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Nation Revisited # 211, May 2024

We Must Secure The Existence Of Our People And A Future For White Children - Robert Baggs. Part two

The second strand we need to look at is the “white children” element of the 14 words. The simple truth is that there are not enough of them. Even ignoring all other elements, we are just not breeding in sufficient quantities to maintain our present numbers, we are essentially destroying ourselves. White men and white women need to ensure they have children, it really is as simple as that.

So not only are we not actively trying to increase the white population we are being outbred by the non-white population and the figures illustrating this are alarming to say the least.

According to the statistical bulletin, “Population Estimates for UK, England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland: mid-2016”, published by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) on the 22nd June 2017, the population of the United Kingdom, as at 30th June 2016, was estimated as 65,648,000 people. This was an increase of 0.8%, or 538,000 people in the year up to that date. This increase is a combination of those born here and net migration, the latter being 336,000 or 62.4% of the increase! There has been a steady annual increase since 1992 when the total population change stood at approximately 150,000.

Once this growth rate is broken down into ethnic groups more alarm bells start to ring. A separate ONS bulletin “Population Estimates by Ethnic Group 2002 – 2009” published on the 18th May 2011 shows that the white British population actually decreased over this period, albeit marginally. However, that in itself is frightening particularly when the total population grew by over 2 million over the same period! The average annual percentage growth rate of non-white and mixed race groups ranged from 0.9%, in the case of the black Caribbean group, to 8.6% in the case of the Chinese group. The latter fact may be surprising but the increase was from 233,000 to 451,500, indeed a large enough increase of over 200,000 but the total increase for black African and Asian: Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi groups was over 1 million. Look at some of these figures again – the white British population remained static but some non-white groups increased by 1 million in less than 10 years. In fact the total increase of non-white British over this period was approximately 2,500,000, that’s 2½ MILLION! Of course much of this increase is due to migration and a Nationalist government would put a stop to this. But fertility rates by ethnic groups have yet to be considered yet already there is evidence indeed that by the middle of this century the white population will be in the minority and this certainly won’t be news to anyone. Even back in 2001, BBC News reported “Ethnic birth rate climbs” saying that “Britain’s ethnic minorities are growing at 15 times the rate of the white population … data collected by the ONS (and published in its Population Trends report) between 1992-1994 and 1997-1999 showed… compared to 1% for white people”.

Further and perhaps the most worrying evidence projecting our demise can be found in yet another ONS statistical bulletin – Births in England and Wales: 2016, which provides data on live births, stillbirths and the intensity of childbearing measured by the total fertility rate. Main points from this bulletin include:

There were 696,271 live births in England and Wales in 2016.

The total fertility rate decreased to 1.81 children per woman.

Over a quarter (28.2%) of live births were to mothers born outside the UK, the highest level on record.

Drilling down into these figures it can be determined that women born in certain countries such as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and African countries tend to have above-average fertility, this meaning that white British women have average or below average fertility thereby having less children. Obviously over time this disparity will be more and more marked, resulting in the white population being outnumbered by non-whites. The urgency of this problem cannot be emphasized enough as those living in predominantly white areas still do not, or will not see, the extent of this change.

To emphasis further the changes that are taking place with the birth rates in this country, readers are reminded of recent press coverage showing the most popular names given to males in 2016. This coverage, which, although showed Oliver as being the most popular with 6,623 boys so named, was actually the second most popular if the eighth most popular, Muhammad, with 3,908 births, was added to Mohammed (at no. 31, with 2,228), Mohammad (at no. 68, with 948), Muhammed, (no. 118 with 534), and Mohamed, (no. 177, with 321), which together total 7,939!

This situation will only get worse and even if all white Nationalists increase their family size massively, still we will not achieve our 14 words. So where are we going wrong here?

The main problem seems to be with general attitude, do our young men and women actually care, or are they blind to the fact that they are looking at their children and grand-children becoming a minority population in the very near future? As mentioned earlier, part of this attitude is a denial that such changes are taking place and that these changes will not affect them so it doesn’t actually matter.

Sadly much needs to be done to reverse this attitude, an attitude which has its roots in the permissiveness of the 1960’s, exacerbated by the selfishness created during the Thatcher years and further developed in the 2000’s. This results in young people putting themselves, their careers and their fun before all else including the natural process of raising a family, which happens later in life, if at all. This allied to the increasing acceptability of homosexuality and the feminisation of men must result in the reduction in the size of pool of males capable of fathering children.

No mainstream political party has any formula for this problem as they don’t see it as a problem, in fact, on the latter point above, they actively encourage it! As Nationalists, we do see it as a problem, hence the 14 words. Consequently we must urgently look at how we are managing our response and combining our resources and our political activity to ensure we manage this need to increase our population. Recently the right-wing German AfD (Alternative for Deutschland) had great success in the German elections, with posters being displayed advertising the need to increase their population. It may be that, rather than using the less accessible 14 words, whilst not abandoning it, we actually utilise a more direct message similar to the AfD. On top of that, even if total unity does not occur amongst Nationalists, there is a real need to create a unified approach to managing how we bring this to the forefront of the British political agenda and start turning around how the real British population see themselves and their future before it’s too late.

Labour's Dilemma

Clement Attlee the prime minister who started mass migration. 

