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Nation Revisited # 141, July 2018

Boer Lives Matter – Kerry Bolton.

What the ANC and its allies have been aiming for since their assumption to power is about to take place – the confiscation of White farms without compensation. It is part of a process of White dispossession. 82,000 Whites live in poverty (2011 statistics). Some 80 squatter camps mainly of Afrikaners have cropped up. There are those who say that this is just retribution for ‘apartheid’. Julius Malema, who introduced the motion to confiscate White farmland, said there would be no compensation ‘for the criminals who stole our land'.
The mainly Dutch migrants who formed the basis of the Afrikaner people settled at the Cape in 1652. They encountered roaming Bushmen and Hottentots who were engaged in bloody conflict. Migrating Dutch and Xhosa met each other around 1700. There were no widespread Xhosa settlements. What areas the Xhosa had remained as homeland areas under apartheid. The Afrikaner did not confiscate Xhosa lands.
The Afrikaner, wanting to live in peace, migrated (The Great Trek) during the 1830s to be free of British rule. They founded the Free State and the Transvaal, which also lacked settlements. Only Zululand in Natal was settled. After a war started by the Zulus, with whom the Voortrekkers had a pact, the Afrikaners nonetheless left them in possession of Zululand. In the Free State and Transvaal, the Voortrekkers were attacked by the Matabele, but these were pushed into Rhodesia. Pacts were made between the Voortrekkers and various tribes that had been terrorised by the Matabele, and their lands remained with them.
The Anglo-Boer Wars erupted because mining monopolists wanted to secure the gold and diamonds of the Afrikaner Republics. The excuse used for British invasion was that the Afrikaners were ‘mistreating the Uitlanders’ (‘Outsiders’). During the Second Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902) women and children were herded into British concentration camps where 26,000 died of typhus and malnutrition.
The Afrikaners were largely a rural folk (Boer = farmers). Industry and finance were controlled mainly by non-Afrikaners, especially the Oppenheimer mining, industrial, media and financial empire. The Oppenheimer dynasty was always the biggest enemy of the Afrikaner people. When in 1922 White mine workers on the Rand rebelled because of the use of Black scab labour, this was crushed mercilessly by the Smuts Government. In reaction, an Afrikaner Nationalist Government was voted in, with support from the Labour Party. The policy of ‘apartheid’ (separate development) was evolved in an effort to encourage the self-determination of the thirteen different racial groups, most of whom had little or nothing in common. Of these, the largest were the Whites and the Xhosa each with about the same numbers. There is no such entity as a ‘Black’ South African, either before, during or after apartheid.
For decades the eternally persecuted Afrikaner endured the animosity of a combination of Communists and Big Business who used the same rhetoric as the British had used about the supposed lack of ‘human rights’ for the ‘Uitlanders’, to justify attacking the Afrikaners. On both occasions, it served as a cover for the control of South Africa’s wealth, and Harry Oppenheimer commented that Big Business, headed by his corporation (Anglo-American) was in the forefront of undermining apartheid, so that a rootless mass of consumers and workers could be created. Even Professor Noam Chomsky, the Left-wing icon, observed that the anti-apartheid campaigners were regarded by Big Business as ‘their troops’. (Chomsky, Understanding Power, 2002, 88-89).
The reason for the much-condemned ‘pass laws’ was to protect South African workers from the huge numbers of ‘Blacks’ who crossed the border for the better living conditions under the Whites, who expended vast amounts on ‘Black’ welfare, education, sanitation, and housing, and the development of the homelands; all now falling to pieces since the fateful year 1994.
South Africa is repeating what happened in Kenya with the depraved Mau Mau, and the rest of Africa. When a court ruled in 2010 that the ANC song ‘Kill the farmer, kill the Boer’, was ‘hate speech’, ANC General Secretary Gwede Mantashe rejected this. Julius Malema had led the singing, the same gentleman who introduced the motion to confiscate White land, with the ironic quip, ‘the time for reconciliation is over’. Since 1994 over 70,000 Whites have been murdered, including over 6,000 farmers, plus an unknown number raped, tortured and mutilated; although the statistics are debated and denied. Cries of ‘bury them [Boers] alive’ ring out in SA’s Parliament.
When a motion was introduced in the New Zealand Parliament to condemn the confiscation of Boer farms it was vetoed by Labour and NZ First. When a bloodbath results the New Zealand Government will be complicit.
Boer Lives Matter!

