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Nation Revisited # 110, December 2013

It’s all in the Protocols

Some people believe in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. They think that a powerful group of Jews held a meeting over a hundred years ago to take over the world and that everything that has happened since is a result of that meeting. The Protocols appeared in Russia in the 1890s and arrived in the UK in 1903. They have long been exposed as a Tsarist forgery but car maker Henry Ford printed half a million copies because: “they fit in with what is going on”.

Conspiracy theory is like a religion to its followers. It explains everything and it’s an easy alternative to studying history, economics and politics. Instead of troubling your head about the causes of the First World War you simply blame it on the Great Jewish Conspiracy; “they” started it because it was part of “their” world plan.

When challenged over the suffering of the European Jews during the Second World War the conspiracy theorists will tell you that it was all part of the Plot; the Jews conspired with the Nazis to slaughter their own people in order to justify the creation of the state of Israel!

At this point we cross the fine line between credulity and insanity. From here on conspiracy theory knows no bounds. When I told a prominent far rightist that I had received an e-mail alleging that the Fukushima earthquake was caused by the CIA beaming shock waves across the Pacific, he said that I should not reject the theory without checking it out.

I was recently asked if I thought that Mossad, the CIA, MI5 or the French DGSE had bumped off Princess Diana. When I said that she had been killed in a car crash my inquisitor looked at me with pity. According to conspiracy theorists few prominent people die of natural causes and all post mortems and courts of inquiry are rigged.

Robert Maxwell and Bernie Madoff did irreparable harm to their victims but the greatest threat to humanity is Zionism; the preposterous idea that the Jews are God’s chosen people. This racist nonsense is supported by influential Jews around the world but the most vociferous Zionists are the so-called “born-again” Christians. Some Jews, like Gerald Kaufman (pictured), Israel Shamir and Norman Finkelstein, denounce Israeli aggression and support Palestine. But the Zionist lobby in Europe and America is committed to Israel and dismisses any criticism as “anti-Semitism”. Their latest target is former British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw.

Race and Culture

Race and culture are the major divisions of mankind. Chinese writing is instantly recognizable and so are the almond eyes of the Chinese people.

Arabic is spoken from the Atlantic coast of North Africa to the Persian Gulf and beyond; many nations united by a common culture.

The Polynesians are exactly the same people in New Zealand, Tonga, Tahiti and Hawaii. This great seafaring race populated the entire Pacific in antiquity The Maoris in New Zealand have adopted a British colonial culture that’s all about drinking beer and playing Rugby. In Tahiti they speak French and spend a lot of time sitting outside pavement cafes smoking Gauloises cigarettes. In Hawaii they are all-American boys eating burgers and drinking Coca Cola, and in Tonga they actually speak their own language and practice their native culture. One people subjected to many influences.

Cultures are produced by races but few races have developed in isolation. Even the Japanese had contact with the Chinese who were in touch with the rest of the world. Gunpowder was discovered in China in the 9th century and brought to Europe by the invading Mongols who won a temporary victory over the Hungarians and the Teutonic Knights at the Battle of Mohi in 1241. Once possessed of gunpowder Europeans embarked on 800 years of mutual destruction that culminated in the NATO attack on Serbia in 1999; not far from Mohi battlefield.

The Vikings are remembered for their ferocity but they were primarily traders who dealt in precious stones from Sri Lanka, Ivory from sub-Saharan Africa and silk from China. They used gold coins from Arabia and Byzantium and were represented at the court of Genghis Khan. The Viking runic script was probably based on the Phoenician alphabet.  Our mental image of Vikings as axe-wielding psychopaths is in need of revision. They did their share of rape and pillage but they were a highly inventive people driven by curiosity and stimulated by every culture that they came in contact with.

European civilization is sprung from related Caucasian tribes influenced by Christianity and driven by technology; a marriage of interdependent genetic and cultural forces. We have always had Jews, Gypsies, Turks, Moors, Lapps and other peripheral minorities but now totally unrelated refugees are pouring into Europe and nobody knows where it will all end.

Race deserves to be taken seriously but some people don’t know when to stop. Instead of defending European civilization they get sidetracked into endless subdivision. While anti-communist volunteers from all over Europe fought on the Russian Front the racial obsessives in the Nazi Party were measuring heads and trying to differentiate between Nordics and East Balts.