The Labour Party welcomed the importation of millions of Muslims because they tended to vote Labour. But at the same time the Party embraced Zionism and boasted many Jewish members. This situation lasted as long as the leadership refrained from taking sides in the Middle East, but now that Keir Starmer has proudly declared himself to be a Zionist the Party faces a dilemma; should they take the side of Israel to please their powerful Jewish supporters, or should they take the side of the Muslims. The Jews number only 200,000 in the UK but the Muslims are twenty times as numerous at 4 million.

The Tories have been just as bad as Labour at turning the UK into a mixed race country, but it was the post-war Labour government that started the influx of blacks and Asians with prime minister Clement Atlee's British Nationalities Act of 1948.

Before the BNA the non-European population of the UK was tiny. There were Chinatowns in London and Liverpool and well established black communities in Cardiff and Bristol, but there was nothing like the complete takeover that has occurred in placed like Leicester.

Those of a conspiratorial nature see mass migration as a deliberate plot to destroy the white race in the UK. I prefer to see it as blatant capitalist exploitation. The industrialists and financiers see the Third World as an unending source of cheap labour. They don't consider the social and economic damage it does to the native population, and they care even less about the racial factor.

Since WW2 our economy has grown and so has our immigrant-swollen population. We need manpower and the Third World needs jobs, but now a new and largely unexpected development has come into play in the form of artificial intelligence. In future AI will take over millions of jobs now done by immigrants and native Britons alike, and we will face the unfamiliar problem of having too much labour.

If our immigrants had been treated as guest workers with no right of citizenship, it would be easy enough to put them on planes and ships and send them back where they came from. But the BNA of 1948 bestowed on them the right of settlement.

It could be argued that the politicians of 1948 never realised the consequences of their actions, but some, including Winston Churchill, spoke out about the danger. Churchill was a Zionist and a warmonger but he was right about immigration. 

He knew that there was simmering tension between whites and blacks in the United States and South Africa, and he didn't want to repeat it in the UK. Only the most optimistic socialists expected racial harmony to prosper in the UK when it had failed elsewhere. Nevertheless, they went ahead with mass migration to provide medical staff for the National Health Service and bus crews for London Transport.

Who can tell what the future holds? Will vastly different races disappear in the mix? Will religious fanatics become token Muslims just as we Brits have become token Christians? Or will the whole thing come crashing down in a multiracial bloodbath?

These are the thoughts that should occupy Keir Starmer as he prepares to move into No 10 Downing St.

Nick Griffin


In his 2020 speech "A Message to Nationalists", Nick Griffin, the former leader of the National Front and the British National Party concludes that there is no electoral road to success for nationalists.

He refers to the infamous Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan which has joined the Protocols of Zion and the Zinoviev Letter as yet another conspiracy theory. Coudenhove-Kalergi's oft-quoted words about Europe becoming mixed race were a warning not an aspiration.

His unselfconscious evaluation of nationalist leaders as narcissistic, greedy and corrupt is chillingly accurate, and so is his description of their fragmentation of the movement.

He says that most (presumably European) countries are majority white, except South Africa and Kosovo. We all know that South Africa has been taken over by the Blacks, but that's not the case in Kosovo. The people of the Balkans adopted the religion of their conquerors. The Croats became Catholics under the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Kosovars became Muslims under the Ottoman Empire, and the Serbs became Orthodox Christians under the Russian Empire. But they are all Europeans. 

If he thinks that Kosovo's association with the Turks is demeaning he should consider that genetically the Turks are only 15% of Central Asian origin. They speak an Asian language but so do the Finns and Hungarians.

This kind of racism comes strangely from the man who coined the phrase "a little salt in the soup" to justify the acceptance of non-whites into the BNP.

At the end of his speech he claims that his message is not all doom and gloom. He says that victory is still possible but he doesn't go into details.

Two Senile Old Men - Robert Lyons writes from Baltimore

Hello Bill, I agree with you that "two senile old men" is all the US can produce, it's our stupid two party system, as Commander Rockwell used to say the choice was between "tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum" meaning no choice at all. Most of us who feel disenfranchised either don't vote or throw our vote away to some miniscule third party who managed to petition themselves on the ballot in our state. Yes it's a sad, sad situation and can't be changed. All my best Bob.

NR: Robert Lyons represented the National States' Rights Party at the 1961 British National Party Camp in Norfolk, where delegates from all over the world gathered at Andrew Fountain's estate to celebrate their European heritage. I kept in touch with many of them over the years but with the passing of time there are not many of us left. We are often accused of being too nationalistic but the comradeship forged in the Sixties shows that blood and culture are more important than flags and passports.

European Outlook -  https://europeanoutlook.blogspot.com 

Nation Revisited

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Nation Revisited # 210, April 2024

We Must Secure The Existence Of Our People And A Future For White Children - Robert Baggs. Part one

Most Nationalists will be very familiar with the above statement, known as the Fourteen Words. David Eden Lane (2nd November 1938 – 28th May 2007), a member of the American group The Order, coined and publicised the phrase through the now defunct Fourteen Word Press, along with other writings. He has been described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as “one of the most important ideologues of contemporary white supremacy”. The 14 Words are now popularly used by white Nationalists as their raison d'ĂȘtre and rightly so. Essentially, unless action is taken the white race is doomed to extinction. However, despite the popularity of the phrase, are we doing all we can to comply? 