Life and Death

We know that at least 456 elderly patients were killed by lethal injections at the Gosport War Memorial Hospital, but we don't know how widespread this practice is. Old people suffering from dementia are difficult to manage but they should not be put down. We are commanded to "Honour thy father and thy mother" but we fail to do so. Winston Churchill supported 'Mercy Killing', in a letter to prime minister Herbert Asquith in 1910 he said:

"The unnatural and increasingly rapid growth of the feeble-minded and insane classes, coupled as it is with steady restriction among the thrifty, energetic and superior stocks, constitutes a national and race danger which it is impossible to exaggerate. I feel that the source from which the stream of madness is fed should be cut off and sealed before another year has passed." (The Asquith papers MS 12 folios 224-8) 

The Swedish scientist Herman Lundborg (pictured) was the father of eugenics. He was awarded a doctorate by Heidelberg University for his contribution to 'race biology' but he had a penchant for 'racially inferior' women and eventually married his cleaner, Maria Isaksson, a woman of Sami (Lapp) heritage. The Sami are reindeer herders that originated in Asia and occupy the north of Scandinavia.

terilizations of mental defectives were carried out in Sweden and the United States but in Germany, the Nazis went even further. Their euthanasia program started in September 1939 with terminally ill patients but soon included the mentally handicapped. Following protests by Christians, and the intervention of Bishop von Galen of Munster, Adolf Hitler stopped it in August 1941, but not before 70,000 people had been killed.

The Nazis and their imitators gave genetics a bad name but some of their ideas were right. Arnold Leese argued in 'Race and Politics' that our political views are influenced by our genes and this is supported by modern DNA analysis. The BBC website reported in 2012:

"There are many factors that shape and influence our political views: our upbringing, career, perhaps our friends and partners. But for a few years, there's been growing evidence to suggest that there could be a more fundamental factor behind our choices: political views could be influenced by our genes."

We can now fix genetic defects that have plagued humanity for centuries. And we can also prevent the birth of badly damaged foetuses. Iceland and Denmark routinely screen expectant mothers for Down syndrome and terminate pregnancies where necessary. There are moral objections to such procedures in the West but the Chinese are forging ahead with genetic engineering and they have already conquered Sickle Cell Anemia. 

The Arms Trade

The war in Yemen between the Saudi-backed government and the Houthi rebels is killing civilians as well as combatants. Britain is supplying Saudi Arabia with the Eurofighter Typhoon multirole aircraft and much of their military hardware. We are jointly responsible for the slaughter of civilians but as the world's second-biggest arms dealer we know that such deaths are inevitable.

The arms trade is booming. W
ars are raging in the Sahel and the Congo, the Chinese are putting down an insurrection in Xinjiang, the Burmese are driving the Rohingya out of Burma, Syria is nearing the end of a terrible civil war, Yemen is devastated, and the Israelis are occupying Palestine. In almost every conflict British arms and ammunition are being used, and we have won a £20 billion naval contract from Australia.

We killed civilians in both
World Wars when we blockaded German ports and destroyed their roads, railways and warehouses. We have always used starvation as a weapon of war. Perhaps the cruellest use of this tactic was when we confined Afrikaner women and children to concentration camps during the South African War. Thousands perished in the camps while our soldiers burned their farms. But we were not alone in this brutality, all the great nations were just as bad.

e should stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia but that is not going to happen. We hypocritically accuse the Russians of human rights violations but we are the destroyers of Hamburg and Dresden and no crime is beyond us. 

Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy, a sponsor of terrorist movements, and a de-facto ally of Israel. Saudi women and migrant workers have few rights and the Christian religion is banned throughout the kingdom. Compare that to Syria where a written constitution guarantees gender equality and religious freedom. And yet we sell arms to the Saudis and make war on the Syrians.  

Liberal Democracy

Conservatives believe in minimal state interference. They rely on market forces to regulate commerce and social responsibility to keep us on the straight and narrow. But history shows that people need laws to live by and police forces to enforce them.

The police in the UK were seldom armed years ago when people respected the law. But now that we have imported criminals and terrorists from all over the world our cops carry machine guns, automatic pistols, and tear gas.

The liberal democratic parties that have ruled Europe for decades are being replaced, Vladimir Putin has been re-elected in Russia, Recip Erdogan has been re-elected in Turkey,  Donald Trump makes increasing use of Executive Orders, and President Xi Jinping of China is installed for life.

