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Issue 63, January 2010

Nation Revisited
An occasional e-mail to friends, # 63, January 2010
Climate Change

World leaders gathered in Copenhagen to discuss climate change but we don't really know if it's man-made or natural. The weather has changed throughout history and it will probably carry on changing. When the ice melted recently in Siberia they found the remains of plants and animals that had lived there centuries ago when the climate was much warmer. Climate shaped our history by causing the great migrations that spread agriculture and civilization around the world. But we now face a population explosion that will increase mankind from six to nine billions and climatic conditions that will drive Third World refugees towards Europe and North America.

The rich nations can help the poor nations but we can't stop the sands of the Sahara from encroaching on the grasslands of Africa or stop the Nepalese glaciers from melting. We can control pollution and stop deforestation but the chances are that nature will take its course. And just as our ancestors followed the retreating ice sheet at the end of the Ice Age, so Africans, Asians and South Americans will head north to escape the relentless march of drought and famine.

As Europeans we must decide what we want. If we are happy to be submerged by the teeming masses of the southern hemisphere we need take no action. But if we want our civilization to survive we must band together to build a sustainable economy with defensible borders. As Mosley reminded us: "throughout history tribes have grown into nations and nations into mighty empires." This evolution will not stop because we have temporarily taken leave of our senses; it is driven by the inexorable force of nature.

Europe condemns Israel

The European Union's new foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton lambasted Israel's occupation of Palestine and warned Tony Blair that he must do more to bring Israel to the conference table. Israeli politicians have reacted furiously to her criticism which coincided with an arrest warrant being issued for former Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni who is charged with war crimes. These developments would have been unthinkable a few years ago. They show that the Zionists are losing their grip on British and European foreign policy. They can still rely on America but they have lost the support of Turkey, Russia and the EU. And emerging powers like China, India and Brazil have no tradition of supporting Israel. The powerful Israeli lobby still dominates the USA but opposition to Bibi Netayahu's coalition government is growing in Israel and around the world.


There are almost as many opinions as there are people but they tend to fall into recognized categories. People who support the status quo and want things to stay as they are called conservatives, those who want to change the system are called revolutionaries and those who want to tear down society and start again are called anarchists.

But there is another group that seems to be growing. They do not know what they want but they are convinced that nothing is what it seems and that there's a hidden plan behind everything. These are the conspiracy freaks who think that 9/11 was a put up job and that every assassination was done by somebody other than the reputed assassin. Some of these theories are ingeniously tailored to fit perfectly into a jigsaw of intrigue. Their favourite theory involves the CIA, Lee Harvey Oswald, John F Kennedy and Jack Ruby. This story is fascinating because Kennedy was a liberal, a Catholic and a serial adulterer, Lee Harvey Oswald was a communist, or at least an ex-communist and Jack Ruby was a gangster and a Jew. We therefore have all the elements of a good plot; sex, politics, religion and organized crime all in the same package.

There are people who do not believe that the Americans got to the Moon in 1969. They think that the Moon landing was an elaborate hoax designed to fool the Russians. And there are others who are convinced that no Jews were slaughtered by the Nazis. There is no limit to the fantastic nonsense that people believe in and there is no point in trying to reason with them.

When British troops entered the gates of Belsen in 1945 they found hundreds of dead and dying people. Our soldiers were not politicians engaged in propaganda and they had no reason to lie about what they had seen. There is no doubt that great numbers of people died in the camps during the war. But the Holocaust deniers are as unreasonable as the Israeli lobby who try to justify their brutal ill-treatment of the Arabs by constantly reminding us of Jewish suffering during the war. The truth is that the "master race" theory and the "chosen people" myth are very similar ideas based on racial supremacy and the denial of human rights.

The far right thinks that non-Europeans were brought here to as part of a conspiracy to undermine the white race. That may be one of the consequences but they were originally brought here to provide cheap labour for our booming postwar factories and construction sites. Our greedy and shortsighted politicians never considered the long term effects of mass immigration. As a result we are dangerously short of power generating capacity, school places and hospital beds. If they had been working to a grand design they might have done a better job.

There are undoubtedly some deceptions. The invasion of Iraq was based on a pack of lies and so is the campaign against Iran. But most politicians are too stupid for hidden agendas, too cowardly for intrigue and too selfish for ideology. Most of them follow the party line with no thought for the future.

Who’s a Marxist?

It’s a common belief that politicians and lawmakers are perverse. The Labour Party follows the rules of the World Trade Association but their critics say that they are only pretending to be capitalists when they are really Marxists at heart. And when the Tories support the National Health Service and social housing their detractors say that it’s only a subterfuge and that they are really out to destroy health care and socialism.