There are two strands, both working hand in hand, to ensuring we see this through. The first being the spreading of the word, that is, creating an awareness of the fact that the white race is in a relatively rapid decline for various reasons. Sadly, there are millions of people, who would argue that it doesn’t really matter, that we are all human beings living on the same planet and that we are all in one huge melting pot. Melting Pot, was actually the name of a song by 1970’s pop band Blue Mink, with a chorus which went “What we need is a great big melting pot, big enough to take the world and all it’s got and keep it stirring for a hundred years or more, and turn out coffee coloured people by the score”. However, these same people would similarly argue that we should save the whale, the Bengal tiger, the snow leopard, the chimpanzee and so on, as they are on the World Wildlife Fund’s list of endangered species but also Brazilian jungle tribes.

So why is it seemingly important to save certain animals but not certain humans, i.e. the white tribe? The attitude seems contradictory particularly when the “certain humans” are potentially themselves and their offspring. No doubt, when using this argument with those having a white race death-wish, the over-used accusatory RACIST term would be thrown into the mix. There are, of course, many of us who passionately believe that we are worth saving and who do our bit towards that end, finding a future melting pot abhorrent!              

But our task is a difficult one, being extremely challenging due to the seemingly increasing number of people who would not be unhappy with a white genocide, together with the fact that our time is running out with our numbers reducing as non-whites are increasing.

Much of the first strand to ensuring our survival relies on our political activists who attempt to publicise the very real dangers that face us. Nearly 70 years of work, with varying levels of impact, have been devoted to seeking a political solution, with Nationalists putting themselves forward at elections in the hope we can influence government at local and national levels. Sadly this has very rarely been successful and of late has become almost a non-event, with fewer and fewer Nationalists standing for elections, with those who do receiving derisory results. It seems that we spread ourselves too thinly as a result of the number of parties that have existed in the past and those that exist today and consequently our impact is negligible. It could be reasonably argued that the future of the white race appears to be less important than the petty squabbles that take place amongst the various big fish in the small ponds of Nationalism. This together with the failure of policy-makers to make adjustments necessary to appeal to a broader section of the electorate means our progress is painfully slow. At the heart of this lies the need for unity amongst the Nationalist community and attempts to achieve this have largely fallen on deaf ears and have so far failed, but nevertheless without it, the establishment win every time when there are multiple groupings with broadly similar aims and objectives but where many feel more comfortable as large fish in small ponds. Again, this begs the question as to whether we are serious about our future. Much work is required, but it is not an insurmountable task, the only obstacle really being that of time and unless we successfully unite the various groups to work together to our common goal then we may as well give up now.

Together with the electioneering, Nationalists have attempted to spread the word by leafletting communities, holding demonstrations and marches and meetings and, of late, by utilising social media. All of these activities have had varying levels of success but never the levels required for the major breakthrough required to shake the electorate from their slumbers. Generally all of these activities take a great deal of effort and result in little positive return. The efforts made in carrying out leafletting, for example, result in responses being received, it is suggested, of between 1 in 1,000 to 1 in 10,000 depending on the type of community leafletted.

Demonstrations and marches tend to result in negative press coverage, often well-deserved due to the inability of our ranks to turn out in a well-disciplined and smart order. Meetings take much organisation, even before trying to prise potential attendees away from their television sets or computer devices, which leads us conveniently on to social media for which there is a potentially huge audience, it prevents Nationalists networking face-to-face.

Of course, we all know that much of our work is sabotaged by a hostile, socialist dominated media who will always play-down what we are doing and what we achieve, but also will deliberately and blatantly attempt to destroy us at every turn by showing the worst faces of Nationalism in order to alienate us from the general public. As mentioned above it must be agreed, however, that the responsibility for a lot of the coverage lies squarely with ourselves. There have been violent confrontations, which may or may not have resulted from the need to defend ourselves, but also we need to question how we present ourselves. Many would argue that, in this enlightened age of equality, judgements made on appearance are wrong and that is often true however those believing this is actually true in practice have been brain-washed by yet another form of political correct nonsense that just does not hold up. Appearances always matter and a bare-chested, heavily tattooed, shaven-headed, beer-can carrying man is never going to appeal to the public in the same way a sober-suited and tidy man is. Sadly the general public, if asked to describe a white Nationalist will nearly always go for the former description partly because of the politically correct brainwashing, partly due to the image of us portrayed by the mass media and partly due to our own adherence to the image. But again if we care about our future, we should care about our image and make that extra effort to defy that negative stereotype. Only when the public see us as one of them will we be taken seriously enough to achieve the support and recognition necessary for the 14 words to impact as required.

This means we need to ensure we are successful with the first strand in achieving the 14 words and we must seriously look at ourselves and get our act together on many levels. This suggestion will not go down well with many Nationalists, but when disputing this it needs to be asked if they are actually serious, really serious, about saving the white race, or are just playing at it.

Part two will be posted in Nation Revisited # 211, May 2024.

The Democratic Conundrum

Jacob Rees-Mogg one of our elected representatives.

People want good services and low taxes, but that can only be achieved within a thriving economy. If the government spends lavishly on health, education and other popular causes it will get elected next time, but not by the productive section of the electorate that pays taxes.

If, on the other hand, the government skimps on services but reduces taxation it will be popular with the productive class but unpopular with the unproductive class that relies on government handouts.

The Rishi Sunak government has antagonised both classes with crumbling services and soaring taxes. The events of recent years have seriously impacted our economy; the Prime Mortgage Crisis, Brexit, the Pandemic, the Liz Truss fiasco, and the wars in Ukraine and the Middle East have left us with a national debt that's 100% of our national income; under the Labour government of Gordon Brown it was 40%.

