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Issue 95, September 2012

Nation Revisited
# 95, September 2012 

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Thanks to Rufus of the News From Atlantis blog for organizing our new website. This will be updated as each copy of NR is issued; usually every month. This newsletter is opposed to both Finance Capitalism and Communism and stands for European solidarity. We reject racial and religious hatred, including Zionism, but we uphold the positive values of Western civilization.
The London Olympics 2012
The 2012 London Olympics were a great success. The USA and China were clear winners and the UK did well to come third. But if all the states of Europe had competed under one flag they would have dominated the games with 136 gold, 151 silver and 174 bronze medals. The £10 billion extravaganza was a celebration of global capitalism sponsored by MacDonald’s and Coca-Cola. But we shouldn’t forget the lessons of history. The 1936 Berlin Olympics were brilliantly choreographed by Joseph Goebbels and filmed by Leni Riefenstahl, but ten years later the National Socialist state had ceased to exist. And when Leonid Brezhnev hosted the 1980 Moscow Olympics the Red Army had just invaded Afghanistan. But ten years later Mikhail Gorbachev was forced to withdraw his forces and the Soviet Union disintegrated. Let’s hope that our war-mongering plutocracy suffers a similar fate.
Real and Present Danger
With the backing of the Murdoch press the retrograde wing of the Tory Party is growing stronger. They have already rejected reform of the House of Lords and they are demanding a referendum on Europe. If they win such a referendum they could force Britain’s withdrawal from the EU. 

This would only be a temporary setback on the road to European unity but it would mean a return to the days before 1973 when we joined the old Common Market. We would still have a stagnant economy, high unemployment and a national debt of £1.2 trillion, but we would be able to wave the Union Jack and sing Land of Hope and Glory to our heart’s content.

In an “independent” Britain there would be no hated foreigners poking their noses into our affairs; except for President Obama and his radiant Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. She is responsible for enforcing US foreign policy on the rest of the world including their insistence on open-door immigration.

There is no shortage of right-wing Tories like William Hague and Liam Fox willing to collaborate with her. The Tories like talking about immigration but they always obey American orders. Any attempt to limit Third World immigration - which is 60% of our intake – would be vetoed by Barack Obama whose father was Kenyan. At present Hilary Clinton is directing the destruction of Syria but she would soon turn her attention to the UK if we went against her.
The real and present danger to the UK is uncontrolled Third World immigration. It will make no difference if we are in or out of the EU if we are overrun by the surplus population of the world. William Hague and Liam Fox are obsessed with getting Britain out of the EU but race and culture are infinitely more important than political arrangements. In our long history we have been part of an informal Celtic confederation, a province of the Roman Empire, united with Denmark, ruled by the Normans and united with Wales, Scotland and Ireland. We have survives all of these regimes with our DNA intact. But we will not survive the Third World invasion unless we take immediate action.

Anything you say will be taken down, altered, and used in evidence.
The Not Guilty verdict for PC Simon Harwood accused of killing newspaper seller Ian Tomlinson during a City of London demonstration will do little to restore public confidence. The police have been using increasing violence against political campaigners. The BNP Liverpool Mayoral candidate Mike Whitby was taken away in handcuffs by police who kicked down his door. The Liverpool Echo reported that he was suspected of forging signatures on his nomination papers. But electoral fraud is not a violent crime and there is no reason to think that he would abscond.  
When the police raided Colin Jordan’s North Yorkshire farmhouse in 1991 looking for literature liable to incite racial hatred they didn’t find any but a sharp-eyed CJ noticed that their search warrant was out-of-date. He sued them for violating his rights and accepted £10,000 in an out-of-court settlement.
The law is supposed to be independent but most courts serve the government of the day. Some judges served under the Weimar Republic, the Nazis and the East German dictatorship. They dealt impartially with enemies of the state be they Nazi agitators, “rootless cosmopolitans” or kids trying to climb over the Berlin Wall.
The police and the judiciary talk about democracy but their instinct is to serve the Establishment and that’s exactly what they do. When the German Army marched through Saint Helier the Jersey cops held up the traffic for them; just as they did in all the occupied countries.

Britain has finally admitted using torture and castration against Mau Mau insurgents in Kenya in the Fifties. They claim that the killing and torture of prisoners was authorized by the colonial administration. These crimes were committed just a few years after British officers had served on the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal.

The Israeli Defence Force is currently doing similar things to the Arabs in Palestine and they also claim to be acting within the law. All over the world vicious regimes are brutalizing innocent people under the pretext of law and order.