The population of the world passed the 7 billion mark in 2012. Our industries are polluting the atmosphere and the oceans, and we are running out of natural resources. The nation state has passed its sell-by date and liberal democracy cannot cope.

Europe has got more than enough outsiders to deal with. It’s time to call a halt to asylum and immigration and we mustn’t be defeated by the magnitude of the problem. We can send rockets into outer space and probe the secrets of the universe. We are conquering disease and transforming agriculture. We have the technology to allocate territory and resources to all the peoples of the world but we will achieve nothing by clinging to outdated theories.


It’s foolish to expect a party with a few hundred members to come to power. Small parties cannot compete with established parties funded by big business. If you want to influence events join one of the established parties. You will not bring down the capitalist system or wipe out two centuries of liberalism but you might help to frame a sensible immigration policy.

The pre-war BUF had 50,000 members, a charismatic leader, and favourable conditions but it was shut down by a wartime government with total disregard for democracy. In the seventies the National Front was able to stand hundreds of candidates and put thousands of marchers on the streets but it was sunk by Margaret Thatcher’s assurance that she understood people’s fears of “being swamped” by immigration. A few years ago the BNP had two euro MPs, a member of the Greater London Authority, over a hundred local councilors and active branches all over the country. Today they are sadly depleted but they are still talking about “when we come to power” and putting up candidates; often against rival nationalist parties. UKIP are the latest populist party to catch on but history suggests that they will go the same way.

The world appears to be moving toward some sort of democracy. The amazing power of the Internet has spawned insurrections throughout the Middle East and the UK parliament has thrown out Dave Cameron’s plan to invade Syria. Instead of politicians pushing their policies they are starting to listen to us. Barack Obama was saved from defeat in Congress by the Russian intervention on Syria. He has reached an accord with the Russians but he is still at war with the Republicans. The world has been saved from another war by the power of public opinion and the politicians’ fear of rejection. This could be the beginning of the end for our tired and corrupt regimes

The old gang parties have abandoned their principles in pursuit of power. The Labour Party was supposed to represent the British working class but they have driven down wages and conditions by flooding the country with unskilled immigrants. Now they are promising immigration controls in response to the rise of Ukip. And the Tories are just as bad; they represent the bosses but they will give concessions to the workers if their survival depends on it. All parties are influenced by their activists and a determined individual can change the direction of a branch, a faction, or even the whole party. The established parties used to believe in an “open door” policy but they are now calling for immigration controls. There has never been a better time for a well placed infiltrator.  

Keeping the Lights on

The rising cost of gas and electricity has prompted Labour Party leader Ed Miliband to promise a price freeze and persuaded Prime Minister Dave Cameron to abandon his green taxes. They seemed a good idea during the boom but we simply can’t afford them.

We cannot control the price of imported gas and oil but we have millions of tonnes of domestic coal. The EU limits coal-fired power generation but clean coal technology is encouraged and new plants are being built throughout Europe equipped with Flue Gas Desulphurization technology. At present the UK generates 33% of power from coal, Germany 42%, Poland 87%, Czech Rep 51%, and Greece 54%.

Margaret Thatcher shut down most of our coal mining industry to break the National Union of Mineworkers under Arthur Scargill. At the time coal was competing with cheap and plentiful gas, but things have changed and coal is now viable again. Nuclear power is far too expensive and nobody knows what to do with the radioactive waste. Wind turbines are unreliable and solar power is impractical. We must use the fossil fuels that we are blessed with.

Coalmining was a dirty and dangerous industry but open cast mining does not require men to risk their lives underground. Making gas and oil from coal was considered to be too expensive but with oil at more than $100 a barrel it is now cost-effective and China, Finland and the US are building coal gasification plants to exploit their ample coal reserves. Hydraulic gas fracking is another technology that is transforming the energy market. Where politicians failed science has come to the rescue. Aneurin Bevan said: “This island is made mainly of coal and surrounded by fish. Only an organizing genius could produce a shortage of coal and fish at the same time.”

Ryan Shaffer

Ryan Shaffer of the Department of History at the State University of New York is the author of “Long Island Nazis”: Local Synthesis of Transnational Politics - the story of Fritz Kuhn and the German-American Bund.