One way out of this nightmare is total austerity. If we shut down hospitals and schools, abolished state retirement pensions and social benefits, and at the same time, increased taxes, we would be better able to repay our loans. Of course, this would not work because the people wouldn't stand for it. Even the docile and sheep-like British public would object to starvation. Under such a regime the trade unions would get their act together to call a general strike and bring down the government.

But if the government took the opposite track and started spending money like a drunken sailor the forces of international finance would soon intervene. Just the announcement of Liz Truss' budget proposals was enough to panic the Market and send the pound plunging. Brexiteers imagine that we are now in control of our own affairs but the stark reality is that we are still part of a global economy and we are bound by the rules of the game.

So what's the answer? We need a Government of National Unity comprised of all the political parties and representatives from both sides of industry. Such a government would have to tread a delicate fiscal path that avoided unnecessary spending and crippling taxation. We would not be able to afford an unaccountable monarchy that wastes the public purse on princes, dukes, and geriatric members of the House of Lords. We would not be able to afford unseaworthy aircraft carriers or nuclear-powered submarines armed with dud American missiles. We would not be able to give arms and money to corrupt regimes like that of Zelensky or Netanyahu. And we would not be able to send ministers swanning around the world on pointless peace missions. In other words, we would have to mind our own business.

A Government of National Unity appointed for ten years with wartime powers could transform our poor benighted country. Our so-called democratic system is not fit for purpose.

Wars and Rumours of Wars

Public opinion is controlled by the mainstream media, which has decided to take the side of Ukraine in their territorial dispute with Russia, and Israel in their colonisation of the West Bank and their invasion and bombardment of Gaza.

There is no British interest involved in either of these wars, but the overwhelming majority of MPs are members of the Conservative Friends of Israel, or the Labour Friends of Israel, and all the media proprietors are self-confessed Zionists. It's therefore logical that they support the Zionist state of Israel and the Zionist-dominated Zelensky regime in Ukraine.

The one-sidedness of the reporting on the Ukraine and Israel wars is staggering. We are expected to believe that Zelensky is fighting for democracy, when he has cancelled elections, locked up the opposition, and used military police to drag old men and boys off the street to prop up his diminishing army.

And we are expected to believe that the Israeli Defence Force only bombs military targets, when they have destroyed almost every hospital, mosque and church in Gaza and cut off food, water and electricity to the starving Palestinian population. 

At a time when our schools and hospitals are crumbling for want of money our government is sending arms and ammunition worth billions of pounds to their friends in Israel and Ukraine.

But Britain and the EU can't supply Zelensky indefinitely and the USA is having second thoughts as Donald Trump prepares for power. Trump's entire family are married to Jews but he is more concerned with the American taxpayers than he is with the Jewish lobby.

The Democrats have weaponised the American legal system to stop Donald Trump because If America stopped funding Netanyahu and Zelensky they would  be forced to the conference table, and the kickbacks would have to stop.

No less an authority than President Eisenhower coined the phrase "The Military-Industrial Complex" to describe the powerful American arms industry. At present it's booming as billions of dollars are spent on arming their friends. And when billions of dollars are being spent it's inevitable that some of it finds its way into the offshore bank accounts of corrupt politicians. Because it's not just arms manufacturers that profit from war, there's also contractors, suppliers, shipping companies, and legions of agents, lawyers and accountants.

This is what Gore Vidal meant by "Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace." The long series of wars fought by America and her allies; WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria etc., were all justified by "fighting for democracy", but they were really designed to boost the American economy. The super capitalists than run the world couldn't care less about the millions of souls that were sacrificed in the name of profit. The love of money is the root of all evil.

European Outlook -  https://europeanoutlook.blogspot.com 

Nation Revisited

All articles are by Bill Baillie unless otherwise stated. The opinions of guest writers are entirely their own. The editor reserves the right to shorten or otherwise amend articles submitted for publication. We seek reform by lawful means according to the UN Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19:

"We all have the right to make up our own minds, to think what we like, to say what we think, and to share our ideas with other people."





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Nation Revisited # 209, March 2024

Bernard Franklin

My friend Eric Galati of New York asked me about Bernard Franklin. I regretfully told him that Bernard died in 2022. I don't know his exact details but he was well into his seventies.

I first met Bernard Franklin at a Friends of Mosley social about twenty tears ago. He was a great admirer of Oswald Mosley's pre-war policies.

He used to issue an uncompromising hard copy and Internet blog called The Flame. This had originally been the newspaper of the National Front but Bernard published it independently following his departure from the NF.

Bernard was a parliamentary candidate for the NF, but he fell out with the leadership and stood for the breakaway Constitutional Movement in the 1983 general election.  

A government clampdown on free speech forced nationalists to moderate their language, particularly in regard to the Money Power, but Bernard never minced his words, he wrote what he meant and he was fortunate to escape prosecution.

I salute a gentleman, a patriot and a scholar who never made a penny out of politics but spent his own money to promote the cause he believed in.


Here is an article Bernard Franklin sent me in 2020:

The Good Don't Realise How They Hand Power to Evil

Many Europeans look aghast at the immoral actions of their government, as British and American servicemen, in particular, are sent to attack sovereign countries where we have no right to interfere. In whose interest are these attacks, usurpation of power, and theft of national assets taking place? The answer is the secretive New World Order that wants to rule the world. Are these murderers, corrupters, warmongers, liars, cheats, thieves, destroyers of nations, cultures and civilisations really the kind of people who should be in control of Western governments and, as a result, have the ability to legislate for developing countries? The answer must certainly be no!

