnessed as shock troops by Folk Traitors and alien usurpers who use their utopic carrots to lure their victims, notably  the native idealists', to do the donkey work of putting alien parasites and their flunkey Folk Traitors into power by being conned cannon and factory fodder who are taken-in by aliens’ beguiling grins etc., to enslave themselves and kin by wrecking their forebears' fought for and wrought economic, political and cultural social ideas, meant to ensure their offsprings' security, prosperity and continuity of their social authority over their destiny for eternity.

Such a social Warner was the 18th c. poet John Scott in this poem: I hate that drum`s discordant sound. Parading round, and round, and round. To thoughtless youth it pleasure yields. And lures from cities and from fields. To sell their liberty for charms. Of tawdry lace and glittering arms. And when Ambition`s voice commands. To march and fight and fall in foreign lands. I hate that drums discordant sound. Parading round, and round, and round. To me, it talks of ravaged plains. And burning towns, and ruined swains. And mangled limbs, and dying groans. And widows tears, and orphans groans. And all that Misery`s hand bestows. To fill the catalogue of human woes.

Another Warner was  Marcus Tullius Cicero { 106 - 43 B.C. murdered on Antony's order } a Roman statesman and chronicler who, thru analysis of his learnt social mechanics of history, tried to warn his kith-kin of their sure extinction thru the growing chaotic running of their country by loose living rulers, who feeling secure in their ivory towers of power, fell easy victims to the Brutus cajoling and stab in the back wily money lenders who need to secure the usury interests they live on, so they naturally seek total political and cultural power to bleed till dead the native folk to secure their parasitical luxury living.

So, as now, they acted as undermining agent provocateurs, who as one Zionist nation use their world widespread international finances etc. to destroy other nations' economies and so political security and independence.  At the same time, their rising power attracts and recruits each Folk's scum of traitor turncoats and stooges to make covert columns of mercenary Folk Traitors and their toady collaborators  to cause  wars etc. with the hideous deaths of millions of victims who in life, as most of today's folk do, jeered, attacked and betrayed - as they did Jesus - those who tried to save them from being hideous corpses or the WHY WE ? wailing, hideously mutilated victims of their negative social attitudes inevitably made holocaustic wars, in which millions of innocent children suffer, for their meek parents rather flunky bow to dissolute and dictatorial rulers than have the guts to unite and smite the parasites.

So, never only blame the leechers for poverty or wars, also blame the toady dolts they favour breeding to keep them fulfilling for the Zionists', their puppet Churchill's dream of an aristocrats' democracy built on self-reproductive, wholly obedient, robotized slaves, who historically have been farmyard selectively bred from those with the least genetic drive to question their masters` orders etc. and now can be much faster bred, easier brain programmed and efficiently job type selected thru genetic engineering to be the best docile robotry.  Who as dodos trust the invading refugees, who when grown slaughter them.

                                      Frank Walsh

Government by Experts

Under our Cabinet system of government, a minister is appointed for each function of the State. We have a Minister of Health, a Minister of Education, and so on. From time to time they are shuffled into different positions but their civil servants remain in place. The ministers do not need any experience. The Foreign Secretary does not need to speak several languages or understand foreign affairs. And the Defence Minister does not need to be an old soldier. Anyone can do any job because they are advised by civil servants who know what they are doing.

When we vote at a general election we elect a cast of actors who play their parts. If they are good at remembering their scripts they appear on TV spouting well-rehearsed lines about nuclear power or the state of the drains, and if they get caught out by a difficult question they have lots of tricks to get them through the interview.

It would be sensible for Ministers to be qualified. The Minister of Defence should be a military man, the Minister of Health should be a doctor, and the Minister of Education should be a teacher. They should be appointed for the life of the parliament and only replaced if they dropped dead or were sacked. But under the existing system, a Minister only needs a good set of teeth and the ability to smile in the face of adversity.

Dave Cameron was just such a politician. He fitted the bill so perfectly that they made him Prime Minister. In his short but eventful career, he helped to destroy the regime of Muammar Gaddafi, that was protecting Europe from sub-Saharan invasion. He picked a fight with the European Union, called an unnecessary referendum, lost his job, effectively devalued the pound by twenty percent and retired to count his money and write his memoirs. 

We might think that a particular Cabinet Minister really knows his stuff but his strings are pulled by a technocrat who has never been elected by anyone. The Cabinet system is just another democratic deception.

The End of Oil

Seventy percent of oil production is currently used to power petrol and diesel vehicles but they will be phased out and replaced by electric motors in the near future. 

Britain fought the First World War partly to steal the Middle East oil fields from the Turks. Germany invaded the Soviet Union to steal the Caucasus oil fields from the Russians. And the Japanese were forced into war by an American oil embargo.

In each case, the real intentions of the belligerents were disguised by jingoism. Britain promised to liberate the Arabs from the Ottoman Empire and used Lawrence of Arabia to lead the fight. Adolf Hitler presented his disastrous invasion of Russia as a war against Bolshevism. And the Japanese-led Greater South East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere was really an old-fashioned colonial empire.

The big oil companies used their influence to discourage alternative energy sources. Andrew Fountaine (pictured) the author of 'The Meaning of an Enemy' was an expert on hydrogen power but his research was shelved. And it's suspected that Prohibition in America was designed to ban the production of alcohol which competed with gasoline. 

The decline of the oil industry will change the world. Scottish Independence has been postponed by the drop in oil prices. We have already seen the collapse of the Venezuelan economy and other oil states such as Nigeria and Saudi Arabia are scrambling to reorganise themselves. 

It's tempting to blame all the troubles of the world on conspiracies but nations are driven by economic forces and technological developments.

Nationalism Knows no Limits

The unofficial referendum in the Catalan region of Spain has revived the separatist idea. Similar movements in Britain, Italy, France and Belgium are agitating for 'independence' and Britain's detachment from the European Union is part of the same nationalist agenda.

The trouble is that nationalism knows no limits. If the UK secedes from the EU there is no reason to think that it will stop there. Scotland and Wales already have separatist movements and Northern Ireland is torn between Britain and Ireland. There are also separatist movements in Cornwall and the Shetland Islands. 

If the separatists succeed Europe will be reduced to a patchwork of mini-states. The only way that we can survive is through unity. A hundred years ago Europeans dominated the world but now we are outnumbered by Africans and Asians and our home continent is threatened with invasion. The last thing we need is to split and splinter into ever decreasing units.

There is no point in fragmentation. Catalonia and Scotland already have their own parliaments and police forces; they do not need their own armies and all the paraphernalia of statehood. The only way a state can achieve genuine independence is through economic and military self-sufficiency. Only united Europe can feed and defend itself and protect the ancient languages and cultures of small nations. The Catalans, the Scots, and all the peoples of Europe will be represented in the coming United States of Europe. 

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