But history shows that politics tends to move towards the centre... The Tories are not just pretending to have moved to the left. They have adopted socialist policies and used taxation to redistribute wealth in exactly the same way as the Labour Party. And the Labour Party has given tax breaks to big business and spoilt the chances of working class kids by scrapping selective education.

When senior police officers say that they believe in ethnic diversity and are determined to crack down on discrimination it’s not because they are racists being clever, it’s because they really believe it. The police have gone from being institutionally racist to being politically correct to the point of absurdity.

And when the leader of a nationalist party says that he hates fascism, supports Israel, admires Churchill and accepts non-European immigrants, provided they are not Muslims, we have no reason to doubt him. But it's fair to point out that parties that change their policies to be more acceptable can end up practicing what they preach.

The far right accuses Marxism of changing society but it was the Prussian aristocrat Otto von Bismarck who pioneered social security in 1883, years before the UK or the USSR introduced state pensions.

Mahatma Gandhi, Kwame Nkrumah and Gamel Abdel Nasser were not Marxists they were nationalists and socialists; or dare we say national socialists?  European imperialism would have run its course with or without Karl Marx. It was rocked when the Japanese routed the Russian Fleet at Port Arthur in 1904 and ended when General Yamashita accepted General Percival’s surrender at Singapore in 1941.

Marxism was a failed experiment. The USSR lasted from December 1922 to December 1991 but eventually Russia returned to the market economy. When Trotsky failed to export communism Joseph Stalin had him bumped off and abandoned world revolution. His bloody regime killed millions but it industrialized the country, defeated Hitler and started the programme that put Yuri Gagarin into space. Far from being an ideological Marxist Joseph Stalin was an old-fashioned Russian autocrat who ruled by military might.

Most politicians are driven by personal ambition rather than ideology. There is very little difference between the parties, their titles are meaningless and their leaders could change places without anyone noticing. The days of conviction politics are long gone. Today's politicians subscribe to the liberal consensus and put their own comfort before that of the nation.

Tony Blair with his permanent grin and glib turn of phrase epitomized the modern politician. When he won the general election of 1997 he was a superstar. The great British public thought that he would lead us to the Promised Land. But his disastrous government brought us nothing but war and economic crisis. Some people call Tony Blair a Marxist but he’s really an avaricious capitalist.

Too much can be made of race, nationality and religion but there is no doubt that people and events are influenced by them. When politicians start behaving strangely their backgrounds can be a better guide to their mentality than their party affiliations. Gordon Brown is an archetypical Scottish Presbyterian and Trevor Phillips is the type of confident West Indian often found in local government. They may have a philosophical attachment to Marxism but they are driven by ambition.

Marx may have foreseen events but he didn’t cause them. The industrial working class proliferated as the result of mechanization and improvements in production. Their trade union power lasted only as long as their industries were cost efficient. Mass migration, originally from the country to the town, started hundreds of years before Marx and continues to this day. And the collapse of the European colonial empires was the result of Japanese and American expansion.

Recognizing that economic forces shape history does not make one a Marxist. Karl Marx and his followers simply followed economists and philosophers who had gone before them to form a worldview based on materialism. But their denial of God separates them from most of the great thinkers. Man does not live by bread alone and atheistic communism is not enough. Organized religions are as flawed as political parties but they meet human needs that cannot be denied. Alexander Solzhenitsyn summed it up: "untouched by the breath of God, unrestricted by human conscience, both capitalism and socialism are repulsive."

Marxism is not responsible for the cultural and economic decline of the UK or the fall in the white birthrate throughout the world. We must look at the big picture and accept our own shortcomings. It’s not Marx's fault that greedy capitalists chose to make their goods in Asia, or that people would rather spend their money on consumer goods than raising children. It’s not Marx but Marks and Spencer that drives British society.

The threat of communism has passed into history since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Today it's just another discredited dogma consigned, as Marx would say, to the dustbin of history. It doesn't matter who owns industry so long as it’s run efficiently and workers are properly rewarded. Both capitalism and communism have killed and oppressed millions in the name of productivity. We can preserve our civilization without crushing people’s spirits or enslaving them with debt. Communism raised the standard of living of the Russian people at the expense of their freedom. Capitalism also raised living standards but it's based on an inevitable cycle of boom and bust. Our task must be to build a fair and sustainable system that offers hope for the future.

Political labels

According to the great 1960s street corner orator Jack Lelieve the Tories were originally bog-trotting bandits from the west of Ireland. But today they are members of the Conservative Party from any part of the British Isles. They have become respectable with the passing of time.