There are millions of good Christians who attend church every week to ensure they follow God's laws. These church-going Christians , even collectively, do not posses the power to start wars, put countries in debt or bully nations into acceding to unreasonable demands. Yet, through ignorance, it is good Christians who have voted the evil people into power. There are surprisingly some Christians who feel Satan has got so far with his programme of destruction, that he should be helped along until the situation becomes so terrible that Jesus Christ will have to take over. This makes no sense at all. We know which politicians  are following the Anti-Christ agenda and logically, it can only be those with the ability to make changes that are responsible for the destruction of the white, British nation and other countries.

The drive toward world government has created a situation where power is concentrated in very few hands. By taking charge of the West's armed forces, today's rulers can inflict carnage on a scale unimagined at the time of the English or French revolutions. The saying that "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely" is very true. See how Tony Blair, George Bush, Winston Churchill, Obama, Sarkozy, May, Cameron and Boris Johnson having been elected as inappropriate national leaders, and went on to to feel they have a right to act as universal Gods, despite their characters being seriously flawed. 

According to Christian teaching we are put on earth to resist evil temptation. Then why, by voting for the major parties, has the predominately Christian public given an evil army complete control over our lives? One plausible explanation for the sudden attempt to remove certain long-established Arab leaders is that unlike Christian Europeans, they refuse to allow their people to become slaves to the banker's system of usury.

The overall effect in the West has been to pass power to the unelected 1% of greedy manipulators. They have been able to buy up 95% of broadcasting companies around the world, control public thinking, start unnecessary wars, and control world trade, while their banking system has constantly devalued money. With their multi-national corporations they have polluted our planet and been responsible for global warming. They were also the ones who created the greatest single crime in history by making the atom bomb.

Don't Neglect Those Worthy of Our Support

There are many thousands of Great Britons tirelessly working for the community without expecting payment or fame. Many do charitable work, while others try to gain some political say for the British. All of these volunteers give up their time, and spend their own money on what they consider to be vital for our collective wellbeing. If you were to sit down and write a list of what you believe should be government policy, and present it to the Committee of the local Labour, Liberal or Conservative Party, you would likely find them either dismissive or hostile. There are many honest and knowledgeable Britons who could do a far better job than politicians. But none of them would join a political party. I don't know anyone who does. One has to be very brave in Britain today to stand up for the British. Doesn't this tell you that there is something terribly wrong with the political establishment? This is good reason to support those who raise their heads above the parapet for you.

To become a teacher in a comprehensive school today one has to be prepared to instil in white children a loathing for their own race. This teaching is followed up by dangerous race-hate nonsense which suggests that to overcome an illusory racism one should take a black partner. The origin of this anti-white programme can be traced to September 1952, and is recorded in the files of the Canadian Intelligence Service. This non- military warfare states: "We will identify with the races of Asia and Africa in the interest of wiping out racial tensions," (that they created with their immigration programme) "Whites must be forbidden to mate with whites. The white woman must cohabit with members of the dark races, and white men with black women. Thus the white race will disappear, and our most dangerous enemy will become only a memory." Like fools we allow our children at school to be programmed for our own racial suicide. Schools exert too great an influence on young minds to be left in the hands of our enemies. 

1983 NF Manifesto 

I thank Colin Todd the editor of Candour for sending me a copy of the 1983 National Front Manifesto which was largely the work of Andrew Brons.

Forty years ago immigration was the main issue but the Common Market was not far behind. All of the fears and fantasies of the Brexit campaign were imagined and a golden future was promised once we broke away from the "unelected dictatorship."

The NF got carried away on the sovereignty issue:

"In order to guarantee Britain's sovereignty - in other words our control over our own affairs and destiny - we propose to withdraw from all internationalist bodies, including the United Nations, the Common Market, NATO, the International Monetary Fund and other international financial bodies."

We have now broken away from the EU but our promised sovereignty has not materialised. We still follow American foreign policy, our armed forces are under NATO command, and our credit rating is decided by S&P Global. 

Immigration from the Third World was a serious problem forty years ago but now it has increased beyond our worst nightmares. In 2023 we took in over a million people. These included Asian and African workers, refugees from Ukraine, overseas students, and Hong Kong Chinese. The last category was covered by the NF Manifesto of 1983:

"We do not believe there is any real advantage in keeping Hong British. We do not see any benefit to Britain in taking on responsibility for the inhabitants of Hong Kong when the present lease expires and the colony reverts to China. The inhabitants are almost exclusively of non-British stock. As far as we are concerned China is welcome to it."

Our membership of the old Common Market and immigration were always conflated by the NF. While it's true that we signed up to free movement of labour within the EU, we always had the right to limit Commonwealth immigration. Indeed, the latest figures show that the vast majority of immigrants came from Asia and Africa - and this is still the case.

But apart from Europe and immigration the 1983 NF Manifesto is a credit to Andrew Brons who was the NF leader at the time; a comprehensive document covering housing, education, defence, and economics. 

One of its better proposals was to use the foreign aid budget to repatriate coloured immigrants to their countries of origin.

