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Nation Revisited # 203 September 2023

Division over Ukraine 

Supporters of the corrupt Zelensky regime see the Ukraine conflict as a fight between good and evil. They blame Vladimir Putin for starting it and they want to go on sending arms and money to Kiev. It's ironic that many of them are conservatives or nationalists who are opposed to abortion, sexual mutilation, Black Lives Matter, and open-door immigration - all policies imported from America that are opposed by their perceived enemy Vladimir Putin.

An anonymous reader has commented that most of the far-right websites support the Ukrainians, as does Georgia Meloni the outspoken neo-fascist prime minister of Italy, who proudly stated: "I'm Georgia, I'm a woman, I'm Italian, I'm Christian! You won't take that away from me."

She is right about controlling immigration, improving Italy's birth rate, and redistributing the wealth of the nation, but she is wrong about the war in Ukraine. She obviously relates to those Ukrainians who welcomed the Germans as liberators from communism in 1941.

I agree with Prof John Mearsheimer, Prof Jeffrey Sachs, Scott Ritter, and Col Douglas Macgregor, that the Ukrainian conflict is a proxy war between the USA and Russia being fought by the Ukrainians. 

Donald Trump says that he could stop the war in a day if he was President, but Joe Biden and the Industrial-Military Complex are dreaming of driving the Russians out of Ukraine; even from Crimea.

We have been totally misinformed about the war in Ukraine. We were told that the Russians were stupid, cowardly, and fast running out of arms and ammunition. We were also told that President Putin was mad, suffering from cancer, and about to be deposed. None of it was true.

The economic sanctions we imposed on Russia are hurting us more than them. They have found new markets for their gas, oil, and wheat in India and China, but we have suffered an unsustainable rise in food and energy costs.

It's becoming increasingly obvious that this war is as unwinnable as Vietnam or Afghanistan. We are pouring money down the drain and the Ukrainians are sacrificing an entire generation for the sake of an American foreign policy that's stuck in the Cold War. Eventually this war will be settled around the conference table and Zelensky will flee to America or Israel; let it be sooner rather than later.

Fred Ponsford (Terry Savage) eponymous landlord of the Pig & Truncheon, Whitehall - 'Nation' July 1974

Looking through a copy of the Hornsey Journal that had been left in the public bar, my eye caught the following headline, 'Blatant Insult to Immigrants Alleged'. I quickly read the piece to see what terrible crime had been committed against our coloured brothers! And lo and behold not only had the racialist of Hackney failed to elect a black Labour candidate in a safe Labour seat, but crime upon crime his fellow Labour Party members had not elected him as an Alderman. It appears that immigrant leaders in Haringey believe that at least one immigrant representative should be found a place on Haringey Council. I always thought that is was the electorate who decided these things, but then perhaps I am just old-fashioned.

As I carried on clearing the lunchtime debris away I found on the floor a copy of the New York Times that must have been dropped by an American tourist. Right on the front page was an advert headed, 'Jews Don't Mix-n-Match'. Part of the text was as follows: "We hate no one, we look down on no one. Our blood is no purer, our genes are not better, we consider ourselves superior to no one. We love Jews and Judaism and want to preserve it for generations to come." Another part of the text ran: "There is no surer way to destroy the Jewish people than to marry out of the faith." I wonder what political swearwords would be used if anyone put an advertisement in the New York Times saying the same things about Anglo-Saxons?

On hearing the 10pm news that Prince Charles had made his maiden speech in the House of Lords on the subject of Sport and Leisure, one of my customers, Fred the master of wit and repartee, leering through his one eye, (the other being lost in the First World War while trying to leave a Paris brothel without paying), was heard to comment, "That's something he should bleeding well know about."

The other morning whilst having a quick half and a look through the licensed victuallers trade paper just before opening time, I noticed that with the news that the Methodists had voted to abolish the Church's policy of total abstinence, Allied Monopolies shares had soared. In a statement the Rev Lenin-Fosket, chairman of the Church's finance and investment committee says, "The fine new beers brewed by Allied Monopolies have enabled the Church to revise its policies and appear far more modern, progressive and democratic without deviating from our deeply held beliefs." 

Whilst consuming a breakfast of succulent marinated kippers, the tender flesh of which oozed with a mouth-watering mixture of wine, oil and garlic, washed down with a pint of Guinness, I noticed a small paragraph tucked away in an inside page of the Telegraph. It seems that United Nations officials in Geneva have ordered copies of Alexander Solzhenitsyn's book 'Gulag Archipelago', to be removed from bookstands in the Palais des Nations, the UN headquarters in Europe.

One can only wonder at the mentality of people who advocate world government as a panacea for world peace, when they are prepared to publish hate propaganda and lies about Britain, South Africa, Greece etc., but supress the truth about Russia and the Soviet system. It's enough to put one off one's breakfast, even marinated kippers; 1984 here we come.