The Labour Party was founded to promote the same ideology that motivated the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. Both the USSR and Nazi Germany were guilty of mass murder on an industrial scale but the word “socialist” is not immediately identified with genocide.

Liberalism – the love of liberty – came from the French Revolution but our Liberal Democratic Party is not blamed for the guillotine or the bloody excesses of the Committee of Public Safety. When we think of Liberals we picture the vacant but amiable face of Nick Clegg rather than the cold green eyes of Citizen Maximilien Robespierre.

Israel is the only remaining racist state. They cling to the myth that they are God's chosen people and in order to colonise Palestine they have forced the Palestinians into Ghettoes just as the Nazis did to them in Poland. But America props up the Zionist enclave with billions of dollars a year as they commit the same atrocities that ravaged Europe almost seventy years ago. The Nazis were hanged for crimes against humanity but every political party supports a regime that is just as guilty.

The original fascists were Italian servicemen who returned from WW1 to face unemployment and economic collapse. In 1922 they united under Benito Mussolini to rescue their country. They were not racists; the only ethnic minority in Italy was the Jews who were represented in the Fascist Grand Council. When Italian troops marched across the Ogaden desert in 1935 they found an abandoned Eritrean child. They promptly adopted her and the fascist anthem “Faccetta Nera” was born. Faccetta Nera – little black face – told the story of a poor girl who was taken to Italy to enjoy her freedom. There is nothing even remotely racist about this song; it is about generosity, patriotism and human solidarity. But today the word “fascist” is used as a political insult.

Language changes and we all use words that we had not heard of twenty years ago. New words are adopted and existing words change meaning.  “Socialism” used to suggest concentration camps but now it stands for equal opportunities. ‘’Zionism” stood for racial supremacism but now it's just harmless Israeli nationalism. And “fascism” means violence and dictatorship instead of order and progress.

But fashion is a fickle thing. Between 1933 and 1945 it was de rigueur to be a Nazi in Germany but today it’s actually a crime to believe in National Socialism. One day acceptable labels such as “inclusive” and “multi-cultural” may be as obnoxious as “racist” and “fascist” are today.

Nationalism and federalism

Scottish and Welsh nationalists and Ulster loyalists would not admit that their countries are subsidized by England but the reality is that the United Kingdom is a federation of rich and poor regions. Even within England there's a big difference between the prosperous south east and the rundown north east. Central government collects revenue from the whole country and tries to redistribute it according to need but local unemployment persists.

There has been a reaction to Celtic flag waving but most Englishmen do not mind that Scottish politicians dominate Westminster and Welsh and Irish broadcasters and journalists are over-represented in the media. It seems that Celts are better communicators than Anglo-Saxons. Some separatists want Scotland, Wales and Ulster to break away but most people support the United Kingdom.  For better or worse we have fought under one flag and learned to think and act as Britons. We have forsaken petty nationalism and extended our patriotism to include more than one country. But this has not stopped us being English, Irish, Scots and Welsh.

The reactionary press says that Germany is bailing out Greece but they might as well say that England is propping up the rest of the UK. Just as British unionists do not mind helping their fellow Britons so European unionists are obliged to support their fellow Europeans. We cannot let Iceland starve because their banks made unwise investments or turn our backs on the eastern states because they are still recovering from years of communism. Britain would not have become a mighty world empire without Scots, Irish and Welsh soldiers, sailors, mineworkers and steel workers. And just as all the nations of the UK have made their contribution so all the states of the EU must be allowed to make theirs.

The mindset of those who delight in regional economic problems is our real problem. Investment and reconstruction are only a matter of planning but deep-seated attitudes are more difficult to overcome. The popular press has been reporting the collapse of the Euro ever since it was introduced. Hardly a month goes by without them running scare stories about European states defaulting on their obligations. But the European Union would never allow a member state to collapse any more than the United Kingdom would allow Scotland. Wales or Ulster to go under. In fact we supported the Irish and the Icelandic currencies until we floated the pound in 1971. It's not in any states interest to have bankrupt neighbours.

Most great modern states are federations. The Russian Federation does not ignore the Caucasus or the Far East in order to look after European Russia and the United States does not let the South starve to enrich California or New York. The whole point of federation is solidarity. The narrow nationalistic thinking of the reactionaries is self-obsessed to the point of autism. They predicted that Germany would collapse when the Berlin Wall came down and the impoverished east joined the wealthy west. But the Federal Republic of Germany has been successful. Federation has also been a success in Canada, Australia and Brazil. It is the accepted model of modern geopolitics.