It supported the monarchy but criticised Prince Charles who is now the King. It also called for the abolition of the House of Lords and reform of the honours system.

It opposed referendums. This was no doubt influenced by the 1975 referendum on our continued membership of the EEC which resulted in a landslide victory for the Remainers. In 1975 the mass media was pro-European but by 2016 they had changed their mind.

Unfortunately, this manifesto was issued just before a disastrous split from which the NF never really recovered. This carefully thought out document was the work of talented men whose efforts were confounded by the fatal tendency of the far-right to engage in faction fighting.

Since the demise of the old NF we have seen the rise and fall of the British National Party. This, sadly, was a repeat of the NF saga involving many of the same characters.

When there's a serious incident involving the government they appoint a court of enquiry which usually concludes that "Lessons must be learned."  The same goes for the current cohort of nationalist parties

Copies of 'Let Britain Live' the 1983 NF Manifesto are available from BM Candour London WC1N 3XX UK at £5.00 per copy.

Britain, My Nation

A new patriotic magazine called Britain, my Nation is published by Robert Baggs a former NHS manager from Wiltshire. The Feb/March issue offers 21 pages of information and comment on the nationalist scene.

"The Editor's letter outlines the need for Nationalists to unite for there to be any chance of making any ground in the political arena. Currently there are at least 16 racial and civic (often referred to as populists) nationalist parties available for us to join (there may be more so if we have missed any I am sure readers will let us know). Over the next few issues of Britain, My Nation we will look at these parties (in alphabetical order), provide social media and contact details and will compare the   policy platforms on which they stand. In this issue we will be providing a very brief history together with details of the main players in each party. I also invite the leadership of all parties listed to write to me with contributions that might help convince the readers  of this magazine that their party is the one to join."  

At a time of rising postage and printing costs a hard-copy magazine is a challenge that deserves your support.

Contact: britainmynation@yahoo.com 

Five Questions Answered # 26 Robert Baggs

Who are you?

I am Robert Baggs, 64 years old and retired, ex-NHS and civil service manager currently politically homeless but having been involved to varying degrees, for over 30 years in Nationalist politics, largely with the British National Party.

What do you believe in?

I believe in the British people, that they are the greatest race to have walked this planet and that despite the efforts of the seemingly ever-increasing number of those who wish to destroy us, we can be great again and openly take pride in what we have achieved and what we will achieve in the future.

If you could direct government policy, what would you do?

I would ensure that, from the earliest days in school, our people were taught about the greatness of the British people. As they progressed through all of the educational institutions, we would teach them to take pride and respect in themselves. The current brain-washing trend to belittle us in so many ways as instigated by the left, would be eradicated and we would ensure our own people were put first in all things. I would look to regenerating British industry to make our society as self-sufficient as possible. Immigration would cease and measures taken to create a workforce from our own people by increasing incentives and removing unnecessary dis-incentives. I would introduce a form of national service for 16-18 year olds that ensure that if they did not wish to follow an academic route they would gain work experience within a service that would benefit the nation e.g. the NHS.

What are you proud of and what do you regret?

Politically I am most proud of the work I was involved in with the BNP and helping, in my small way, to increase the public profile ensuring the BNP became a household name and votes for us increased. One particular highlight was acting as Master of Ceremonies at several Red, White and Blue events and addressing an audience of over 500 in a circus big top. Personally I am most proud of having raised a family with children and grandchildren for whom I want to see a safe and prosperous country and thereby ensuring their happiness.

My main regret is that I have not been as consistently active in Nationalism as I could have or should have been. I let the destruction of the BNP, at a time when we could have been riding high, affect me deeply to the extent that my trust in the Nationalist party network was shattered, not wishing to go through the same feelings of betrayal that the BNP debacle had caused.

How would you like to be remembered?

Simply by having stood up to be counted and playing my part in trying to save our country from those who despise everything British and for making a success of my latest venture into publishing a hard-copy magazine with the aim of creating some unity within the many Nationalist groups currently in existence. 

Rober Baggs, Editor of 'Britain, My Nation' magazine. Email: britainmynation@yahoo.com 

Keep it Real

Too many nationalists get carried away with theoretical nonsense. They want to demolish the Bank of England and ban interest payments. But banks, nationalised or not, must charge interest to stay in business.

They also talk about deporting millions of coloured people who have settled here since the war. But the fact is that we don't have enough police or troops to round them up; we don't have enough ships or planes to carry them; and we don't have the political, military or economic power to do so.

Another of their unachievable ambitions is to massively increase the size of our military. It's almost impossible to recruit and equip modern armed forces in peacetime because the taxpayers will not stand for it.

Parties of the so-called far-right should offer the electorate simple but achievable and affordable policies. We should promise them strict control of the banking system, much tighter immigration laws, and armed forces capable of defending our islands. They have heard enough false promises from the Old Gang parties. We should not add to their misery.

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Wednesday 31 January 2024

Nation Revisited # 208 February 2024

Brexit Predictions

I exchanged emails with John Bean (pictured) for many years, particularly about Europe, but I couldn't understand why he supported Brexit when he advocated a "Confederation of European States", which is surely what the EU is.

In March 2016 I questioned a statistic JB had quoted in the BNP magazine 'Identity' which he edited.