Jacques Offenbach got it right when he wrote Les Deux Gendarmes: 

We’re public guardians bold yet wary
And of ourselves we take good care
To risk our precious lives we’re chary
When danger threatens we’re not there
But when we see a harmless woman
Or little boys that do no harm
We run them in, we run them in
To show them we’re the beaux gendarme.
Commenting on the banning of a UM rally in Trafalgar Square Jeffrey Hamm took a more respectful line in Action of October 1961. He said: “Union Movement does not criticize the police. We know that they act on the orders of governments corruptly employing them (at the taxpayer’s expense) to pursue a political vendetta. The old gibe about “one law for the rich and another for the poor” has long ceased to be operative. As successive governments encouraged mass coloured immigration it was succeeded by “one law for the whites and one for the coloureds”; superseded again by “one law for Union Movement and another for its political opponents.” In the face of all such prejudice and injustice our position is clear and unchanging. We will keep the law until we can change it.”

Global Capitalism
The global capitalist system has given most of us a good living for many years but it has run out of gas and the good times are over. We built a social state on high taxation and borrowing but now our perpetually expanding economy has come to a standstill. In order to reduce our national debt we are expected to accept lower wages and pensions and stop spending money on defence, education, health, social security and all the things that we take for granted. But people will not willingly work for less or give up a comfortable life in exchange for poverty. They will only do these things if they are forced to.

Instead of trying to revive global capitalism we should produce our own cars and computers and let the Chinese develop their vast internal market. And instead of growing crops for European supermarkets the Africans should grow their own food. The present system depends on the buyer being able to afford the product. But we can’t reduce the cost of production because the farmers of Africa and the factory workers of China are working as cheap as possible. And we can’t give more money to Western consumers because they are taxed up to the eyeballs. The cheap labour system has run its course and must be replaced.
Individual nation states are too small to break away from global capitalism but the world has already divided itself into geopolitical entities. The European Union has been dogged by nationalism and undermined by rate fixing and short selling but it is still the world’s largest trading bloc. The Russian Federation stretches from the Baltic to the Pacific and is rich in natural resources. The North American Free Trade Agreement is established and the nations of East Asia are drawing together. These emerging economic blocs will transform international trade by breaking away from “free trade and open borders.”

Governments supplement taxation by selling interest-bearing bonds to pension funds and investors at rates dictated by the market. Individual states are vulnerable to predatory rate fixing but “federal” bonds backed by the combined industrial might of Europe would be a solid investment. The EU has now taken the first steps toward fiscal union by establishing a mutual fund known as the EFSF.

But politicians should be careful what they say. Markets responded immediately when Mario Draghi, chief of the ECB, vowed to “do whatever it takes to defend the euro”. He was supported by Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande. She had previously depressed the markets by saying: “no debt sharing in my lifetime.” Dave Cameron is always talking down the euro to impress his right-wingers but his negative comments damage the UK economy as well as the eurozone.
Britain cannot go on printing money indefinitely and those states being squeezed by the rating agencies cannot go on paying 7% interest. Europe and the rest of the world are in the grip of the worst recession since 1929. But every recession in history has been followed by an economic recovery. Despite the gloom and doom of the popular press this one will be no different.
Batman and Mosley
The historian Dominic Sandbrook wrote a double page Saturday Essay in the Daily Mail shortly after the Colorado cinema massacre. He linked the scenes of violence depicted in the Batman film “The Dark Knight Rises” with a new production of Shakespeare’s play “Timon of Athens” at the National Theatre, and public disorder resulting from the recession. Sandbrook is afraid that political unrest will lead to a revival of political extremism as it did in the Thirties. 

He recalls:  “Every week tens of millions of Americans tuned in to hear the crude rants of the Catholic “radio priest” Charles Coughlin, one of the most popular celebrities of the day, who claimed the Jews, Wall Street bankers and Bolshevik activists were plotting to undermine the American dream.”

The whole point of the article was to link the headline; “The Batman massacre was the work of a deranged mind. But I’d argue the film and a new play in London both warn how the West may be reverting to the dark days of the Thirties” – with a quarter page picture of Oswald Mosley inspecting his assembled Blackshirts in 1936. This “picture and caption” propaganda trick was pioneered by Joseph Goebbels.
When the Colorado shooting was announced we expected the assassin to be a far-right fanatic, like Anders Breivik or Tim McVeigh, but James Holmes turned out to be a non-political psychopath. Nevertheless Dominic Sandbrook still involved Mosley. The average Daily Mail reader will look at the picture and conclude that OM did the shooting. But Sandbrook failed to mention that the Daily Mail initially supported the BUF with their famous headline “Hurrah for The Blackshirts.”