Save your votes

In the last general election a staggering 92% of English people cast their votes for the Labour, Tory and Liberal Democrat parties. That leaves just 8% for the minor parties. Ukip and the BNP think that they are on their way to power but the figures speak for themselves. The first-past-the-post electoral system is doing the job that it was designed to do.

Ukip are harvesting the disgruntled Tory vote wherever retired civil servants spend their twilight years reading reactionary newspapers and dreaming of empire. And the BNP has captured the white underclass in Barking and the rust belt towns of the North. If you happen to live in one of these unfortunate places you might think that the minor parties are important but in the rest of the country they are of little consequence; they are safety valves blowing off steam to render it harmless.

The far right has won seats in the European Parliament because of proportional representation. But this avenue will be denied to them when the election is decided on votes cast for a European party list. Of course they could become pan-European parties but their entire philosophy is opposed to working with “foreigners.” It’s hard to imagine British nationalists cooperating with Sinn Fein, Basque separatists with Spanish nationalists or Hungarian nationalists with Romanian expansionists. But if the petty statists want to survive they will have to overcome their xenophobic tendencies and live with their perceived enemies.

The Tories have broken away from the center right group that dominates European politics to join a strange alliance of East European dissidents. This is Dave Cameron’s attempt to appease his right wing. He is caught between pragmatic Toryism and the "bastard" faction. He instinctively supports Europe but he knows that Rupert Murdoch's media empire could push us out of the EU if it came to a referendum.

The Labour Party is supposed to be committed to Europe but they are so opposed to EU financial regulations that they have started a flag waving campaign to protect the City of London from “foreign” interference.

The Liberal Democrats are the most intelligent of the main parties but they have no realistic chance of forming the next government and can only hope to be part of a Tory or Labour coalition - if there is no clear winner.

These are the choices in the coming general election. Almost every political party excuses American and Israeli aggression accepts the colonization of Britain and embraces diversity. They may profess patriotism and talk about “British jobs for British Workers,” but by supporting “free trade” they are perpetuating the export of jobs and the import of cheap labour. Unless you have a really worthwhile candidate you are advised not to vote. A low turnout would show our contempt for the so-called “democratic” system. Save your vote until we have a genuine party that represents our best interests instead of propping up the Establishment.

Labour’s legacy

Dave Cameron is an old Etonian and a millionaire but he had no say in his parentage or education. Gordon Brown’s father was not a coalminer or a farm labourer he was a Presbyterian minister, so he has no right to attack Dave Cameron for coming from a privileged background. In a previous age old Etonians were expected to die in pointless cavalry charges but nowadays becoming prime minister is an acceptable alternative.

Kier Hardy and the underprivileged founders of the Labour Party could be forgiven for class hatred but the modern party has little connection to the working class. The trade unions still fund the party but they are aided and abetted by big business. There is no class difference between the Labour and Conservative parties; bankers and speculators in need of political favours befriend both.

Gordon Brown’s government is drowning in debt and clutching at straws. His chances of escaping electoral disaster will not be improved by his clumsy attempts at class war. His predecessor Tony Blair went to Fettes College, the Scottish equivalent of Eton, and the Labour Party has almost as many millionaires as the Tories. The British public is not interested in where people went to school but in what they do.

The trouble is that the Tories have been in opposition for so long that younger voters do not remember the John Major government and most of the older voters have forgotten it. So far as the public is concerned the Labour Party has brought us nothing but war, bankruptcy and mass migration. A Tory victory is not guaranteed but it’s more than likely. The incoming government will face a daunting task. The full horror of the balance sheet will be revealed and we will face a generation of public spending cuts and high taxation to pay off our crippling national debt. There is no quick fix or escape clause.

We can expect little improvement to our relationship with Europe so long as the UK continues to be an American satellite. Instead of leading Europe we are half-hearted members always looking for opt outs and exclusions. It’s even possible that a Tory government will try to renegotiate our terms of membership and risk being thrown out. The far right would welcome our separation from Europe but even they accept that it would be a formidable economic challenge. Whatever happens we will have to pay back every penny that we have borrowed. Our standard of living will fall, pensions and benefits will be frozen and government jobs will disappear. As unemployment rises the tax yield will fall resulting in even higher taxes. Twelve years of Labour rule has decimated our economy and put us back fifty years. The Labour government inherited a sound economy in 1997 but their devotion to multiracialism and American foreign policy has taken its toll. Immigrants and expeditionary forces have to be paid for. Tony Blair was always preoccupied with his place in history. Don’t worry Tony your impoverished nation will remember you.

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