NR: Terry Savage (1938-2011) was successively active in Union Movement, John Bean's British National Party, the National Front, the NF Constitutional Movement, and John Tyndall's BNP.


The news that Vsevolda Kniaszev, president of the Ukraine Supreme Court, has been arrested and charged with accepting a bribe worth $2.7 million comes as no surprise. With so much money being poured into Ukraine it's inevitable that some of it will be diverted into the private bank accounts of Volodymyr Zelensky and his entourage.

Benito Mussolini said: "You always get rats in a granary," and he was right. Accountants are supposed to accurately record transactions, and auditors are supposed to verify them, but they are only human beings who can be bribed.

Al Capone's accountant 'Easy Eddie' O'Hare turned State's Evidence and helped to convict his client. Predictably, he was shot dead in 1939. He was the father of Medal of Honor recipient Butch O'Hare after whom O'Hare International Airport is named.

An old story from the Construction Industry is worth telling. A property developer was alarmed at the rising cost of a project so he questioned his professional team. He asked his Builder: "what is two plus two." He replied: "It's difficult to say." He asked his Engineer, who replied: "given accepted tolerances it's between 3.5 and 4.5. He then asked his Architect. He replied: "blue with shades of pink." At last he asked his Quantity Surveyor. He said: "what sort of figure did you have in mind?"

Attempts to control corruption have not been successful. President Roosevelt gave all American politicians a rise so that they wouldn't take bribes, but that only upped the ante; instead of pocketing hundreds of dollars they expected thousands.

Even the British House of Commons is riddled with corruption. Every so often an MP is booted out for asking questions for money, or fiddling his expenses, and occasionally a minister is forced to resign for insider trading or outright bribery. 

Such matters ought to be handled by the police but they are as corrupt as the politicians. The Steven Lawrence murder was the subject of the Macpherson Report which concluded that the police were 'Institutionally Racist', but the word on the street was that it wasn't racism that caused the police to bungle the investigation but a bribe from the drug-dealer father of one of the accused.

Money, as they say, makes the world go round. 

Arab Racism

Tunisia is clamping down on sub-Saharan immigration following a speech by President Kais Saied (pictured) who stated that there was: "a plot to change Tunisia's demographic composition."

Libya and Egypt are stopping Black African refugees at their frontiers and Saudi Arabian border guards are accused of shooting thousands of Ethiopians crossing from Yemen.

The Muslim religion preaches racial tolerance but many Arabs hold racist views. The tenth century scholar Abu Bakr wrote: "The pale brown colour of the people of Iraq is the most apt and proper colour. Unlike the Slavs of the north with their blond, buff, blanched and leprous colouring, or the Zanzi and Ethiopians to the south; black, murky, malodorous, stinking and crinkly-haired. The Iraqis are neither half-baked dough nor burnt crust, but between the two." 

The following comment was posted on You Tube by an African living in the USA: 

"Arabs invaded North Africa in the 6th century (a good book is The Arab Invasion of Egypt) and have been there ever since. The Arabs in Tunisia are not biologically African; they just live on the African continent. Being African is not simply a geographical term; it is also a biological identity like European and Asian. To be African, you must have a distinct biological makeup, i.e., a distinct skull shape, eumelanin, and tight to loose woolly hair. To say Arabs born in Africa are African is like saying an African born in Asia is Asian or an African born in Europe is European; it is not biologically possible because to be Asian or European you must have specific biological makeup, i.e., distinct skull shape, tan bronze skin, straight black hair, etc.

I think more Africans need to study biology because it is clear that the Arabs and others know that biologically we are different. We are the only ones who say anyone born in Africa or with a drop of African blood is African. We accept everyone because we are the parent race of mankind. Our downfall is that we are too accepting; we accept too much, and we even try to force others to be what they are not. Telling people of other races to identify as Africans is like telling a bear to identify as a shark - it's just not possible."

Don't Forget South Africa

Since South Africa was taken over by the Blacks the Whites have been largely forgotten. We should not forget them because they are mostly of Dutch and British descent and they fought alongside us in two world wars. They are an historic European nation of 4.6 million, with another 1 million living abroad. This compares to 5.2 million New Zealanders or 5.1 million Irishmen.

White people are only 7% of the total population of South Africa but their contribution to the economy is vital. White farmers were being killed at an alarming rate until recently. The police were unable to protect them, but they have organised their own security and the murders have stopped. Of course, the Blacks are still killing one another.

Africans are being educated and they are trying to develop the country, but they are faced with corruption on a massive scale. The entire infrastructure of South Africa is breaking down; power cuts are frequent, the roads and railways are in need of repair, the schools and hospitals are desperate for funds, and the police and the military are in a state of chaos.

The fact that the Whites survived the changeover to majority rule shows that all is not lost. Nelson Mandela is regarded as a terrorist by right-wingers but he was a practical man who knew that South Africa needed the Whites. Many of his African National Congress comrades were out-and-out racist but he was not. Apart from the farm invasions and killings the expected bloodbath never happened. A million Whites fled the country in search of work as the Blacks grabbed the best jobs, but now, the exodus has almost stopped and there is a small but significant increase in White immigration. Who knows what the future holds?