I have looked hard at the Oxford University Migrant Observatory website but I can't find the figures you quote for non-Europeans from the EU in 2010. If some of them were Nigerians with Nigerian passports they would be counted as such, even if they arrived from the EU. But if they were German or French citizens of Nigerian origin they would be classed as German or French. I don't doubt that you have seen a figure of 141,000 but I can't find it. The only significant group of non-Europeans from the EU that I found were Cypriots from Turkish Northern Cyprus. The Cypriots claim them as their citizens but so do the Turks. But they only amount to a few thousand. There is a similar situation with Moldovans who are entitled to Romanian passports, and Russian-speaking citizens of the Baltic republics who the Russians consider to belong to them. Again, the numbers of these people are tiny.

If there are meaningful developments in the refugee crisis you may want to edit your article. I think that Angela Merkel and Dave Cameron will promise the Turks anything to halt the influx and help them at the polls. That's the trouble with trying to be topical - things change and it's hard to keep up with events. The refugee crisis was manna from Heaven for UKIP but if it appears to be under control the punters will forget all about it.

I think that this referendum is about immigration and Dave Cameron. Most people have no interest in Europe one way or another, but they can be wound up by populist newspapers and politicians. One of the unforeseen consequences of the Out campaign is that it really would be 'Little England' because Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales are likely to vote to stay in. It's all very well for Boris to promise that the British Government will pay farming subsidies equal to the CAP but few people believe him.

We have got another four months of propaganda before we ask people to make a decision. The question should be: Do you want to be an independent sovereign state totally controlled by global capitalism - or do you want to be part of the EU and totally controlled by global capitalism? The people must decide.

Best wishes Bill

Hello Bill,

I have checked the quote from the Oxford University Migration Observatory and I see that it came from a Philip Johnson writing in the Daily Telegraph 21.10.14. He said it came from the Oxford report "several years back". So this could have been any time from 2000 to 2005 or 6. I just made a stab at it being 2010, but the message was informative.

I agree 100 percent with your paragraphs 3 & 4.

Regards John.

It Happened Here: The experiences of a British political prisoner in British Prisons and Concentration Camps during the Fifth Column panic of 1940/1 - Charlie Watts

An extract from 'Comrade' June 1986

If the boys can take it...

Right from the start I was, to say the least, very displeased and disgusted to find that OM was expected to to keep his own cell clean etc. It amused me to see other people on the Pot Parade , but with the leader, my reaction went the other way. But he took it like the great man he is. I determined to try and make his prison life as easy as possible so offered my services as a sort of 'batman'. These were immediately refused. He said "I may be the leader outside  but here I am one of the boys, and if the Boys can take it - so can I." I persisted day after day and several times incurred his displeasure and annoyance. I would wait until his back was turned and then nip into his cell and tidy up a bit, or fetch a jug of water or something like that.

So must I !

One morning, as soon as my door was opened, I followed the Screw round the landing , and as soon as he opened OM's door, I nipped in, grabbed his jerry and got his own crack back at him while he was still in bed. "You may be the leader outside but in here you're one of the boys and I'm emptying the bloody thing this morning."

He looked astonished and I expected a real mouthful when I returned the empty, but found him highly amused. This served to break down his resistance and from then onward I'm happy in the knowledge that I made his life just a little easier for him.

Ancient Tribal Hatreds

According to the Bible Abraham had two sons, Ishmael, his first born, with his Palestinian handmaiden Hagar, and Isaac with his Jewish wife Sarah. When Isaac was born Abraham disowned Hagar and Ishmael and banished them to Mecca, where Ishmael became the father of the Arab nation. I relate these Bible stories merely to show their antiquity. Genesis dates back 3,400 years, that's how long the Israelis and the Palestinians have been divided.

We all know the story of Samson and Delilah. Samson, the last Judge of Israel, was known for his long hair and great strength. He was betrayed by his lover Delilah who cut off his hair and handed him over to the Philistines (Palestinians). They took him to Gaza where they blinded him and made him a slave, but he pulled down the Philistine Temple and perished with them. 

I cried as a boy when I saw the 1949 film of Samson and Delilah. I thought it was wicked to blind Samson and unforgivable for Delilah to betray him. Of course the Biblical account was written by the Jews so we only have their word for what happened. Things are not much different today. Gaza is once again a place of murder and cruelty driven by ancient tribal hatreds, and once again we are only hearing one side of the story.

Israel is an American protectorate that will last as long as America provides the arms and money for her defence. The Israelis are brave soldiers, but bravery alone does not win wars, as the Ukrainians are proving. Wars are won by having the resources, the equipment and the manpower. 

America and Britain have entered the war between Israel and Palestine by attacking the Houthi rebels that are trying to prevent arms and ammunition reaching Israel. This is not surprising. Prime minister Rishi Sunak, his foreign minister Dave Cameron and opposition leader Keir Starmer are Zionists. Rishi Sunak is loyal to his former employer Goldman Sachs, Dave Cameron's great great grandfather was the German banker Emile Levita, and Keir Starmer is naturally sympathetic to his Jewish wife Lady Victoria.