In 2010 he wrote: “Britain’s empire stands out as a beacon of tolerance, decency and the rule of law… Nor did Britain countenance anything like the dreadful torture committed in French Algeria.” He should talk to some of the victims of imperialism including those interned under Defence Regulation 18B; or the castrated Kenyans who are currently suing the British government. The Mau Mau was a bloodthirsty enemy that showed no mercy but so was the British government. Britain was no worse than any other colonial power but she was never a “beacon of tolerance.”
The Colorado shooting was the work of a deranged young man with access to firearms. Similar atrocities have happened around the world. It had nothing to do with civil unrest and even less with a political movement that existed in Britain over 70 years ago. This story was a conflation of lies, innuendo, half-truths and inappropriate photos designed to grab the interest of the Daily Mail’s diminishing readership.

But we didn’t have to wait very long for a real far-right atrocity. Wade Michael Page a 40 year-old ex-soldier was shot dead by the police after opening fire on a Sikh temple. He killed six people and wounded three including a policeman. According to Fox news Page was a right wing extremists with a shaven head and a 9/11 tattoo. He probably thought that the Sikhs were Muslims.
Celebrating Diversity
Most of our readers are well informed and intelligent people who believe in social justice and European solidarity. They accept that global capitalism is controlled by the World Trade Organization and the central banks of the great powers. But there are others with more exotic ideas.

The conspiracy theorists believe that literally everything is controlled by a secret gang of plotters. They were originally supposed to be Jews and Freemasons but over the years they have been joined by communists and Muslims. The fact that these groups are mutually hostile is apparently part of their cunning plan. 

The head measurers are searching for racial purity. But history shows that humanity is made up of black, white and brown people that have been driven around the world by the forces of climate, hunger, disease, commerce and war since the dawn of time. Recognising our heritage is fine but obsessive subdivision is self-destructive.
The pagans want to dance naked around the rune stones in the pale northern sunlight of a cold winter’s morning. They have an idealized view of ancient times that does not include the overwhelming ignorance, endemic disease, grinding poverty, perpetual starvation, routine violence, insanitary conditions and early death that epitomized the good old days.

The Thatcherites are deluded Tories who have a false memory of life under the Iron Lady. The truth is that she did absolutely nothing about immigration and started the deregulation of the banks that led inevitably to the financial crisis of 2008.
The eurosceptics will only be happy when Britain quits the EU to be absorbed into the United States. They blame the EU for immigration, the loss of the Empire and the decline of manners and morals. And they reject economic arguments because they think that economics is a “left wing” thing that should be banned.
According to this paranoid nonsense “the liberal elite” are responsible for every terrorist attack, every run on the pound, and every job lost. People who are fed up with immigration have every right to vote BNP but the conspiracy freaks should get their heads examined. Mr Levy the tailor is actually too busy to take over the world, and so is Mr Patel at the corner shop. The local Masons meeting in the upstairs room at the Red Lion are doing no harm with their embroidered aprons and secret handshakes; and the last card-carrying communist died of incurable resentment and was buried by the Co-Op in 1999.
The world is run by the people that have always run it – those with the most money. Some of them are Jews and Freemasons but most of them are not. Revolutionary systems have been tried but they all revert to plutocracy in the end. We can build a better world by making education and medical care available to all. But we will never make all men equal.
Selective Compassion
Hilary Clinton is currently leading the gang of sanctimonious hypocrites who are crying about human rights in Syria. They have tried to sell the idea that the rebels are peaceful demonstrators but TV pictures of them fighting government forces with tanks and heavy machine guns indicate that they are well armed and funded. It’s a toss-up whether Hilary Clinton or William Hague is the biggest liar.
Both of them know very well that Israel has a worse human rights record than Syria. The UN estimates that 5 million Palestinians are being denied the right to return to their homeland. The Israelis are violating UN Resolution 242 by occupying Palestine and by stealing land and resources. But we have not heard a squeak out of the Anglo-American double act; they are too busy provoking violence in Syria to notice that Israel is a rogue nuclear state that threatens the peace of the world.
In the great days of the British Empire it was an established practice to appoint diplomats and administrators who knew nothing about world affairs. The Colonial Office distrusted academics and much preferred sportsmen. As a result the Sudan was known as a country of Blacks ruled by Blues. But the Americans value education and both William Hague and Hilary Clinton have got impressive qualifications. Their one-sided approach to the Middle East must therefore be a matter of selective compassion. The Voltaire news agency reports that up to 60,000 Libyans are fighting in Syria on the rebel side under Turkish officers. This is not a civil war but a proxy war supported by the US, financed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and fought by mercenaries.
The real power struggle is between Saudi Arabia and Iran. The Americans are only interested in grabbing Iranian oil and Britain and France are just obeying orders. The bosses of the American oil and defence industries are looking forward to massive profits from a protracted war with Iran. They made fortunes out of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya but they would really hit the jackpot in Iran. Of course they expect to lose soldiers, but they would mostly be poor whites and blacks from the South who would otherwise be unemployed and therefore of no economic value.
The so-called “merchants of death” pushed Europe into both world wars, but the population booms after both conflicts more than made up for the “collateral damage” sustained; and rising commodity prices brought massive profits. For most people war is disastrous but not for the profiteers. John Maynard Keynes was already a leading economist when he predicted events in his book: “The Economic Consequences of the Peace.” But governments infested with arms dealers and war profiteers ignored his advice and enforced the Treaty of Versailles. As a result Europe was plunged into another bloodbath.
Now another gang of greedy and immoral fixers and financiers are pushing for war with Iran. Dick Cheney and the neocons are just as greedy as Sir Basil Zaharoff who sold armaments to both sides during the Balkan Wars. These later day “merchants of death” have no national allegiances or moral compunctions. They camouflage their avarice with patriotic sentiments and talk about spreading democracy but in reality they are only interested in money.