If we had a decent and honourable government in the UK we would welcome White South Africans as refugees and give help and encouragement to them at home. Unfortunately we have a perverse government that chases out European migrants and welcomes the teeming masses of the Third World.

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Nation Revisited # 202 August 2023

Five Questions Answered # 25 Kenny Smith

Who Are You?

I'm Kenny Smith, Chairman of the Homeland Party. We are a new party intent on providing a new way forward for our Nationalist philosophy, but I have over 30 years' experience as an open advocate and activist for our folk. We are intent on  showcasing not just what is positive about our worldview but the quality of our people. Our focus is on community politics and winning back power for our people in our homeland.

What Do You Believe in?

I believe in self-determination for the indigenous people of these islands and elsewhere. For me, Nationalism is the only worldview that will preserve, protect and nurture the uniqueness of individual peoples. We have existed in these islands for over 40,000 years and this is our homeland. We have a right to political, economic, social and cultural self-determination as stated in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

If you could direct government policy what would you do?

Quite simply I would put the indigenous people of these islands first in all things. Initially the borders would need to be closed and after that, the first question on all matters would be "what is the best thing for our people" and that is what would dictate the action on every area of local and national life.

What are you proud of and what do you regret?

Honestly, setting up the Homeland Party is what I am most proud of despite having previously done much positive work while head of admin at the BNP and later PA. I have long campaigned for Nationalists to become the change they want to see. Our ideology is a positive one and we should be proud to stand up and declare ourselves as Nationalists. We are encouraging our folk to become leaders in their own communities and we have four councillors in place representing their neighbourhoods after just four months in existence. We must change the way Nationalism is perceived by the general public and only we can do that by being a positive influence in the communities where we live and work.

What do I regret? I don't believe in wallowing in regret. There are many things we would all do differently if we could live our lives again but that's not how life works. If we learn from setbacks and mistakes we continue to move forward. The work I do owes everything to the experience I have gained in thirty plus years of activism.

How would you like to be remembered?

Hopefully my passing is still some time away so it's not a question I have pondered. I believe I have built a reputation as someone who is honest and forthright and I have always done my best for my folk and nation. The intention over the next few years is to continue driving forward with the community politics strategy and ensuring many more nationalist are elected to represent their local communities. If we succeed my contribution to that will be remembered.

Kenny Smith

07828 489472

PO Box 2119, Kirknewton, EH54 0LL

Radical or Moderate: Two Approaches To White Nationalism - Seth Tryssen - White Voice March 2018

I'l keep this brief and general. I have to - thanks to the myriad of Draconian laws in the UK and Western Europe that prevent me from speaking the truth bluntly, which is more my style.

"White Nationalism" might be geopolitical or biopolitical. Or both. The first refers to the defense of our people in a given geographical country; the second takes the view that "our race is our nation."

There are moderates and radicals within each approach. Some are "moderate" only because they are restricted by law; so they stew and simmer in anger, but know damn well what the "real deal" is. It's either that or go to prison - as Alfred and Monica Schaefer have done, and many others. Not for committing some violent act mind you; merely for speaking what they believed to be the truth, based on their own extensive research.

Others are radical, and advocate radical solutions to the obvious problems. I freely admit, I fall into the "radical biopolitical" category. My forebears and predecessors here in the Dysfunctional States of America were radical geopolitical in their approach, resulting in the 1st American Revolution. You can be sure it was damn dangerous to say certain things back in the 1700s too. A few brave loud-mouths like Patrick Henry and John Adams took a terrible risk by being so.

IMHO, we face the same risk today. "Free Speech" is a myth - especially in the UK and Western Europe. Over here, I can get away with rather more - for the moment at least ... which is why I also offer a revived version of the Thunderbolt  

Whether radical or moderate', we White Nationalists MUST get along with each other, at least as a publicly "united front." We can dislike (fill in the blank) in private. The survival of our people is at stake, and no matter which approach you choose to take, "the survival of our people is not negotiable."

Nation Revisited: Seth Tryssen collaborated with Eddy Morrison, who was an old-fashioned nationalist, but he believes in European solidarity as passionately as his fellow American Francis Parker Yockey.

Editorial Policy

It's impossible for a monthly blog to keep up with the news, especially with a Tory government that keeps changing faces.

Dave Cameron, Theresa May, Boris Johnson (pictured), Liz Truss, and Rishi Sunak all appointed their mates as Cabinet ministers. We used to know the names and faces of these creatures but now they are fired or reshuffled before we get to know them.

We are further confused when they change jobs. In France the Minister of Health has a medical background, the Minister of Defence is ex-military, and the Foreign Minister is a former diplomat. Apart from Defence Minister Ben Wallace, ours are selected solely for their loyalty to the prime minister. It's just as well that their departments are run by senior civil servants who know what they are doing.