To all Friends of Willis Carto - Elizabeth Carto

The world is collapsing all around us, at least it appears as such. It is impossible to find rational thought in today's news media. (In times of disaster one had to tolerate that Fox was always there to bring us the worst). Amazingly, the current upheaval in the Middle East put all their talking heads on full speed. They went overboard in detailing the demise of thousands of people, including Jews. All my favourite talkers spoke as one voice. They knew nothing except that their masters in the Holy Land and New York City needed them desperately to condemn the outrage committed by the Palestinians. Hannity stood on his head; he went literally insane for a while. With admirers and followers, joining him in the eternal damnation trip against the poor Palestinian people, he raised money for the Israeli Defense Forces. Why not raise money for his American brethren, walking our streets for one more pay for their hard work at GM and other auto makers who could easily move factories to Mexico? But as they say: The worm turns. After a short time of caterwauling, we find that even "normal" people finally were feeling the need to at least listen to the other side. I never thought I would applaud the four Muslim Congresswomen; they had the guts to be honest with their convictions. I hope that is not transitory.

Studying the history of Israel one must first check out the same for Palestine. After all, it was their country for thousands of years. A minority of Jews are of biblical significance today. Books have been written by Jews proving that at the most 2% of today's Jews in Israel are actually of desirable ancestry. The majority arrived from Russia and Eastern Europe; they are of Khazar ancestry, not Jewish by birth right. Perhaps they had faith that with the creation of the state of Israel in 1948 the waving of a wand would turn them all into biblical Jews. The misguided Christians of today still believe it. We have all been paying the price for those illusions ever since.

The Palestinians were ruled by the Ottoman Empire for over four centuries. During WW1, Ben Gurion contemplated wearing a Turkish uniform to join the Turkish army. They had joined Germany in WW1 to fight off the British. Ben Gurion was just about to become part of the Turkish army but then WW1 and Turkey did not require his services. He was an honest man and wrote amusingly about these matters.

At the end it was Perfidious Albion who sold out the Palestinians. The Balfour Declaration of 1917 sounded the death knell for the Middle East; peace had only been fleeting. The British, as so often, put their mortgages out to the highest bidder.

During those years wealthy titled landowners in England had mortgaged their properties to the hilt, including the Churchills. The Bank of England and its auxiliaries were the entities acquiring properties by arranging intermarriages with Jewish moneyed princesses and buying out others cheaply. WW1 pauperised England and it went to the highest bidders. Today, Wall Street luminaries have been replaced with cheap Hollywood trash and cheating fly-by-night investment houses. Those left in New York City have to barricade themselves in their hideouts. But if all else fails there is always Palestine up for grabs, but at least they will be with their Jewish brethren.

Israeli author Shlomo Sand in 2009 wrote the book The Invention of the Jewish People which I highly recommend. The facts he covers cannot be disputed easily. He was Emeritus at Tel Aviv University, To quote:

"while acknowledging "the affinity between the Jews and the Holy Land," Sand has said that "I don't think the religious affinity to the land gives you historic right." Still, he supports Israel's existence "not because of historic right, but because of the fact that it exists today and any effort to destroy it will bring new tragedies." He explained that he does not call himself a Zionist, but "a post-Zionist and non-Zionist, because the justification of this land is not historical right."

Comparing the Palestinians to children of rape, Sand has said that Israel "raped a population. And not only a population - we destroyed this society, in constructing the Israeli state." He opposes the Law of Return and the right of return. Still, "Israel has to be the state of Israelis. That is the only way  we can continue to live in the Middle East." He argues that before Hitler, Jews were overwhelmingly against Zionism, and the concept of "Eratz Israel" was not about an earthly homeland but about something more spiritual . He also opposes the one-state solution because, while "very popular in leftist circles" it is "not serious" because Israelis, being "one of the most racist societies in the western world," will never accept it. Thus he supports a "two state solution on the borders of '67, taking out most of the settlers. I don't think it will be a big problem." His position on the formation of a national identity extends to Palestinians, who did not in his view, exist as a people before the rise of Zionism.

The simple truth is that Israel cannot maintain its occupation of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank without US aid.


Those nations that support American foreign policy are rewarded with trade deals and foreign aid, but those states that do not are punished with sanctions and threats of military intervention. 

Sanctions are just one step removed from actual warfare. in between the two Gulf Wars 1990-1991 and 2003-2011, Iraq was subjected to twelve years of sanctions that included food and medicines. By the time American forces invaded in 2003, in search of 'weapons of mass destruction', the country was bankrupt, hungry and practically defenceless, but that didn't stop President George W Bush from bombing the civilian population and ordering the killing of President Saddam Hussein. 

A previous American sanctions campaign ended in total war when President FD Roosevelt enforced sanctions against Japan for invading China. Deprived of oil and rubber Japan had no choice but to go to war with America. The resulting Pacific War ended when President Harry Truman dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

American sanctions against Russia and China are just as dangerous, unless they think that they could win a nuclear war.

Political Prisoners

Michael Woodbridge, Bill Baillie, John Bean, Jez Turner at Newmarket Circa 2015

We like to think that Britain is a land of free speech but our prisons contain a growing number of political prisoners. Veteran nationalist Michael Woodbridge gives support and encouragement to these dissidents through his organisation The Link.

I received the following email from him on 2nd Jan 2024.

Dear Bill

it may interest you to know that I'm proud to be a personal friend of 'Sven' and am due to visit him in HMP Berwyn this coming Thursday. I'm also hoping to visit James Costello, another dissident whose trial I attended and was also found guilty of Speak Crime.

Kind regards, Michael

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All articles are by Bill Baillie unless otherwise stated. The opinions of guest writers are entirely their own. The editor reserves the right to shorten or otherwise amend articles submitted for publication. We seek reform by lawful means according to the UN Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19:

"We all have the right to make up our own minds, to think what we like, to say what we think, and to share our ideas with other people."