He is studying modern history and will be interviewing longstanding British nationalists during 2014. He can be contacted at:

Read your History (Originally published in Comrade November 2012)

British newspapers have reverted to the Nazi practice of dividing Europe into Nordic and Mediterranean states when covering the sovereign debt crisis. According to them the hard working northern states are subsidizing the lazy southern states. This takes no account of the fact that Iceland, Ireland, the UK and the Baltic States have all suffered severe economic problems. We have not had a bailout during the current troubles but we have resorted to quantitative easing – creating money that is not backed by bond sales. We are currently up to £375 billion. If this trick works it will give us a chance to recover but if it doesn’t work it will drive us deeper into debt.

This tribal division of Europe will appeal to believers of the Aryan master race theory. The word “Aryan” is commonly used by them when they really mean Nordic. The American economist William Ripley divided Europeans into subspecies and placed the Nordics at the top of the league table. This was developed by the German scientist Hans Gunther and enshrined into Nazi law by Heinrich Himmler. Jews were categorized as “non-Aryans.” In fact an Aryan is simply someone who speaks an Aryan, or Indo-European language. In Britain and the US it has come to mean Nordic but throughout Europe it means white. Spanish and Portuguese nationalists describe themselves as Aryan; and so do Iranians who come from Iran – the land of the Aryans.

The American anthropologist Carleton Coon revised Ripley’s work and suggested that Nordics are Mediterranean whites who have turned blonde due to evolutionary pressures related to vitamin D. Recent studies of blonde Melanesians in the South Pacific seem to confirm this theory. DNA has completely changed our understanding of ethnology. Stephen Oppenheim has shown that the UK was populated at the end of the Ice Age from the Basque region. This would account for the extensive Mediterranean strain in the British population.

The right-wing parties developed policies to suit the master race theory. They wanted to unite Britain with the white dominions, or form a limited European Confederation. But Oswald Mosley – who was never a right winger – embraced “Europe a Nation”. He recognized that the great artistic, scientific and social advances of Europe are not confined to one part of the continent. He was uncomplimentary about the Russians during the dark days of the Cold War but he never subscribed to the master race theory which he dismissed as “codswallop,”

It was Nazi hubris that led to their defeat in WW2. Heinrich Himmler was amazed when the Red Army defended themselves with brilliantly designed T34 tanks, MiG-3 fighter aircraft and Kalashnikov rifles. They were supposed to be primitive savages, not highly organized fellow Europeans who would launch Sputnik only twelve years after the Battle of Berlin. If the Nazis had read their history they would have known that the Slavs have long defended the West against the marauders from the East. Like all Europeans they are part of the family.

The post-war migration of non-European economic refugees has reinforced our sense of European identity. We can no longer afford the luxury of petty-nationalism. A Russian, a Pole or a Portuguese is not an alien compared to an African or a South Asian tribesman who has never seen a knife and fork. The people of Europe share a history, a culture and ties of blood stretching back to the dawn of time. We will not be divided by pseudo-science and political dogma.

Russian gas and oil together with German industry will form the backbone of the new Europe; an economic and ethnic bloc stretching from Galway to Vladivostok that will overcome all obstacles and herald the renaissance of European man.

Letter from Bill White – former leader of the American NS Workers’ Party

Roanoke City Jail, Roanoke, VA. USA.  August 27 2013

Mr Baillie,

I recently saw your editorial from Comrade republished in the newsletter Heritage and Destiny. While I agree with your general thesis – that white is white – your history is generally wrong across the board.

I don’t know you and I do not follow the idiosyncrasies of British nationalist politics. I do know the white movement often attracts people who say different things because they enjoy being different and, with that, annoying people with strange statements. I also know there are people with honest differences as well. I assume you are among the latter, not the former. So I write.

The tern “Aryan” applies to the upper caste – priests and warriors – in Indo-European societies. Each Indo-European culture, whether Nordo-Germanic, Celtic, Iranian or Indian, preserved the four cast system of priest-warrior-merchant-worker. These upper castes generally were Nordic in origin. Even Sumeria, an offshoot of a proto-Indo-European culture saw those they ruled over as “the dark haired people”. “Aryan”, or “noble people” – German herren volk – is both a caste and race term.

Mediterranean European culture was not Aryan. There are two major Mediterranean cultures in antiquity. One was the megalith builders; the other was the Phoenician-influenced Minoan culture, including Pelasgians and pre-Indo-European, non-Hamitic Anatolians.

The culture-bearing Indo-Europeans originated in Northern Europe and Scandinavia and founded civilization in two waves, both involving migration to and settlement in Central Asia. First were the Kurgan cultures and the Sumerian-Egyptian-Harappan wave of settlement. The second was the “Aryan” invasion of Celts, Myceneans, Hittites, Iranians and Shang Chinese, among others.