We used to laugh at countries like Italy where governments came and went all the time, but now Britain has become the international laughing stock. How can we expect people to respect us when we allowed Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng to wreck our economy? They only lasted a few weeks but they did considerable damage.

There was a time when Ministers of the Crown resigned if they were caught with their pants down or their fingers in the petty cash box. They have no integrity and they deserve no respect. I will therefore ignore them in favour of exotic figures from the past. Many of them have been accused of being spies and traitors but they are more interesting than the inmates of the Westminster Asylum. 

Sam Dickson 

I've often said that in my next lifetime - if there's anything to reincarnation - I want to come back as a Jew or a Black.

I'd like to know what its like to be a member of a healthy normal race of people instead of being part of a pack of suicidal lemmings.

This video is heart breaking...unbearable to watch...our world going down the commode.

My Aunt Natalee said that the normal world disappeared in 1914 and that people who did not live before 1914 could not imagine what a normal world is like.

Later, I had the good fortune to take Russian lessons from my tutor in Atlanta, Nataleeya (Russian for Natalee) Alyeksyevna Beklikishyena, who was a Russian aristocrat who worked as a nurse with the White Army against the Bolsheviks. She was 20 when the Tsar abdicated. Her uncle, who reared her because her parents died young, was in charge of weapons procurement for the Russian government in London. She and her uncle sailed from England to New York, crossed America by train and sailed from San Francisco to Vladivostok to enlist in the struggle against the Communists. He was a colonel with Admiral Kolchak and she, as I said, worked with the medical corps as a nurse.

I count it as one of the great blessings that God has showered upon my unworthy utterly depraved persona to have known her and through her the small circle of White Russians who ended up in Atlanta.

My aunt's remarks came back to my mind over and over again as I saw the pre-war world through her eyes and the eyes of her friends. This was an unforgettable experience, one that opened my eyes to a world that was gone forever. It made an indelible impression on me in my youth, something I have never forgotten.

White people are so stupid. It's hard to imagine how people believe in "White supremacy."

Most of the White people I know are unimaginably inferior not only to Jews but even to the supposedly dumb Blacks.

The suicidal and stupid enthusiasm of the people in this video shows the same thing I am hearing from moronic Southerners who are all excited about how " Dixie boys! We gonna kick ice..." ("ice" is the hick pronunciation of "ass").


Russia v Ukraine/USA/UK/EU/UN/NATO - Mike Whitby

I have supported Russia throughout, and I don't know why ANY of our people are supporting Zelensky and his woke anti-Russian, anti-Ukraine, anti-Christian Satanist army.

Anyone who has been following the REAL news on this for several years will know that the Russians are NOT the bad guys in this war. In fact, Putin has been extremely patient in trying to persuade Ukraine to stop its anti-Russian, anti-Christian activities, close to the Russian border.

Imagine what would happen if Great Britain decided to leave the UN/NATO, and one of our British Isles partners, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, decided to break away from the UK and became extremely hostile to England. And then took $ billions worth of munitions and built several chemical warfare plants within striking distance of England!

There would be no delays, or hesitation, and we would act swiftly to resolve that very dangerous situation; in fact far swifter than the USA over the Bay of Pigs stand-off.

Putin's speech of last October is long but well worth reading. That and many other items of information which have been exposed about modern day Russia, more than suggests that, far from being a hard-line Communist country, such as the old USSR, it is now far more nationalistic than most Western countries.

Throughout the period of the USSR, the Soviets murdered countless numbers of Christians; closed almost all religious temples (with the exception of Synagogues); raped and murdered many Nuns and Priests, often through crucifixion - which is not simply an attack on individuals but an attack on Christianity itself - and they did their level best to completely destroy Christianity. But they didn't succeed, as the Russian and Ukrainian people were and still are almost all Christians!

As soon as the USSR collapsed the Churches were rebuilt and reopened, and their faith was practised openly again, and the same thing happened in Ukraine. Not too long after Ukraine became detached from the Russian Empire and began copying Britain and the EU by doing its best to denigrate Christianity and importing large numbers of Africans and South Asians into Ukraine, against the will of the vast majority of Ukrainians.

Over the past year or so Zelensky (who is Jewish) has forced the Churches to close their doors (again), alleging that it was for their own safety, and the Priests and Nuns who refused were arrested.

Also, there have been several incidents where Russian soldiers who had been taken prisoner, were executed by crucifixion AND burning the crosses, and then filmed their actions while the victims screamed in agony. Despite the fact that Ukraine is still a staunchly Christian country, such anti-Christian acts continue to take place. As a Christian, I don't believe that any genuine Christian would choose to execute someone through crucifixion; unless they wanted to attack Christianity itself.

Just a few years ago Volodymyr Zelensky was a moderately wealthy Comedian/Actor, but since he has been President of Ukraine he has become a multi $ millionaire! As corrupt as most Western politicians appear to be, few of them have managed to amass such wealth in such a short space of time.