The National Health Service
Americans cannot understand Britain’s devotion to the NHS. They think that everyone should pay their own medical bills and they are opposed to state-run health care. That would be fine in a booming economy but the world is currently in a recession and many people have no insurance or savings. A civilized society cannot let sick people suffer and die for want of money. It is the duty of the State to provide the necessities of life; work, food, shelter, education and medical care. Those who abuse the system and refuse to contribute must be weeded out but we cannot dismantle society because of an antisocial minority. It’s true that a social state attracts immigrants but few countries have seriously tried to keep them out. The USA and Europe have traditionally encouraged immigration as a source of cheap labour. 
European Socialists are opposed to globalism and usury but we strive for affordable housing, decent working conditions, free education and medical care. The private sector cannot provide universal medical care free at the point of issue.
Paul Barnes RIP
My oldest friend Paul Barnes has died aged 65. He was the son of pre-war Blackshirt Bill Barnes and the Godson of John Beckett. Paul was opposed to usury and uncontrolled immigration but he was not a bigot or a reactionary. The following article that he wrote for Nation in April 1974 gives some idea of the man and his politics. 

Social Issues by Paul Barnes
“Centrepoint Occupied by the People” ran the headline in The Sun; “The squatters consisted of a Bank Manager, Doctors, Architects” – all members of that elusive quantity “The People”. 

Thus we watched a major coup by the international left, well organized, well executed and guaranteed to receive maximum publicity with maximum public sympathy and approval. Sympathy and approval for whom; the ratepayers of Camden who have subsidized and suffered the dealings of Harry Hyams and company for so long? The young house buyer who has watched the cost of a basic essential – the need for housing – rise out of all proportion to his income? Or was it for Ron Bailey and his team of professional demonstrators, who far from caring for the problems of the indigenous population of Central London see it as a convenient bandwagon upon which they can expound the doctrines of the revolutionary left?
Surely if ever there was a cause célèbre for the radical right this was it; but where were we?
On the very night of the occupation some 3,000 of us marched through Central London protesting against the Common Market. To say that is not to suggest that the issues of the Market are not of desperate importance but to state that the social conditions of millions of our fellow Britons, and the struggle against the usurer, are of equal importance to the fight against the Council of Europe.

Any right thinking person must cringe when reading the Evening Standard headline: “Peter Hain to Lead The Fight Against The Motorways”, what does this invidious little school ma’am know of the misery of living next to the major motor routes through London, or once again, is the motivation behind community politics a convenient bandwagon from which to peddle international socialism?
The fight against non-European immigration is of national importance but the fight against the money-motivated road lobby and aviation lobby is of almost equal importance. I see little advantage in living in a racially desirable society in conditions of technological madness.

Who is better equipped to lead the fight against the destroyers disguised as progressives than those who love and understand their national heritage – the radical right? We must involve ourselves in social issues; it is the right who should lead the fight against alien usury in housing and the fight against technological destruction. Too long have the Marxists made the running in the field of social issues. We are involved in politics; why give the left all the good tunes?

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There is no need to thank me. It has been a genuine pleasure to have the opportunity to read all the issues of NR, and to help to get the information contained in them, out to a wider audience. I know that we disagree on some points, but unlike the 'No Platform' lunacy of the Marxists, that isn't a problem.

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