The standard of living
in most Western countries improved throughout the twentieth century, people were able to buy cars and houses and access education and medical care. But the rise of global capitalism has changed everything. Goods are cheaper but manufacturing has moved to Asia and well-paid jobs with pensions are a thing of the past.

People are reacting to mass migration and global capitalism. Donald Trump has initiated a trade war with the rest of the world, and Britain is trying to claw back her sovereignty. But tit-for-tat sanctions are not the answer. Old-fashioned nationalism failed in the past and it will fail again. The future will depend on geopolitics and common sense.

Affording the Future

rogress has left many of us behind. In a few years time, we will have driverless cars and aircraft that fly us to Australia in a few hours. Industry will be run by robots and medical treatment from examination to surgery and aftercare will be automated. There is no doubt that we have the technology to make these things possible, the worry is how to afford them. 

It's now obvious that home ownership will soon be a thing of the past, a rising population and a housing shortage will make it impossible. Margaret Thatcher's dream of a property-owning democracy has turned into the nightmare of exploitative rents and homelessness. Governments of all parties have abdicated their responsibility to provide decent housing.

Global capitalism made people richer all over the world but it has now reached saturation point. I recently bought twelve pairs of socks for a fiver on Amazon. When I was a kid my mother used to mend socks with darning wool and a gadget called a mushroom. In those days socks were made by machinists working in mills and sold by shopkeepers and their assistants. Money was exchanged for goods and the takings were put in banks, which was staffed by local people. My purchase of a dozen pairs of socks would have helped to keep many people employed. Today, all it involves is a click of the mouse.

London is the capital city of a prosperous nation but its doorways are filled with homeless people trying to sleep. We have built a Welfare State but far too many people have fallen by the wayside. As automation takes over wages will fall and we could run out of doorways. Technology was not meant to make us poorer. We are capable of designing and building machines that can repair themselves but our social care system is overstretched and underfunded.

The great challenge of the future is to make things affordable but that can only be done by spreading the wealth of the nation more evenly. At present, five percent of the people own forty percent of the wealth. That cannot be right.

Civil Rights

The trial of Jack Renshaw and the National Action gang followed a number of outrages including the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox by Thomas Mair, and the Finsbury Park Mosque attack by Darren Osborne. Our new Home Secretary Sajid Javid has vowed to clamp down on far-right groups.   

The 'Free Tommy Robinson' demo in London on Sat 9 June left eight policemen injured and nine demonstrators arrested. But the annual National Front march to the Cenotaph is always orderly and peaceful.

Intimidation and violence are
unacceptable but people have a right to organise and demonstrate. It would be wrong to ban the Muslim religion in the UK because a minority of Muslims are terrorists and it would be wrong to ban nationalist groups because some of their supporters are psychopaths.

David Icke 

When David Icke says that reptiles have taken over the world he really believes it. And yet he sells books, appears on television, and addresses packed meetings all over the country. All of which just goes to show that some people will believe anything. The 'Daily Express' reported 18 Feb 2017.

"The former BBC Grandstand presenter, who famously came out as a major conspiracy theorist during an interview with the late Sir Terry Wogan in 1991, was interviewed for a YouTube video shown by channel New World Order TV.

In it, he cemented his claims that the British Royal family are descended from a reptilian bloodline.

Icke subscribes to the Illuminati conspiracy that a secret society of royals, politicians, and business leaders actually runs the world from behind the scenes.

But, he adds to this that members of the Illuminati, including royal families, and high powered business, and political families are the descendants of ancient hybrids between reptilian aliens and humans." 

Conspiracy theory has dominated far-right politics since the days of Nesta Webster and Arnold Leese. In an article in 'Psychology News' entitled, 'Paranoia and the Roots of Conspiracy Theories', Ilan Shrira explains the delusion.

"For one thing, conspiracy theories help us cope with distressing events and make sense out of them. Conspiracies assure us that bad things don't just happen randomly. Conspiracies tell us that someone out there is accountable, however unwittingly or secretly or incomprehensibly, so it's possible to stop these people and punish them and in due course let everyone else re-establish control over their own lives. Conspiracies also remind us that we shouldn't blame ourselves for our predicaments, it's not our fault. it's them! In these ways, believing in conspiracies serves many of the same self-protecting functions as scapegoating."
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