It is clear to me that Zelensky has sold his soul - if he ever had one - and is attempting to destroy Russia and Ukraine, if not the whole world! God forbid!

Comments - Leave your comments at the comments section.

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All articles are by Bill Baillie unless otherwise stated. The opinions of guest writers are entirely their own. The editor reserves the right to shorten or otherwise amend articles submitted for publication. We seek reform by lawful means according to the UN Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19:

"We all have the right to make up our own minds, to think what we like, to say what we think, and to share our ideas with other people."












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Nation Revisited # 201, July 2023

Free Speech

The UK government is using the Race Relations Act, the Public Order Act, and the Anti-Terrorism Act to restrict free speech. These Acts were brought in to protect us, not to silence legitimate dissent, but many people have been fined or sent to prison simply for expressing their opinions, and many more have been censored by the self-appointed guardians of the Internet.

The denial of free speech in the UK is not as bad as countries like China or Iran, but it's much harsher than the United States. Alison Chabloz (pictured) was jailed for singing allegedly anti-Semitic songs by Tory Home Secretary Suella Braverman. Remember that the modern Conservative Party was founded by Benjamin Disraeli who borrowed the money to buy shares in the Suez Canal from his friend Nathaniel Rothschild.

Ashley Sharp, a 42-year-old truck driver from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, has been charged with owning a book called The White Resistance Manual, and for posting details of his White Stag Athletics Club on his Telegram channel. William Tyndale (an ancestor of John Tyndall) was bunt at the stake in 1536 for translating the Bible into English, but it's hard to believe that in the 21st century a man can be imprisoned just for owning a book!

The Tories will probably be thrown out at the next general election, but the Labour Party will be no better at upholding free speech. Their previous leader Jeremy Corbyn was falsely accused of anti-Semitism and expelled from the Party for supporting the Palestinians in their struggle against Israeli occupation.

Veteran left-wing MP Diane Abbot has been suspended from the Party for daring to suggest that the transatlantic slave trade was worse than the Holocaust.

And the Guardian newspaper pulled a cartoon by Martin Rowson that poked fun at Richard Sharp the former chairman of the BBC who is Jewish.

Within the broad spectrum of the so-called far-right there are all sorts of eccentric opinions. In a democracy people should be free to believe what they like, even if their views offend others. The Tories are right to clamp down on promoters of violence and racial hatred but they shouldn't pick on misguided minorities, dissident writers, cartoonists, and singers.

Human Rights

The Emir of Qatar was criticised during the 2022 FIFA World Cup for his country's poor health and safety record and his strict legal code. This is unfortunate because the UK is a major exporter of arms to Qatar and a good customer for their liquified gas.

Many pundits thought the tournament should only be held in countries with good Human Rights records; but very few countries fit that description and political dissidents face imprisonment all over the world; Russia and Iran are particularly sensitive to criticism, the USA runs the infamous Guantanamo detention camp, and the UK is holding Julian Assange in prison pending his extradition to the USA on trumped-up charges of espionage.

But its not just politics that can get you into trouble. Indonesia has banned sex between unmarried couples and many African and Asian countries have laws against homosexuality; as did the UK as recently as 1967.

Then we have countries that ill-treat their minorities. China persecutes the Uighurs, Myanmar persecutes the Rohingyas, Israel persecutes Palestinians, Mauretania and Tunisia persecute black Africans, the Dominican Republic persecutes  Haitians, and so on.

All crimes against humanity should be condemned but If we cut sporting and diplomatic links to states with less than perfect records on human rights we would have no one to talk to, except the Scandinavians.

We aggravate the situation by allowing our national football team to make fatuous gestures such as 'taking the knee'. Perhaps they would be more successful if they forgot about politics and concentrated on their game? 

Whether it's sport or world affairs we should mind our own business. We are constantly reminded by our politicians that the UK is one of the richest country in the world, but we have people living in poverty, sleeping in doorways, freezing because they can't afford to keep warm in the winter, and waiting months for urgent medical treatment. When we have sorted out these injustices we might be in a better position to lecture the rest of the world on Human Rights.

The Late Richard Edmonds' speech banned by the German Police. Posted on Facebook by Lynda Mortl.

Friends, my name is Richard Edmonds. I am British and I have travelled here to Dresden to say that the bombing of Dresden in February 1945 was a crime, a crime that was committed by the British government.  As we know, in the final weeks of the Second World War, hundreds of British bombers mercilessly attacked this city. The blood of the victims stains and besmirches the hands of the government that ordered this dreadful attack.

It was Churchill's government which ordered the attack on Dresden. And it was Churchill's government which started the bombing war: the bombing war which deliberately rained terror, mutilation, fire and death onto the homes of millions of defenceless civilians, women, mothers, children and old folk. And the British government openly and shamelessly confirmed in the official history of the British Royal Air Force that it was Britain that started the dreadful and pitiless bombing war. I quote from the official history of the Royal Air Force.

"It was we British who started the bombing war which aimed deliberately to target civilians." End of quote.