While Mediterraneans populated Britain early on, Celts conquered the British Isles circa 500 BC, followed by Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Norse, Vikings and Normans.

It is incorrect to say that Mediterranean whites are incapable of culture-bearing or are not capable of being Aryan – of realizing the spiritual potential of the upper castes. However, European culture did not arise in the Mediterranean people. Further, actual inhabitants of Mediterranean nations in the modern world are often mixed with non-white elements. Spain, Portugal, southern France, southern Italy, Greece and the southern Balkans in particular have been under Turkish or Arab occupation for centuries in the past two millennia, or have housed multi-cultural civilizations, from Rome to Carthage. However, Turks and Arabs are technically from different branches of whites, like Finns and Huns. So to call these people non-white is incorrect. But they are not European whites – more a type of mestizo.

Now, as to Mosley and German-Slavic relations; Mosley was a fascist – I think from the British Union of Fascists – you’ll concede that, and indistinguishable from a National Socialist during the period 1933-1939. Trying to divide Mosley and Hitler is nonsense and you know better.

Also World War 11 – “Nazi hubris” certainly did not lose the war. The difficulties of fighting the entire world at once lost the war. But what was the truth about German anti-Slavism?

During World War 1 the Russians went to war to defend Serbia based on pan-Slavic nationalist principles. Their explicit goal was to exterminate the German people – even though the Romanovs were ethnic Germans and the name “Rus” is that of a Nordic tribe. On this anti-German basis, Russia declared war on Germany.

During the period 1933-1939, the British in particular, inflamed Slavs in Czechoslovakia and Poland against their German populations. This led to the 1938 interventions in the Sudentenland and the 1939 war with Poland.

Now this Slavic-German warfare was wrong and stirred by internationalist forces to divide traditional societies. It was foolish and wrong. But it was stirred against Germany, and German anti-Slavicism was a reaction.

And I doubt anyone was surprised at the Soviet defense – wave after wave of cheaply valued human lives and cheap, mass produced equipment. The Germans drove the Russians back but were overwhelmed when they had to withdraw forces to defend Italy, and later France.

Attacking Germany, Adolf Hitler, and Aryan racial theory is annoying, not insightful. Yes you know about Mosley – and probably about National Bolshevism, Strasserism, and Third positionism too. So do we all! Mosley was good; the rest is junk that people pursue just to show they’ve heard of it. Maybe you’re passing through a phase – may be you’re mired there. I just hope you get out of the swamp soon.

Sincerely, Bill White.

Dear Bill White,

Thanks for the history lesson – both ancient and modern. Your interpretation is different to mine but entirely in keeping with National Socialism. I will publish your letter in my blog Nation Revisited and let my readers decide.    

Just a couple of points if I may:

Europe is currently being invaded and colonized by Third World immigrants, mostly from Africa and South Asia. We have got more to worry about than Germanic or Slavic culture, or where the Minoans came from. We haven’t got time for head measuring.

The last war was a disaster for Europe but it was probably a necessary step in the road to unity. I know you must have read Mein Kampf so I find it hard to accept you argument that Germany was driven to war by British propaganda. Wasn’t it always Hitler’s ambition to march east?

On a personal note, I have followed your political career with interest and been amazed at the level of persecution you have suffered for your beliefs. I hope you will soon be restored to liberty.

And as a matter of clarification I am 68 years old and have been involved in patriotic politics since I was 14. I don’t think that it’s a phase I’m going through. I am not interested in Strasserism, Hitlerism, or any of the creeds of the thirties. I follow the post-war ideas of Oswald Mosley as outlined in his book The Alternative. I am trying to defend European civilization at home and abroad.

Best wishes. Bill Baillie

Bill White’s former website can still be accessed by visiting Wayback Machine at and going to  It started in June 1998 supporting the Utopian Anarchist Party, it moved on to the Libertarian Socialist Party and finally became the American National Socialist Workers Party. It was closed down by the federal government in October 2008.


Cat Weasel said...

I don't agree that the Protocols of Zion have been proven to be a Forgery
In fact to the contrary
I liken them to the Communist Manifesto
Both Agendas
All Jews are Communists
But not all Communists are Jews

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I also don't agree with this and now question about the theory of conspiracy who did with whom it is history now.