Fact: it was British bombers which deliberately bombed the German city of Muenchen Gladbach as early as April 1940; in the early summer of 1940 British bombers repeatedly bombed the towns of the Ruhr district. The reaction of the German government  against these repeated bombing attacks on German towns and cities came only months later. For example; the notorious attack by the German Luftwaffe on Coventry came as late as November 1940.

The role of Churchill's government in initiating the bombing war and its increasing barbarism is clear. For example the leading British official and Secretary of State at the British Ministry of War, James Spaight, described in his official book, "Bombing Vindicated," and I quote:

"We British started the bombing war which was aimed deliberately at civilians living in homes hundreds of miles behind the fighting front-lines." And the British Secretary of State, member of Churchill's wartime government said that "we are proud of what we did": quote from "Bombing Vindicated." These are the words of the British Secretary of State and member of Churchill's wartime government. Hundreds of thousands of civilians fell victim to the British and American bombing war. It is of course a war crime for a soldier to aim his weapon at a civilian. The British and Americans gave themselves permission a million times over to commit this particular war-crime. And Churchill's Secretary of State was "proud" of what they had done. One sees the source of the cold-blooded barbarism.

In wartime Britain there were principled individuals who publicly spoke out and condemned Churchill's merciless bombing war. One of these brave individuals was the British academic, Charles Percy Snow, and I quote:

"The British plans to bomb and to destroy German working-class residential areas, were plans motivated by a deep sadistic impulse to kill thousands of women and children." And Charles Percy Snow continued, "What will future generations think of us Britons? Will future generations that we British forswore our humanity, they will have the right to say so." End of quote.

As a British person in the centre of Dresden here on this day of mourning, I would like to say that with all decency, the present British government should apologise to the German people for the crimes committed by Churchill's government and in particular for the sadistic impulse of Churchill's government to murder defenceless civilians, mothers and children.

Pan Europa and Practical Idealism

Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi is hated by the far-right for founding the Pan Europa movement and for allegedly promoting race mixing. He is certainly guilty of the first charge. He wrote ‘Pan Europa’ in 1923, a hundred years ago, soon after the First World War when empires were collapsing, and the map of Europe was being redrawn. He is not guilty on the second charge. In his 1925 book ‘Practical Idealism’ he predicted that the Europe of the future could have a mixed-race proletariat ruled by a Jewish aristocracy.

Coudenhove-Kalergi put culture before race, as befits a man of Japanese and Austrian heritage, but he didn’t promote race mixing. Europe in1925 contained very few non-Europeans. France deployed Senegalese troops to occupy the Rhineland, Berlin was home to a substantial Turkish minority, and Britain had a thriving Chinatown in London and an African community in Cardiff. Apart from that Europe was overwhelmingly European, and nobody expected the mass migrations from Africa and Asia that came in the second half of the 20th century.

In ‘Pan Europa’ RCK lists the adversaries of European unity, and one hundred years later they are still the same; Chauvinists, Communists, Militarists, and Industrialist protected by tariffs. The disaster of the Second World War, the rise of global capitalism, and the IT revolution have not altered this list.

The British Empire was effectively ended when General Percival surrendered Singapore to General Yamashita in 1942, but the fa├žade of empire lingered on until British and French troops were ordered out of Egypt by a furious American president, Dwight Eisenhower, in 1956.

The Soviet Union has been replaced by the Russian Federation, but the Cold War mentality persists, and Russia’s intervention in Ukraine has revived Western hostility.

Most of the Western nations have increased their defence budgets as retired generals and hawkish politicians talk irresponsibly about putting ‘boots on the ground’.

In the run up to the 2016 referendum we were promised lucrative trade deals with the rest of the world and protection for our farmers, fishermen and industrial workers. Unfortunately, none of these things have happened.

Pan Europa was the right idea in 1923 and it’s still right in 2023.

RCK is remembered because of a quotation from his book ‘Practical Idealism’.

“The man of the future will be a mixed-breed. Today’s races and castes will fall victim to the increased overcoming of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its features to the ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of nations with a diversity of personalities.”

His prediction is becoming a reality, but his critics fail to remember his devotion to Europe:

“Europe is the hero of the world; on every battle front of humanity, it is at the top in hunting, war, and technology, Europeans have accomplished more than any other culture in history. They have almost eradicated all dangerous animals; conquered almost all dark-skinned nations, as well as, through science and technology achieved such total domination over nature as never has been possible. Asia’s world mission is the salvation of humanity through ethics – Europe’s world mission is to liberate humanity through technology.”

‘Practical Idealism’ was only translated from the German by Dimitra Ekmektsis in 2019. Far-right writers have been condemning RCK for years, but few of them speak German and hardly any of them have read his book. It is published by Omnia Veritas which specialises in ‘revisionist’ material. The blurb on the cover reads: “The Kalergi Plan to Destroy European Peoples” - a claim that can’t be justified.

Both books are available from Amazon.

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Wednesday, 31 May 2023

Nation Revisited # 200, June 2023

Marches and Meetings

The fascist marches and demos of the 1920s and 30s were spectacular and impressive. In 1925 the British Fascists led by the redoubtable Miss Rotha Lintorn-Orman mustered 5,000 members and supporters in London's Hyde Park for Empire Day. And in 1934 Oswald Mosley addressed a crowd of 10,000 at his great BUF rally at Olympia.

In the 1950s Mosley's Union Movement held successful marches, as did the National Front in the 1970s. Marches numbering hundreds of members are demonstrations of strength, but token marches are not so impressive. Successful marches and demos require adequate manpower, and meetings are difficult because of local council boycotts and anti-fascist hostility.   

The mass media is restricted to the Old Gang parties, but the Internet is generally available to us. We can't compete with the mainstream press which is financed by advertising, but magazines like Heritage and Destiny, Candour, League Sentinel, and Broadsword, are still published despite ever increasing printing and postal costs.

Nobody would argue with the Online Safety Bill that's supposed to protect children from racism and pornography, but it will be used to silence us, just like the Public Order Act and the Anti-Terrorism Act. We are not racists, paedophiles, or terrorists, but we shall have to choose our words more carefully in the future. 

With food inflation running at 19% those of us preaching economic reform to an affluent and disinterested audience might now get our message across. When the great British public runs out of money for beer, bingo and betting they might start listening.

Our election results are disappointing but putting up candidates is good for morale, fund raising, and publicity. Traditional meetings and marches are difficult but we still have the Internet, the spoken word, and our hard copy magazines. It's important that we subscribe to our publications, post our ideas on social media platforms, visit and circulate blogs of interest, leave comments where possible, and speak to our friends, workmates, and neighbours. While we still have a voice we must use it.

It Takes All Sorts

Readers of Nation Revisited and European Outlook agree about the need to stop non-European immigration and regulate capitalism, but all other issues are in contention.

Brexit was supposed to restore our sovereignty and stop immigration, but the Liz Truss fiasco showed that we are totally at the mercy of the the Market, and over half a million immigrants give the lie to securing our borders.

The Holocaust death count may be exaggerated but there's no doubt that great numbers of Jews were rounded up and sent to camps where they died of disease, starvation and deliberate cruelty. There's no justification for mass murder. The Jews are powerful, particularly in the USA, but the idea that they run the world is far-fetched, especially when one considers the power of China, where Jews are very thin on the ground. The Jews prosper because they marry within their religion and they stick together. Jews like Robert Maxwell and Bernie Madoff were crooks but so was Al Capone who was an entrepreneurial Catholic.

I have always opposed unlimited immigration, but I'm not obsessed with race and I don't believe in the 'Master Race'. We are defined by race, religion, language, culture, nationality, and education.

The majority of nationalists support NATO and the corrupt Zelensky regime, but others, including me, want the war to be ended by negotiation. This conflict is a re-run of the post-war dispute between Francis Parker Yockey and Oswald Mosley. Yockey saw the US as the enemy of Europe, but Mosley was opposed to the Soviet Union. Today, both ideas are outdated.

The monarchy is another bone of contention. Should we support the monarchy as a British tradition, or dump it as a waste of money?

My blogs try to counter the petty nationalists who crave splendid isolation, and the conspiracy theorists who think that the banks make money out of nothing; but never wonder why Lehman Brothers went bust, instead of just creating some more money? The fact is that if banks overtrade they go broke, unless they are rescued by national governments.

Liberal democracy is riddled with corruption, but that can be put right with common sense, courage and morality. So please keep sending your emails and posting your comments. Free speech is under attack all over the world. Let's make the most of it while we still can.

Nothing Different About Obama

President Barack Obama, son of a Kenyan father and an American mother, was expected to champion the poor and take on big-business. He failed to do either. The US is still run by what another president, Dwight Eisenhower, called 'The Military Industrial Complex'. Presidents as left-wing as Jimmy Carter and as right-wing as Donald Trump have come and gone, but the MIC is still in charge, and they are still promoting wars all over the world. My following piece was posted on Eddy Morrison's National Front News website in 2009.

The world post G20 looks just the same. America and Britain are still broke and trying to persuade the rest of the world to print more money. President Obama has lost interest in Iraq but he is still chasing Taliban insurgents around the Northwest Frontier. This old-fashioned colonial war is intended to provide security to America and Europe. Destroying villages with missiles is supposed to stop the unemployed sons of immigrants from cooking up explosives in their mother's kitchens. And getting our servicemen killed or mutilated by roadside mines is meant to stop Saudi and Egyptian suicide pilots from crashing airliners into American skyscrapers. Barack Obama and Gordon Brown need to explain how this works.

The Obamas are an attractive family that delight crowds and provide media cameramen with first class footage. They are exactly what the public relations industry ordered; well dressed, well presented, and as an added bonus they are non-white and therefore infinitely marketable to the Third World. But there it ends. There is nothing different about Barack Obama; he is just another big-business nominee who follows the same agenda as his demented predecessor George Bush.

The 'Anglo-Saxon' economies are founded on debt and sustained by credit. But our creditors are calling in the loans and we will be forced to abandon lifestyles that are beyond our means. The United States is almost self-sufficient and can recover from recession, but it will take Britain a long time to get out of debt. Borrowing even more money cannot be the answer. We will have to scale down government spending and make a determined effort to pay off our debts. We will certainly have to look at our defence budget and ask ourselves if we really need a new fleet of aircraft carriers and an updated version of the Trident missile system.

Our armed forces are committed to NATO and designed to protect Europe from the Soviet Union. But the old communist empire has been replaced by a democratic Russian Federation and there is no justification for American troops to be stationed here. The use of NATO in Afghanistan is a new departure. Afghanistan does not threaten Europe and it makes no difference to us if one tribal despot or another runs it. The opium excuse cannot be taken seriously. If we really wanted to stop the drug trade we would start arresting drug dealers instead of turning a blind eye for the sake of political expediency.

So long as we cling to the 'special relationship' with America we will be part of their economic and military empire. We will always be linked to America by ties of blood, language and history, just as we are to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. But until we assert ourselves politically any sort of independence will remain an unfulfilled dream. It's ironic that most of those who crave national independence are content for us to remain an American dependency.


Look on the Bright Side

Originally published in League Sentinel No 132 Winter 2022

We are constantly reminded that the white race is under threat and that our days are numbered, but there's no need to get depressed or even suicidal. This pessimism was spread by German philosophers such as Friedrich Nietzsche and Oswald Spengler.  Nietzsche concluded that God was dead, and Spengler was so despondent that he wrote: "Only dreamers believe that there is a way out. Optimism is Cowardice."

The thoughts of these great men have so impressed themselves on nationalist thinkers that they never question them. In fact, there are more white people in the world today than at any time before. The worldwide movement of people from the southern to the northern hemisphere is a serious problem, but it can be solved by international co-operation.

Not so long ago the leading nations of the world were trying to destroy each other. But today, apart from a glorified border dispute in Ukraine, we are at peace. We are still suffering economic problems caused by political corruption and inefficiency, but most people are better off than they were in the great days of Empire.

We dissidents will never convert the masses by preaching a message of Gloom and Doom. We must give them some hope for the future by being positive. Medical science has wiped out smallpox and controlled many infectious diseases. The average expectation of life has risen from 70 to 80 years, and infant mortality has dropped. We no longer have a great world empire but the average person is much better off. 

Our mission must be to control immigration, spread the wealth of the nation, achieve greater self-sufficiency, and reform a greedy banking system. But we will achieve nothing by engaging in self-pity, or by adopting mystical concepts such as 'Kali Yuga'. This belief in historical cycles comes from India where they worship sacred cows and burn widows. We are Europeans who look to science for solutions.

We have the technology, the resources, and the experience to build a better Britain, but we must look on the bright side of Life.

British History

It's not true that Britain has always been a multiracial country. The British Isles were re-populated after the Ice Age when hunter-gatherers from the Iberian peninsular followed reindeer herds across land bridges from the European mainland.

When the Romans invaded in 55 AD they brought with them legionnaires and camp followers from Syria and North Africa, but they were Mediterranean Whites. 

A few black servants were brought to Britain in the 18th century, mostly by American plantation owners, but slaves were not imported in significant numbers because it was cheaper to employ impoverished Whites who worked for practically nothing. Television programs showing great numbers of Blacks in the UK before the British Nationality Act of 1948 are nonsense. Black workers were first recruited by Minister of Health Enoch Powell in the 1950s. He later realised his mistake and made his infamous "Rivers of Blood" speech.

Our government is so obsessed with cheap labour that they export manufacturing to China and import labour from India and Africa. They pay no attention to the social problems resulting from mass migration, and they certainly don't care about preserving our native stock.

The UK population is now 10-15 percent Afro-Asian. We don't know the exact numbers because we haven't got identity cards and racial data is not made available. If we assimilate all of them we will get slightly browner, but if we continue to import millions of Afro-Asians our race and culture will be obliterated.

If these exotic incomers were English-speaking Christians they would be easier to assimilate, but most of them speak their own languages and practice their own religions. Our race and nation have been enriched by successive invasions of Celts, Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Danes, Normans, and Huguenots. They were all Europeans but the current wave of invaders are something else.

The Establishment celebrates diversity but the rest of us are forced to accept it by government diktat. It's actually illegal to say "Keep Britain British." Time will tell if our dogmatic legislators have made the right decisions. 

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All articles are by Bill Baillie unless otherwise stated. The opinions of guest writers are entirely their own. The editor reserves the right to shorten or otherwise amend articles submitted for publication. We seek reform by lawful means according to the UN Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19:

"We all have the right to make up our own minds, to think what we like, to say what we think, and to share our ideas with other people."